The Year in Review

War: What's It All About?

The Year of 2002 was a pivotal year. It was a year of war, terror and economic uncertainty. The masters of the earth, the rich men and the powerful are moving into economically strategic regions of the earth. Afghanistan and Iraq have been in the headlines for the past year. War, Terror and Oil Contracts are going hand in hand in the world today. Also, in the year 2002, it is amazing that in America, we have introduced concentration camps onto the political and social landscape. Yet the American people cheer this development as though it were a good thing. Citizens of other counties as well as Americans are being interned in these facilities. The most notable is the one in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Ostensibly, these people are being detained on 'terrorism' concerns. I cannot use the word 'charges' because these people have not been charged. They do not have access to a lawyer and according to some reporting coming out of the mainstream media, some are being tortured. It is also been suggested by other sources that some have died. Are these death camps? We do not know. No one does, all anyone can give on this issue is an uninformed opinion because the government refuses to confirm or deny weather or not anyone has died or been killed in these facilities. Indeed, we do not even know how many people have been detained, what their names are nor do we know how many of them are American Citizens. There is a wall of silence about these people. Nazi Germany is being erected in America and the people are oblivious and the few who really understand the implications of this seem to be at peace with them. These are very ominous times and it seems that little can spoil the empty-headed carefree attitude of most Americans other than perhaps, the increasingly real prospect of economic deprivation. As job losses mount, the stock market gyrates to ever decreasing values, and more and more companies file for bankruptcy protection, Americans seem to be clueless as to what is going on. Most are fully aware however, if 'Brad And Jen' are going to have a baby or if Madonna will star in the next James Bond flick. This review will look at these two issues and a few others to explain what 2002 meant to the world in general but to Americans in particular as we watch the destruction of the American Constitutional republic being accomplished right in front of us.

Religious conservatives have lauded the current President for conducting a war on what is viewed by them as religious ‘infidels’. The Muslim world is at war with the US government and it is being waged in such a way as to appear to be a war on terror and weapons of mass destruction. However, America only seems to be concerned with these issues if and only if a Muslim or perhaps more to the point, an Arab nation is involved. The real danger that religious conservatives have missed and are being set up for, by the princes of this world, is a violent backlash in the future in Arab and Muslim nations against Christianity. This will endanger any future missionary work that may be conducted in these regions. This President is closely aligned in the minds of the Arab world with a (pseudo) Christian political machine. Many, perhaps not incorrectly, view his war on terror as a clash of civilizations. A war between the Secular-Christian World and the oil-rich Islamic world. I have carefully labeled these groups here, as the so-called 'Christian' world, represented by Western Governments in general and the US in particular, is not an accurate representation of Biblical Christianity. Rather, it is more an amalgamation of various new-age, humanistic-religious beliefs coupled with heavy doses of secularism that uses an extremely broad definition of Judeo-Christianity on the world stage. It is this 'false prophet' that is leading this war on the Arab world. Ostensibly this war is being waged for reasons of security (anti-terrorism), but in reality, and this fact is not lost on the Islamic world, it is waged for Oil and continued global dominance of the worlds dwindling energy resources.

A chart depicting the the amount of oil produced and projected production totals based on known oil reserves. (source

The above chart (for a more detailed chart click here) lays out in graphic terms exactly what is going on in the world, why we are at war and why the world is not jumping on the transparent 'war on terror' bandwagon. The rest of the world can see, if Americans cannot, that the activities of the US Government are more easily understood in light of the above graph than in any real concern over the extremely subjective term ‘Terrorism’. Indeed, when North Korea announced publicly that it intended to resume its nuclear program to build a bomb, the US secretary Of State made clear that this was not a crisis. Yet the situation in Iraq, whose nuclear program has yet to be unearthed by 12 years on UN weapons inspectors, is a crisis. Additionally, when India and Pakistan built Bombs right under the nose of the CIA and threatened each other with the use of of these weapons, there was no 'crisis', in the eyes of the American government. Yet now, the US Administration is hell-bent on going to war, marshaling troops, materials, warships into the region ostensibly to stop Iraq from building that which it almost certainly does not have. The clear double standard is easy to explain when one realizes that unless an alternative source of energy is found in the very near future, the industrial age will come to an end in about 30 Years. To compound this problem, one must also understand that the consumption of petroleum products is neither stagnant nor dissipating rather, it is expected to expand. It will expand considerably as nations like China and India begin demanding a higher standard of living. This could only mean that the backside of the above curve will fall off more significantly. Additionally it needs to be stated here that the future stability and friendliness of oil producing nations is highly questionable as anti-Americanism is on the rise, especially in oil rich nations.

