Another Gospel?

Are the Churches of America preaching another Gospel than the one Jesus taught and the Apostles preached? Is the reality of Christ's resurrection and rulership being rejected for a Gospel of prosperity, greed and compromise. Who would have though 30 years ago that so many of the nations major denominations would be seriously debating allowing homosexual 'unions', and that some would adopt such practices as 'Church' doctrine. The reality is now that the Bible, and the risen Christ have been abandoned for the Gospel of humanism and social/political acceptance. The truth of the matter is, these denominations are no longer part of the body of Christ. They have in essence become part of the world system and actively participate in furthering the objectives of the Prince of this world. These unrepentant and publicly displayed abominations have separated these clergymen, pastors and parishioners from Christ.

There is a separation coming to pass in visible Christianity. Many christian's have left mainline denominations and are seeking out home Churches and less formal fellowship arrangements. The simple fact is, those who are truly following the commandments of Christ (not the commandments of men) see the great apostasy happening right before their eyes. They are concerned enough for their own soul to stay away from these new 'doctrines of devils' ,"Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils" 1 Timothy 4:1. The Scripture does not teach about a world wide 'revival', though God did promise to 'pour out his spirit on all flesh'. While a real revival amoung God's   people will happen, it will only come to God's People who are in Christ. The truth of the matter is that while mainstream Christianity is looking for a revival, they have left the God who brings it.

Previously, strange doctrines  were expected to be found and were largely confined to  such groups as the Mormons and the Jehovah's Witnesses, though often these strange doctrines were  not openly displayed as they are in many mainline denominations today. These, and other religions attempted to hide their more anti-Christian doctrines from public view. Today it is mainstream Christianity that has been seduced by the enemy, openly displaying vices clearly condemned by the Jesus they claim to adore "If ye love me, keep my commandments" 

The Mormons for example called Christianity a religion that was 'hatched in hell' (John Taylor, the Third Mormon President) . Where as the Jehovah's witnesses deny the divinity of Christ. It is interesting to note that both to these religions were started by Freemasons. (Russell for the Jehovah's Witnesses and Joseph Smith for the Mormons). Yet today, many of the largest so-called 'Christian'  denominations are led by men who are Freemasons. Many well known TV evangelists with National Ministries are involved in this dark and secretive religion.

The faith once passed down to us by Jesus and the Apostles has been polluted by leaders who do not know Christ. Their agenda is something other than bringing God's little flock into the Kingdom of God. This trend really began during the 1940's and 1950's. One of the most important clergyman to influence the current trends in the Church was Teilhard de Chardin. He was a Catholic Priest who was not allowed to publish his writings by the Vatican and was treated as an Apostate. This man's work however was talked about in both Catholic and Protestant Circles and his influence is still greatly felt today. His 'Gospel' was of Humanism and 'Global Evolution'.

This Global evolution is part and parcel of the problem with the New American Gospel. Pastors and Priests are seeing themselves as more enlightened than Christ and have decided to take it upon themselves to change the essence of the Christianity they preach and profess.

 This should not be a surprise to those who know their Bible. How could these things NOT happen when Christ so clearly said they would? The openly sinful acts on the part of those who use the name of Christianity is an Abomination to God. These are actions which will require and  receive a response from God at the proper time. God's slowness in dealing with these charlatans is giving them space to repent of their deeds and perhaps join (or rejoin) the faith.  

One doctrine that needs to be briefly discussed in the concept of 'visualization'. This is the general Idea behind some of the popular faith teachers of our time. This visualization is the root of the positive thinking and the  some of the  'name it and claim it' doctrines of today. Visualization is a very ancient form of Occult science. It was practiced by the Ancient  Egyptians and is the foundation for many Yoga Techniques. This doctrine as it it is taught by some purports that we can change our surroundings with the 'right mental images' or by repeating certain phrases that will magically bring about the desired results. This is how some of faith teachers of today are presenting the Gospel to their followers. By using certain mental techniques and phraseology,  the novice can receive the material things that they desire, according to these teachers. Usually this is presented by using a watered down message of salvation and liberally using the name 'Jesus'. This gives the impression that the person is of God.

The doctrines of much of the Church has also been watered down with an ungodly an adulterous relationship with the state. Most people do not know that the IRS clause that the most Churches use to obtain their tax-exempt status is keeping the Church from fulfilling one of its key purposes here on Earth as a light to the world. A light meant to shine in dark places. Yet the Churches who have accepted this status from the Government are in a dangerous position, as they are now a corporation and as such are bound by certain laws that otherwise would not apply to God's flock. For example, these Churches are forbidden to oppose public policy. Public policy is considered to be  things like the condition of the Public Schools or the Abortion issue and many other such issues. While some pastors will speak about such things, they will usually not do so from the pulpit or use church funds or the church name when doing so. This is the problem with being unequally yoked together with Caesar as most American Churches have done.  This is not to say that every Church that has accepted this status is evil. Rather, it suggests a popular form of compromise with the the state for the sake of special tax status and the financial gain it gives without properly gauging what is being given up in return.

The question is often asked, silently: why is the church so impotent to change many of the trends in society, such as abortion, political corruption, the general acceptance of homosexuality and the like? The answer does not lie, as many have  accused, with an uncaring God, but with a church that is involved deeply in each of the above mentioned sins.  God expects and demands Holiness, that is separation to God, it is not an option as many in the pulpits in America suggest. This Holiness is not in wearing certain clothing and following a do's and don't list but in doing the commandments of God. The Church has decided by and large that those things are not relevant and thus show their contempt for Jesus. Consequently when prayers are offered to stop the flood of moral filth which engulfs our society, God does not act. But then, how can he? There is no holy Church to intercede for the Nation. A few scattered fellowships and individuals yes, but these are, by and large, not to be found in the mainline denominations. What a tragedy, for both the mainline denominations and the nation as a whole.

"For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?"