By Stewart Best

Scientist James Mccanney reports that Solar activity continues at record highs, solar wind speeds are off scale,  the Sun reversed its magnetic pole and flipped wildly. It has been reported that SOHO feeds are once again down. Solar radiation is at extremely high levels. More speculation on Planet-X or some other object that is moving into our solar system neighborhood. Please remember that Jesus Christ warned all of us that the HEAVENLY SIGNS would begin first in the Sun, then move to the MOON, and then the Stars themselves. The Book of Enoch claims that the moon will not keep its present orbit, and everything changes, including of course TIDES. Nothing of that nature has occurred yet, but we wonder if the luna orbit change is what causes the SEA AND WAVES ROARING, and man's heart's failing for fear as to what is coming on the Earth. As Enoch claims the moon does not keep its present course, if it were to move much closer to Earth. the tides would be much greater than now, and the upset to the worlds oceans would be almost beyond belief. In any event, the timing of this solar upheaval tends to confirm the TIMELINE of PSALM 90 and the dating from Allenby's retaking Jerusalem in 1917. However, much more has to occur before we can confirm it.

We know from prophecy that either God moves directly or indirectly with some object that throws the solar system into disarray, and of course that in turn means the Earth will be undergoing severe changes. Will keep you posted as thing progress.

It appears almost certain now that the DRAFT will be reinstated, drafting both men and women between the ages of 18-26. These poor young adults  will be needed as CANNON FODDER FOR THE RICH MEN OF THE EARTH'S OIL AND NWO ORDER WARS. It is interesting to note, however, that occultic New Age "NO-EYES" stated in "Phoenix Rising" that the American people will REVOLT, and REFUSE TO SEND THEIR SONS AND DAUGHTERS OFF THE WHAT SHE CALLS "WARS THAT ARE NOT WARS." What are these so-called "wars that are not wars"? Exactly what our men and woman in Afghanistan and Iraq are involved in. They are really not wars at all. Bush calls them a war, but no war has been declared by Congress. These are merely military maneuvers because the military has been hijacked by the Illuminati. These are NWO exercises that have several  main objectives:

1. Consolidate the worlds oil supplies under United States/UN control.

2. Bring the Arab world under Regional Control for the NWO.

3. Take away almost all our defenses for the take-over of America and place her under a martial law dictatorship either by another terrorist attack, The Isaiah 17 war or something of that nature.


By now almost everyone has heard of Digital Angel, well now the company has announced that they have an injectible chip that will be used for a CASHLESS SOCIETY, and that means that ALL BUYING AND SELLING will be controlled via RFID technology and scanning. This is in complete accord with "SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS" and Bible Prophecy. It confirms TESSERA and MOSAIC, along with Project LUCID or Project Lucifer. Please remember that the APEX of the system of mammon is the MARK OF THE BEAST. Jesus Christ called all Christians to LEAVE THE SYSTEM OF MAMMON and ENTER THE STRAIT GATE AND WALK THE NARROW WAY. He said you could not serve both GOD AND MAMMON, you had to make a choice. Most Christians never make that choice, they hold on to both!!

He also warned us that THE STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY would be ELIMINATED BY THEOLOGY, and that a NEW WAY INTO HEAVEN which he called "SOME OTHER WAY", would become the popular "way" at the end, and that millions of Christians would be deceived by it. He also said via Peter that THE STRAIT GATE AND NARROW WAY would end up being EVIL SPOKEN OF and REJECTED by the millions of Christians. They have done so. Prophecy fulfilled. The hatred for the actual truth of salvation is everywhere, best typified by LISA RUBY and others of her ilk, along with all major Christian denominations, who cannot abide by the simple and straight forward commands of our Lord. This is one reason why some major prophetic ministries are telling Christians that it is OK TO TAKE A COMPUTER CHIP IN THEIR RIGHT HAND OR FOREHEAD AS LONG AS IT APPLIES ONLY TO ECONOMICS. They claim this "economic mark" is just another step in Credit Card Evolution, and is nothing to worry about. The last time I looked up NO MAN MIGHT BUY OR SELL, it seemed to me that buying and selling are an "economic" activity. However these very popular ministries are claiming that the REAL MARK OF THE BEAST  will be a RELIGIOUS MARK. Has it ever occurred to these idiots that THE ACTUAL RELIGION OF SATAN IS IN FACT "ECONOMICS" AND MAMMON? Have they not been watching as the banks, the credit card companies, the INTERNATIONAL BANKERS are closing in via regulations for proper IDENTIFICATION OF EVERYONE? Banking and IDENTITY are what this is all about - and of course the EXCUSE is "terrorism". The end result is POSITIVE ID, so everyone is PROFILED, CONTROLLED AND TRACKED. Those deemed "enemies of the state" are of course rounded up and put away.

Was not Satan cast down because his TRAFFIC IN MAMMON caused him to be filled with pride and arrogance (Ezekiel 28)? Did not Jesus Christ say you could not serve TWO MASTERS, and listed only TWO - GOD or MAMMON? Mammon is all involved with money and merchandising!!  Is it not the MERCHANTS OF BABYLON that are bringing this MARK SYSTEM INTO BEING? Is RFID not a system to TRACK AND IDENTIFY THE TRAFFICKING OF MERCHANDISE? The top secret "SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS" is all about ECONOMICS,  WHICH IS BUYING AND SELLING!! It reports that the APEX TO THE TRAFFICKING IN MERCHANDISE IS TO MARK EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD WITH A "MARK" THAT ENABLES THEM TO TRACK EVERY PURCHASE (BUYING), AND SALE (SELLING), AND FEED IT INTO A CENTRAL COMPUTER SYSTEM FOR TOTAL CONTROL OVER THE WORLD ECONOMY.  It is the final APEX OF MERCHANDISING because there is NOTHING ELSE BEYOND IT that can be accomplished to make the system any better.