Hence, we can better understand the War on Terror as it impacts the very real threat of economic extinction for the western worlds standard of living. The US still possesses the most formidable military force on the planet, despite years of downsizing and highly questionable reorganizing done during the Clinton years. It can still, by brute force and diplomatic bluff, (i.e., a phony war on terror), go in and take the resources it needs and the world will have little real choice other than to sit back and take it. Hence, we come the real heart of the matter in terms of our expedition into Afghanistan. Our last best chance for another oil source outside of the Middle East has played itself out nicely in Afghanistan where an important oil route has been negotiated and agreed upon by regional powers. While reports are conflicting out of the region, the actual recoverable oil reserves may be considerably less than original, overenthusiastic estimates originally claimed. Hence the sudden interest in Iraq, whose last 12 years of sanctions have set this important nation in far better shape in light of future oil reserves.

A little honesty will certainly go a long way in assuaging the American populaces reticence to go to war. Because the key aim of any assault on Iraq will not be terrorism or weapons of mass destruction, it will be oil. If terror were truly the concern, why is it that we are not attacking HAMAS, who weekly bomb Israeli's in the markets, schools and on the street. So here is the problem, the US dare not admit that this is an Oil war publicly, as this would force governments around the world to deal with America's hypocrisy the way it should be dealt with. The diplomatic cold shoulder, coupled with the unthinkable, but with the weapon we have so often used against others who embark on military aggression, that being economic sanctions. American hypocrisy would be dealt a real blow if the mainstream media in the world would focus in on America's past support for Saddam, including selling him Chemical, and Biological weapons including Anthrax, which has been documented in the US Congress. The US is far more vulnerable to this tact that it is willing to admit. And certainly a concerted effort by the worlds governments to boycott US products and services in favor of say... the EU's would show the world America's soft underbelly and end what is proving to the most aggressive, reckless and dangerous war since the Nazi’s invaded Poland.

Gold Oil And the Dollar.

The last two weeks of 2002 saw the US dollar fall against the major currencies and more importantly against he worlds two most important commodities; gold and oil. The dollar is on its way to a major devaluation on the worlds markets and it will not rebound anytime in the foreseeable future. It may tend to stabilize against the Euro as a round of competitive devaluations would be destructive to both trading blocs. However, the main concern here is with goods, services and that all-important commodity that runs the Global economy...Oil. America's fiscal woes are readily apparent and a quiet but significant flight from the dollar and US based securities is in process at the time of this writing. The US is running massive trade, fiscal and consumer deficits. This has been a phenomenon that has been occurring, and increasing in scale since the days of the Regan Administration. However, now we have a very different set of circumstances as it is not clear the US can continue to fund its current account deficit. While the demise of the Dollar will probably not be a quick move in a straight line downwards, it will nevertheless significantly move in a direction that puts key commodities and currencies backed by nations with fiscally sound policies in a much better position. Consequently, goods and certain services in the US will become more expensive as the dollar loses much of its value. Thus, America's economy is set to take a significant hit. I will not overstate this point as there are others who have done their homework on the net and their work shows conclusively that the US is about to go through some severe economic travails.

