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Eight Souls
In the age when men lived to be nearly a thousand years old, wickedness became so great that God only saved eight people.

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A look at prayer and and its great importance to a genuine Christian.

Prayer: Standing In The Gap

An Open Letter To Black Lives Matter:
How to avoid being ensnared in the ongoing Federal operation 'Ni∓∓er Catcher' and 'Black Snare', run out of the US intelligence community and certain sections of Law Enforcement. These operations do exist, though naturally not with those pejorative titles. They are not legal, nor are they officially recognized but key people in high positions run these operations that specifically target Black Americans and certain White Americans who seek justice, truth and use their rights to bring these things back to our once great nation. The impetus comes from the US Intelligence community - LE does the footwork. This is what they did to so many civil rights leaders back in the 60's and 70's. They have honed their skills for the technology of the 21st century.

An Open Letter To Senator Mikulski And The Senate Select Committee On Intelligence


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4 Jun

Hasn't Happened Yet: Repentance

Today, let's talk about repentance. Most of you remember I wrote a piece back in April called Covid-19 Thoughts, where I touched on this issue in relation to the Pandemic. I believed then and even more so now that if there was (is) no repentance, even worse things could very well follow for the nation. That post is still on this page, towards the bottom.

I have not seen anything remotely like repentance out there in the nation, have you? While listening to the radio yesterday and hearing many of those from the political left 'whine' about how horrible it is being Black in America, I never once heard any sense of responsibility for Black America's state placed on anyone who was Black. It was always the police, the government, Trump, 'the system' but never many of the self-created social problems that exist in Black communities that can only be solved by Black Americans. Start with out of wedlock births and the YBM who grow up without the steady guiding hand of a father. Don't think there is a connection between that and many Black cities crime rates?

I am not going to go on a rant today about Black America because this whole spirit of 'whine' and 'entitlement' is prevalent in all segments of the country. Everyone wants to blame someone else for their situation, when as often as not, the best place to start to solve many of these problems starts with a four letter word - 'self'.

Now I am not for one moment going to say that Black Americans don't have a right to be most angry about the way some cops treat us. It's a long running scandal and if Trump bears any responsibility for it at all, it goes back to some of the things he did when he first took office and AG Sessions was running the DOJ. During the Obama administration there were some Bipartisan efforts to really bring in Police reform. One solution was Consent Decree's set up with many of the nations Police Departments. But Sessions ordered the DOJ to review Consent Decree's. You can find the actual Memo here. A cursory search on Sessions and Consent Decree with yield up many news stories on this, including why the decree's were needed in the first place. So let it not be said that I am not acutely aware of this very serious problem. If police reform has been slow, The President bears some of the blame.

But in America there has been no deeper self analysis of our individual or collective behavior. No thought about God and what he thinks about our society, which is swimming in rivers of porn, sodomy, adultery, hate, violence, fraud, bribery, drugs and corruption of every sort. The nation has not embarked on a rigid or even cursory self examination. It has continued on the way it has with most people hoping things go back to the way they were before the pandemic and now, these riots.

You see, I see America as a sick man walking. Like a man who has cancer and does not know it and only has a few years to live, this is how I see the country. Since there is no immediate pain, the subject does not realize he is dying. So I see this country. We have been dying of a spiritual cancer for some time and now the symptoms are getting bad enough where a 'medical' professional needs to be sought. This however is not a medical condition, but a spiritual and moral one. America just does not really understand how decadent she has become and how fast she is sliding in the wrong direction.

Other nations see it, but we don't. We have exchanged the word freedom with freedom from personal responsibility; freedom from doing right over doing wrong; freedom has turned into license and license to licentiousness. This is what freedom has turned into and we have made a mess of one of the greatest political experiments ever to be embarked upon.

That experiment was that a free people can freely elect leaders who will govern us and protect our rights, persons and property. It was a novel idea back in the day and until about I would say the late 20th century, it worked fairly well. But as the people became more reprobate, so the system has lost the basis for its continued existence. Namely, that the people who choose who governed them had to have a basic sense of right and wrong, a respect for God and understand their part in the social, political and economic system.

President Lincoln who confronted the greatest threat so far to that system said it well.
"...that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." - President Lincoln, Gettysburg Address
As then so now, the threat to that form of government is not coming so much from abroad, but from within. Witness these riots and with each situation then and now, race relations plays a key role.

