By 'John'

I see a woman in a bikini made out of an

American flag. I also see a short foreign

man dressed in a green military outfit. He

has a beard and is dressed very similarly

to Fidel Castro. He wears no turban. He

steps toward the woman and rips off her

bikini top. The woman quickly covers her

nakedness by crossing her arms over

herself. She is shocked.

An American soldier in full fatigues & boots

appears on the scene. He steps up to the

smaller foreign soldier, grabs him by the cuff

of the shirt with his left hand while towering over

him. He pulls out a pistol from his hip using his

right hand, puts the pistol under the man's chin

and points it toward the sky and then pulls the

trigger. He then lets go of the man watching him

fall to the ground lifeless.

The woman steps up to her hero and embraces

him from the side. But now she has put on a new

and larger top. It looks more like a large exercise

bra that better covers her entire top section yet

still has the designs of an American flag.

As the two people prepare to turn away from the

dead body the woman turns and stands in front

of her soldier and gives him a full embrace. He

smiles, enjoying his reward. She looks over his left

shoulder while they hug. While in this position she

has clear view of the dead body behind him. She

sticks out her tongue at the dead figure in a taunting


Finally as they turn to walk away (with the woman

on his left as I see them from behind) the American

soldier turns to his right, looks back and fires a shot

into the dead man's body. He then turns to continue

walking and under his breath gives a short harrumph-


As the two are walking away the dead man rises and

fires a pistol into the back of the left figure... the woman.

It hits just under the left shoulder. She falls to her knees

and then to all fours. She is seriously injured. She gasps

a breath and says "What the!". Suddenly the American

soldier becomes angry. He looks back at the foreign

soldier... but he is gone.

I then heard a voice say "So will this war be likened".


-The fact that she actually wears the flag indicates she

cares more about her voluptuousness and showing off

her curves than she does about what the flag truly


-The ripping away of the woman's top represents the

Sept. 11 event that ripped away America's dignity from

her "twin towers" of commerce.

-The replacement of the skimpier top with the larger one

represents the recent turn we've seen here in the U.S, to

a TYPE of modesty without anything resembling repentance.

TRUE repentance will lead to FULL modesty.

-Her taunting gesture of sticking out her tongue describes

how she discounts her enemy. The fact that they walk

away with backs turned indicates that they have an

apparent victory.

-The second shot into the dead man's body represents

America's "Double effort victory" toward this enemy.

-Four simple words were given to me that clearly

describe the last portion of the vision... "When you're

not looking".

-The target of the Islamic extremist's pistol was the

woman and not the soldier. This describes how the

extremists are not targeting America's military might.

They target "The American Culture". Notice she was

helpless. So were the victims of September 11th. And

so will anyone else who they hurt in the future. That is

their way.

-The bullet hit just under the left shoulder and not the

heart. Once I realized this, He said to me "To the left

of the heart". I do not know what this means!!! All I

know is that it will injure but not kill. I believe it

might effect the blood flow... the money of America

but I honestly do not know. (Several years ago I had

an open vision of a double-barreled shot gun going off

right beside the ear of America. It was intended to be

a warning. I then saw a great slowdown of trucking and

commerce but I do not know how literally that should be


In regard to the vision, The Lord gave me a very clear word

that ended quite strikingly...

The main character in the story is the woman. She is

'The American Culture'. Our glory turned to sensuality,

our beauty turned cheap facade, our freedom exploited

to a nearly pornographic level of exposure. The Middle

Eastern soldier is the Islamic militant movement worldwide

that intends to make a mockery of us through judgment

in the name of Allah. It is a self ordained "holy cause"

meant to strike at the heart of America's freedom. The

bullet represents the method through which they will attempt

to cause destruction. They will not win. The American Soldier

represents not only our military might but also our self-confident

and arrogant bully attitude. Mr. Colin Powell well represents

this attitude. He is without doubt a great military leader and

thinker-strategist. Even good hearted and well intended. Yet

for all these characteristics, he is still a man. And as such he

carries with him the same weaknesses nearly all great military

leaders have had:

1. Self Confidence rested upon a stockpile of

weaponry and upon available manpower.

2. The assumption that God will protect us from

disaster because we carry his name on our coins.

3. Riches

Now look at the three aforementioned and see where you

stand as a Christian in the war we face today against

Satan. I think you will find too many parallels".

"To Laodicea write: ...But you do not realize that you are

wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. I counsel you to

buy from me gold refined in the fire, so you can become

rich; and white clothes to wear, so you can cover your

shameful nakedness; and salve to put on your eyes, so

you can see. Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline.

So be earnest, and repent ... He who has an ear, let him

hear what the Spirit says to the churches."