A Watershed Event

I give you fair warning, the American economic/financial system is about to change dramatically. On 19 December, 2002 Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan announced his views on a 'Gold Cover Clause' for the US Dollar. In his usually arcane language often referred to as 'Fed-Speak', the Chairman described the desirability and necessity for such a course of events. Make no mistake, this is fundamental shift in monetary policy that will mean significant changes in the US dollar and with it the US economy. Such a move, while desirable, will cause many disruptions in the economy as the needed readjustments required for such a monumental step. How this will be implemented is more problematic. It remains to be seen if the Fed will allow the dollar to fall to much lower levels before intervening with a Gold Cover Clause or phase it in gradually over time in the hopes of creating some monetary stability and stave off the real risk of deflation. It cannot be overemphasized enough that this speech was truly a watershed event. After years of calling Gold a 'barbaric relic' and relegating it to the dustbin of history, it is now showing itself to be what it has always been throughout history; The single most secure commodity in the world that can stave off inflation and deflation giving the investor not so much a great rate of return, but a way to preserve his or her wealth through the best and worst of times. This will cause some serious repercussions in the American establishment. Remember, recently the US Treasury Secretary and the President's key economic adviser had recently resigned (actually, were fired)and all of this is happening amidst a severe economic downturn and a growing difficulty in the US meeting its fiscal responsibilities. Some will oppose this move by Greenspan however, he meets regularly with central bankers from around the world in Switzerland at the Bank for International Settlements, and undoubtedly the Central Bankers of Europe and Asia have sent the US a clear message that Greenspan is delivering to the US economic elite. That being the US can no longer cover its deficits and economic irresponsibility by printing money. I believe that is the real message that Greenspan was delivering on the 19th of December. Will the US administration heed Greenspan? Probably not, this administrations arrogance and will preclude such a move until someone tells the President that he cannot pay his troops and cannot fund his homeland security department, then he may be inclined to listen. The danger for this administration is that Bush is treading a fine and dangerous line with his military-energy policy and despite the lack of criticism coming out of the mainstream media, there is genuine fear in certain quarters of the Establishment. Unfortunately, it must be said here that this President may or may not finish his term in office. If he cannot listen to the economic and political elite, and continues with a reckless war, without the adequate support of the America's political and economic establishment and without regard to fiscal realities, the Establishment will remove him.


Another phenomenon that must be addressed in this section is the number of bankruptcies that occurred in 2002.




US Airways

United Airlines

Applied Theroy

Archibald Candy

Kaiser Aluminum

National Steel

Pinnacle Holdings

XO Communications



Florsheim Group

Global Crossings

Burger King (AmericaKing, Inc)

This is a very, very small cross section of bankrupt companies that have gone belly-up recently.

Here is a list of events that transpired in the New Economy.

2002 Time Period



Interland acquires the customers of AT&T small business hosting.


Divine, Inc. purchases Data Return.


Verado files for bankruptcy.


NTT/Verio cuts 2,600 jobs and closes 50% of its data centers.


CommuniTech purchased by Interland.


Globix files for bankruptcy.


Yipes Communications Inc. files for bankruptcy.


Applied Theory files for bankruptcy.


Affinity Internet purchases ValueWeb.


Interland purchases Dialtone Internet customers.


Metromedia Fiber Network (MFN) files for bankruptcy.


Inflow announces plans to cut staff and close data centers.


XO Communications files for bankruptcy.


Intel gets out of the Web hosting business, and cuts 4,000 jobs.


WorldComm (which owns UUNet and Digex) files for bankruptcy.


Digex faces delisting from NASDAQ.


Interliant delisted from NASDAQ.


Netnation faces delisting from NASDAQ.


Global Crossing's assets are on the bidding block.


Interliant files for bankruptcy.


Qwest plans to close 2/3rd's of its Internet customer support centers.


Digex lays off 20% of its work force.


The Federal Trade Commission looks into investigating Verisign.


Interland purchases Innerhost.


ICAAN threatens to delist Verisign as a provider of domain names.


Cable & Wireless to close 19 out of 42 data centers.


Digex (part of WorldComm) explores selling itself.


Genuity, Inc. -- "The Black Rocket" -- files for bankruptcy.


Interland amends S.E.C. filing -- we missed $3,000,000!


Qwest to close 50% of its data centers.


AOL cuts 300 jobs.


NTT/Verio to cut 50% of its work force, and close 80% of its data centers.


Digex receives NASDAQ delisting notice.


Interland acquires HostCentric.


Interland reports first quarter 2003 results (fiscal calendar) and shows a net loss of $14.4 million against $27.3 million in revenue.


BellSouth puts its hosting business on the for sale / transition block.

Chart is Copyrighted By Dynamic Net Inc.