The Bible makes it very clear that the actual religion of LUCIFER IS MERCHANDISING or BUYING AND SELLING. It is HIS PRIMARY RELIGION, and it is what caused him to fall eons ago. Do not listen to any ministry that tells you that it is OK to take a MARK ANYWHERE ON YOUR BODY for the purposes of BUYING AND SELLING. When Jesus Christ ordered the Christian to separate themselves from the world via the STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY, He was commanding them to ABANDON the economic system and those that will not do it have proven their love for mammon over Christ. If you cannot serve TWO MASTERS, then how can you have ONE FOOT IN THE WORLD, and ANOTHER FOOT IN CHRIST? He will not accept it. Because the church is now OF THIS WORLD, BASKING IN THE SUNLIGHT OF MAMMON, WHILE pretending to be with Christ, HE KNOWS BETTER, and will VOMIT THEM OUT OF HIS MOUTH. They are LUKEWARM CHRISTIANS, who refuse the STRAIT GATE and who refuse the NARROW WAY, the ONLY WAY into authentic REBIRTH.

However, God is full of mercy and compassion. That is why, after a very real DISPENSATIONAL CHANGE which is now being denied by a great many ministries, you will find that Christ offers those that REFUSED THE STRAIT GATE another chance - by putting their heads in a GUILLOTINE. You will be offered a choice in the NEW DISPENSATION OF "WORKS": You can REFUSE THE MARK OF THE BEAST and chose DEATH, or you can accept the MARK OF THE BEAST, and chose ETERNAL DAMNATION. In other words, IT IS AN ECONOMIC CHOICE. It is in reality no different that what Christ offered during the AGE OF GRACE, in which NO "WORKS" OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED. That us why Paul stated that you could give your LIFE for the FAITH but it would not be accepted by Christ during the age of REBIRTH. It would profit you nothing whatsoever. However that all changes in the upcoming "dispensation of works" in which you can prove your allegiance to Christ by PHYSICALLY PUTTING YOUR NECK TO THE BLADE. In other words, you refused to do it via the STRAIT GATE AND NARROW WAY, which was SPIRITUAL, and now you MUST DO IT IN THE MATERIAL WORLD by doing it in ACTUALITY AND LITERALLY. However, there are some serious indications that there is no "second chance" for the Christians of today, because they were totally disobedient, and that those that put their neck to the blade are those who "come in" during the great tribulation.

Because almost all prophetic ministries refuse to believe in the commands of Christ regarding the STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY, and are in actuality married to the world and mammon, even though they profess Christ, they are in a for a BIG SHOCK, A MAJOR SURPRISE. Their followers and supporters LIKEWISE, and because they are the BLIND LEADING THE BLIND,  they will all fall into the ditch together.  That ditch is an ETERNAL DITCH. We have another name for it, it is called THE PIT.

The ABSOLUTE HATRED that the American Christians have for the teachings of Jesus Christ on entering the STRAIT GATE and walking the NARROW WAY is nothing short of amazing. It is why we predict that even if a RAPTURE WERE TO OCCUR TODAY, that only INCLUDED THE REAL, AUTHENTIC BORN AGAIN BELIEVERS, it would hardly be noticed. This is because the DEFINITION OF WHAT IT MEANS TO BE "BORN AGAIN" has been radically changed by Lucifer's finest to deceive the Christians into THINKING they are born again when in fact they are not (Read Revelation Chapters Two and Three - overcomers vs. non-overcomers). And this is EXACTLY WHY Jesus Christ REJECTS MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF CHRISTIANS at the end, and why Peter said that today's very popular and very wealthy Christian ministries were all nothing but a bunch of FAKES, with an ALTERED SALVATION GOSPEL, and that ETERNAL DAMNATION AWAITS THEM ALL, LEST THEY REPENT. They not only rob the Christians of their SALVATION, they rob them of their MONEY, and they even go into THE ESTATES to rob these people's children of their homes, farms, lands and bank accounts. All in the name of serving Christ. If there actually were, that would be one thing. However, the Scripture proves they are not.

These ministries are horrific liars that according to Christ, who warned of them when He was here on Earth, and later through Peter, would mislead the GREAT MAJORITY OF CHRISTIANS INTO ETERNAL RUIN. They would do so by STEALTH, by bringing in a LOOK-ALIKE GOSPEL, that sounded right, looked right, and if checked out by a surface examination only, would appear to be totally correct. BUT IT ALL WAS A LIE, AND MAJOR LIE. A LIE THAT PUTS YOU INTO HELL FOREVER IF YOU FOLLOW THEM. If you do not believe that this is actually true, I challenge every Christian to link to our DEEP WATERS/DARKLIGHT SERIES ON SALVATION and YOU PROVE IT WRONG BY PROVING THAT:





If you can prove, VERSE BY VERSE, that somehow all of this is not applicable to today's Christian, or that it does not mean what it plainly says it DOES MEAN, then have at it. All we can urge Christians to do is to READ WHAT IT SAYS, FOR IT SAYS EXACTLY WHAT IT MEANS. If you want to follow after these FAKES, FRAUDS, EXTORTIONERS AND OUTRIGHT CHRISTIAN CHARLATANS, go ahead - your blood is not on my hands for I have warned you all.

That's how I see it

Stewart Best

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