The real story in the US economy is very different than is portrayed in the US mass media. While they are quick to point out that the US is having economic problems they also are saying that a 'recovery is 'just around the corner. This is palpably false. There will be no recovery until the excesses of the last 20 years have been but back in balance. The first and most important are the massive debt burdens carried by the US economy and federal Government. This is absolutely imperative lest we not only find that a recovery is not only illusive, but our real economy (our industrial, technological and agricultural base) continues to contract.

International Scene


This is a nation that is undergoing a small revolution. There are many forces at work here that are seeking to undermine the (twice) elected government of Hugo Chavez. Chavez is an interesting figure and the typical, simplistic characterizations of him by his detractors are inadequate to describe him and his administration. He is very intelligent, independent and was elected in large part on the hopes and aspirations of the poor of Venezuela. This nation's more wealthy elite have attempted to stifle reform in the country's economic system, specifically land reform. This, and Chavez's refusal to 'open up' his oil market to US oil companies has won the wrath of the rich and more importantly, the US administration. The US is quite displeased with Venezuela's refusal to allow the US oil conglomerates to buy up large blocks of Venezuela's oil reserves and this, the argument goes, is a big impediment to 'globalization'. A global vision that would eventually let the US oil companies profit from Venzuela's rich resource and transferring one of the few economically valuable resources to the hands of the Western multi-nationals. This is the real issue that Venezuela is trying to solve. How to deal equitably with the aspirations of the poor landless peasants, keep the Oil revenues in Venezuela, and assuage an increasingly frustrated middle and upper class, who appear not to be at all concerned with the welfare of its poor underclass. This is big problem that America's interference, coupled with a foiled coup attempt have complicated. The US does have an interest in how the conflict is resolved. However, the real problem here is that the US is overly dependent on foreign oil imports. Venezuela supplies about 14% of America's oil and as America wishes to make itself increasingly independent of Middle Eastern oil sources, the Venezuelan oil resources become more important. America was dealt a significant blow to its foreign policy when the OAS unanimously voted in essence, to tell the US administration to cease meddling in Venezuela affairs. This meddling is becoming increasingly a sore spot in US-Latin Relations. Successive US administrations have seen Central and South America as its own private playground, installing dictatorships, deposing democratically elected governments that would not dance to America's tune. The US has generally caused a great deal of ill-will with its School of the Americas which his viewed by many in the world as a school of American terror tactics, as many Latin American dictators were trained there.

While certainly a little of this is hyperbole and a overstatement of fact, the US administration has not shown itself to be friendly to Democracy in Latin America. Rather its foreign policy is dictated almost exclusively by its economic interests. Oil, Banking (in the form of wealth extracting IMF debt reschedulings) and other commodities. This is a problem that is resolving itself throughout Latin America as Brazil has elected a more leftist and progressive President. This will almost certainly lead to more leftist governments in the region, something that will be to the ire of Washington but perhaps to the joy of the the exploited poor of the region.



The Japanese economy is literally a disaster in slow motion. The inability of the Japanese government to make hard choices with regards to its banking system and economy in general is making a bad situation worse. Rather than reorganizing the Banking system, the government seems intent on periodic bailouts to essentially insolvent banks. It is this unwillingness to make tough choices that is causing Japan to prolong and exacerbate the inevitable financial restructuring that must be made. This will not bode well for the US in the short term as Japan is a key holder of US debt that could potentially be liquidated on the world markets, causing great harm to the US financial system.

China is becoming the manufacturing capital of the world and has managed its economy with great skill. While many imbalances and problems remain, one must stand in awe of China's economic accomplishments. It is the opinion of this author that if China can gain access to large and sustainable energy sources, in 10 years its economy will surpass, in real terms (industrial production and technological advances) that of America's. Indeed America's fiscal problems are so great that barring 'manna from heaven', its economy is set to contract significantly over the next 10 years. Factors contributing to this have been outlined above. The Chinese model will have significant challenges to be sure in the next few years however, it is likely that the Central government will remain strong enough due to the party disciple in the PLA, that a fragmentation of China that many fear, while possible, is not very likely. China's economy will continue to expand and it will increase its influence in the coming year on the international stage.

South East Asia

Some nations in this region are looking for a new reserve currency of the world based on Gold. A so called 'Gold-Dinar'. This would certainly cause no small consternation on the part of western financial institutions. The US dollar is surely still the reserve currency of the world held by governments the world over. Yet it is the idea of a stable, gold backed currency that appeals to many of the worlds developing nations. This is because the US is viewed as an imperial power the world over and many nations seek to free itself from the whims of Washington and one of the ways to do this is to free itself of America's economic hegemony

Southwest Asia

India, Pakistan and Afghanistan will continue to dominate the headlines around the world as tensions between these three countries and more importantly groups and factions withing these nations will continue to fulminate. One of the largest problems in the region that will not be discussed on the front page of any newspaper but will play a significant role in the future of the region will be the control of the opium traffic. This is a key commodity here. The so-called Northern Alliance, which makes up tribes and groups which the US originally removed from power in the 1980's, are now a key anti-Taliban and Anti-terror ally used for American efforts in the region. They are notorious for their Opium trafficking. This is the primary source of income for these mujahedeen (holy warrior) fighters. The crop production totals are enormous as is the profit. Such a large influx of heroin will not go unnoticed by the US government, but it almost certainly will go unconfiscated as long as the Norther Alliance 'plays ball' with Washington. All of this against the backdrop of India and Pakistan who will in all likelihood continue their proxy war in Kashmir bringing further instability to the region. Another nuclear showdown is not out of the question. It is this region which has the potential for serious problems for the US military as US troops have been fired upon and returned fire upon Pakistani troops, a supposed key ally in the War On Terror. This, while considered an isolated incident, is simply an outgrowth of a high political instability in Pakistan that is fed by a rabid anti-Americanism. There have been a constant barrage of massive protests in Pakistan that never seem to make the US evening news. This trend will grow in the region until either American policy changes significantly or America is driven out of Pakistan.


This is a terrible tragedy that humanity as a whole wishes to simply ignore or even exacerbate this continents problems. There are some bright spots, Kenya has elected a populist leader that appears to really want to end the rampant corruption that typified the rule of of his predecessor, Daniel Arap Moi. Additionally, the new President has promised a ban on forced female genitalia mutilation, a practice that has horrified the civilized world. Hopefully the new leader will bring about some social justice and remove the corruption that infects his nation. Africa is the one place on the planet where wars, famine and suspicious diseases are converging on a continent where the richest mineral resources in the world are located. While many of Africa's problems are of her own making, most are not. Ethnic hatred, corruption, greed, lawlessness are unfortunately far too commonplace in many African countries. The West will be far to busy with its own economic problems to become too involved in Africa's problems. Africa, may however get assistance from nations who recognize the potential of development in Africa without the mindless exploitation that has been the legacy of American and European Nations.

I expect China, who recognizes the need in the future for natural resources and has not shown such antipathy to the aspiration of the poor, will eventually make great inroads into Africa. This will be done quietly and in the usual Chinese way, with great subtlety. I look for China to become much more active in Africa and with it, aspiring third and developing world movements (political, military social and economic) to move in and develop Africa's resources.

Africa has enormous material and human potential. The west has not seen fit to develop this potential in a way that is beneficial to Africans. Instead, the west and America in particular has mined and extracted much mineral wealth from Africa in such a way that has enriched Western firms but left, weak and extremely corrupt regimes in place. Regimes and leaders that allowed and benefited personally from the corruption. This was how leaders such as Mobutu and others gathered billions of dollars of personal wealth, secreted in Western banks while the people were impoverished.

I believe Africa will undergo an economic renaissance in the near future as the West becomes increasingly dependent on Africa's resources and governments come to power in Africa that are more attune to the needs of the people and the machinations of the so-called international community, the IMF and the World Bank.


EU integration will continue without many problems. The inclusion of more nations in the EU is moving forward with accelerated momentum. The problems that Europe may face will probably not come from political and social upheaval, but perhaps from natural disasters, of which flooding is becoming a recurring and extremely destructive phenomenon. The monetary amount that will be required to repair the damage to Europe's flooding is substantial. While, with some fiscal discipline these things can be fairly easily accomplished, the real problem is recurring floods in a relatively short period of time. European thinking is very forward looking and will not be driven solely by short-term considerations. Hence Europe will certainly be able to weather the 'storms' and baring a significant increase in the onslaught of flooding it will will not significantly impact its economic development.

Europe will undergo a significantly painful economic periods as the global economic recession continues unabated through 2003. Unemployment will rise as will social discontent. These however are not likely to case serious political difficulty. Hence Europe will look very much like it does now when 2004 rolls around. The wild card will be America's War on Terror. If it does not go as well as America plans, and this is a strong possibility, then Europe may be forced to become and unwilling partner in America's foolish adventure in Iraq. This may transpire in unforeseen ways, such as a successive terror attacks on EU soil, a sharp drop in world oil production, or extreme American pressure to support US operations militarily. However the later option would almost certainly cause a EU-US rift. Europeans are much more prone to protesting and large demonstrations than their docile, lobotomized American counterparts. Therefore, if the EU is forced to support the war, social and political instability becomes much more likely.

The Occult.

This is a year that saw many strange occult and mystical events. The release of the Lord Of The Rings and a second Harry Potter film show how the forces of the earth are influencing the world with Occult themes and entertainment. Even the US Government is getting on the Occult bandwagon with the Owellian Information Awareness Office.

It is as though the Occultists who have very influential places in Government, banking and media are no longer hiding as they used to by doing things in the darkness. They are doing them in the open and with a little bit of attitude. The Information Awareness Office is turning into literally 'Big Brother' and has the potential to spy on every piece of information on every American without warrant or cause. While there are enormous technological hurdles to cross, this dangerous agency will be used at first to counter terrorism but will be used eventually by Corporations to market, predict and ultimately control markets in the US. This is probably the ultimate aim of this office. A surreptitious use of Government power, that will be used by the corporate world for its own narrow financial, and political interests, using the US Government as a front. Information such as credit card purchases, school records, medical history, concerts you attend, books you read will all fall under this suspiciously Luciferian Office.

The Occult is making its way into mainstream society and the ministers that are seen on TV teach many unscriptural doctrines causing many who would ordinarily consider Christianity to turn away at the strange teachings of the modern American Church. The last days are here and Christians are not enduring sound doctrine or even common sense for that matter.

Most films have strong occult and other worldly themes to them from ghosts, departed spirits, evil monsters, demons and witchcraft. One need only look at TV to see the occult themes in many programs. If Christians do not come to terms with the fact that there is an Occult Conspiracy and an Occult hierarchy in the world today that carries out the wishes of Satan himself then they will certainly be swept up into the kingdom of darkness. This stuff is for real and it is important for all who name the name of the LORD to understand this. We are dealing, not with seemingly random acts of violence and evil, but with an organized spiritual assault waged against humanity in general and the Church in particular. The Apostle Paul called it the 'mystery of iniquity'. We are in the final act of the play. I warn all who read this in the strongest terms possible, wake up and understand your enemy and your place in Christ, if you are a believer. This is not the time to sit on the fence. The fence and those who sit on it are going into the lake of fire.

More and more it is becoming apparent that our current President's 'conversion' to Christianity is highly suspect. His membership in and affinity for secret and occult fraternities such as the Skull and Bones should give anyone with a smidgen of intelligence pause to consider what this man is doing in the name of religious conservatives. He has allowed draconian IRS regulations to be used to essentially force Churches to accept other religions as being 'equal' to Christianity thus calling Jesus Christ a liar. This is the spirit of blasphemy, even if it is buried deep in Government regulations. This is the next step in Satan's plan to bring exclusion and finally persecution to the remnant of God who would never sign or obey such a regulation. This is the President of the US, with a strong Occult background, claiming to the a Christian calling Christ a Liar. Indeed the Government makes so much fuss over the concept of 'Separation Of Church And State' yet wants to tell the Churches what to teach and what not to teach. This is not so much the law of the land, but by using the power of mammon (money), it is forcing the Churches that accept Tax-free status to preach as the government commands or be forced to lose its tax-free status for the unpardonable crime of preaching the whole counsel of God and his Son, Jesus Christ. This is leaven that is polluting the entire Church. It has been put there by the enemies of Christ.

This is the spirit of Antichrist embodied in the Executive Branch, using extreme subtlety, semi-secrecy and money to accomplish its ends. Can God Bless a Government like this? Will he not judge America for forsaking her heritage?

Foolishness In The Church.

If anyone comes to and begins teaching doctrines that are not biblical or directly contradict the clear and concise teaching of the word of God, than that person is a false teacher. Plain and simple. There is no need to 'pray about it' or 'get the mind of God on it'. While seeking God in all matters is wise, the word of God makes it clear what we are to do about these kinds of teachers. We are to shun them, avoid them and to not even let such people into our homes or wish them godspeed1. Falsehoods are everywhere and the most dangerous and growing is anti-semitism. It is growing in the Church like never before in America. It is a dangerous phenomenon and it is no laughing matter. While many of the activities of the Israeli government deserves rebuke. There is a growing affinity by many so called Christians to ignore that Israel is being attacked daily with car bombs suicide bombers and other forms of terror. Israel is fighting for her survival. It is easy for American Christians who have nothing better worry about than what color to paint the kitchen and why their favorite football team didn't make the playoffs to lambaste, accuse and criticize the Israel. Terror hits Israel on an almost daily basis. Americans have supported our reckless war on terror all over the world with their empty-headed flag waving, when according to a recent poll the vast majority of Americas did not even know where Iraq was on a map!!. There is such ignorance and rank stupidity in America that it defies the senses. Yet so many of these ignorant Americans want to hate and criticize Israel when they do not even understand the history, politics and international framework of the conflict. Additionally, many so-called 'Christians' have not read or really studied the Bible and do not understand where Israel fits in Gods plan. Yet they may have heard some hate-preacher on the Internet that teaches them that hate is better than love and racism is good. Feeding the carnality of these so-called 'christians'. This is the spirit of the devil that teaches such hatred. It is the spirit of the Devil that hates Israel and has always hated the Jews. It is he that wants to annihilate them and those teach such rabid anti-Semitism are his emissaries. God is dealing with Israel so that eventually, some will be saved.

This does not mean that we cannot legitimately criticize Israel when she is wrong. It does not mean that we should knee jerk support the policies of the Israeli Government. Rather, it means that we should pray for Israel because this is God's plan. He promised to bring them back to their promised land and he did. He promised to bring save a remnant of them, and he will. Jesus Christ was a Jew, and all of the apostles were Jews. He who hates Jews hates Christ. Any man who hates another is no Christian no matter how much he claims to be one and how cleverly he dresses up his hatred in Christian veneer. This has been a horrifying trend that I have noticed in the so-called ‘remnant’ movement. Is dangerous, vile and Antichrist. God has extended the hand of salvation more as an afterthought to the Gentiles (non-Jews), for weather anyone wants to realize it or not, salvation is of the Jews (John 4:22).


Next year will be marked by a prolonged economic recession in Europe and America. Central Bankers will be in a quandary as to how to solve their fiscal problems without the discipline that is needed by National governments to control spending and in some areas cut social spending, without raising taxes. These measures could lead to unfortunate social and political consequences. The US in particular is in the greatest danger, politically, and economically as its standard of living is based primarily on its debt based economy and the good faith and credit in the US Government. Confidence in the US economy has been badly shaken as a succession of corporate scandals and the inability of the Government to come to terms with its burgeoning and unsustainable debt levels has been made apparent for all to see. America's high standard of living will begin to show a marked decline next year, as years of economic folly begin to take hold of the US economy is a much more personal and visible way.

War may very well occur in Iraq, but it is the opinion of the author that Military commanders have informed the US President that US forces are not ready for a sustained conflict in the region and that the outcome of such a military adventure would be problematic. In short, while we may bomb Iraq from a distance to save face on the Global scene and use special forces for morale boosting adventures, a full fledged war in the Gulf is foolhardy and less likely that the US administration would have the world and Iraq in particular, believe. War is entirely possible if the US President continues to ignore his commanders and listen to the advise of more hawkish elements of his cabinet who seem to have lost touch with the American spirit of fair play and using violence only as a last resort. If the President goes to war then American leadership on the world stage will wane, in direct proportion to the demonstrated short-sighted violence of its President.


Views are exclusively my own.

Mark S. Watson


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