I think that what we are witnessing is the inevitable result of a people who are more concerned about rights than responsibility, particularly, personal responsibility both to their fellow man but more importantly to God. It is no coincidence that Lincoln mentioned God in his address.

When a nation forgets God, they are on a fast track to self and later divine destruction and that is the path this nation is on. We don't see it or ourselves as being decadent, but it is safe to say that neither did Sodom nor Gomorrah. They were down right indignant when Lot tried to correct that attempted gang rape of his house guests. Who was he to judge them? 'Bring our your guests so that we can have some fun!' That was the cry of the wicked and while America has not slipped that far yet, she is rapidly moving in that direction.

Look at the violence in our cities. Look at what is going on right now, from coast to coast. Most major cities have seen at least some level of disturbance. I read today where several cops were shot in last nights protests.

I just have long suspected that this great American democratic experiment is on its way to failure, not because it can't work, but because it can't work with the kinds of people who now reside in the country. This new generation of people and even many of my own age group, there just seems to be something fundamentally wrong with them, their moral compass and their ability to process information. Education, brainwashing, media, propaganda... take your pick of causes. I think it boils down to this. The nation and its people at first started to stray from God, and that straying now has turned into a rapid sprint away from him and his ways. As the new Left began to take over America's schools back in the 60's the whole face of education changed and with that came other changes as well in society as the early-age social conditioning began to take effect when the people got older. Education became more of a tool for social indoctrination than for education. It's why I think we have so many politically correct half-wits in the country today, Hypersensitive wimps who are 'offended' by anything that they don't agree with and then start taking anti-depressants and often try and turn their thin-skin into a political cause or some new medical condition. My view is that some of this emerging generation of emotional basket cases should not even be allowed to walk the streets alone at night without adult supervision, let alone walk into a polling booth and vote.

I am always struck by the parallels that exist between the US and Rome and the social, economic and political paths that sent Rome downwards and what is now sending the US whirling down the same socioeconomic loo.

No, what this nation needs is a strong dose of reality. Spiritual reality that only God can give. That wickedness, licentiousness and ignorance has its own reward and that we may be well on the way to reaping it. If COVID-19 did not get the nation's attention, these riots might. If that does not work, there may be much more trouble from other directions to come.

You see, I think the Lord is slowly removing his hand of protection from the country. Not because he hates us but because he is insisting that the nation needs to change direction and repent. Will we? I rather think not, at least not yet. Most people don't see anything wrong with how they live, the dope they take, the adultery they commit, the frauds they engage in, the lies they tell. They see everyone else doing it and that is often their justification. It's the herd morality and its going to send the nation stampeding over a spiritual cliff.

So no, I don't see any signs of repentance yet, but God may very will begin to turn up the 'heat' so to speak so that people begin to or perhaps are forced to make some spiritual choices.

God bless all who serve the Lord, in Spirit and in Truth

Brother Mark

2 Jun

Know Your Enemy III

I have hesitated to post this on the public site. But am going to with some important caveat's. This is not for baby Christians. It's not for new believers who may stumble over some of this. I pray no one stumbles over this. This is for mature believers who understand the spiritual nature of our battle and know want to get a deeper understanding of the enemies we face in the spiritual world.

Also know this - I am not trying to convince anyone of anything along these lines. I post this because I know it can and will be of considerable value and help to many believers who may not be aware of these things. If you have problems with this, get into your prayer closet and seek the Lord about it. He who listens to and obey's the Lord will do well. But the times I see coming soon makes a better understanding of these things than is currently being taught in modern western Churches, I think - imperative.

Last section, we talked quoted from the Book of Jude who spoke about a certain class of fallen spirits. Now I am going to quote from Enoch to show you why Jude is saying things that are not witnessed to with much clarity in other parts of the Bible. Jude is clearly very familiar with the book of Enoch as he quotes from it. So let's take a look at it, you may take or leave what is said here, but I think frankly, it is not wise for any mature Christian to completely ignore this.
Here Enoch has gone to make intercession on behalf of these fallen spirits because of their insistence. They were very afraid when they had heard the Judgment of God upon them for leaving heaven and mating with women (see Gen 6). In short, they were scared out of their wits when they heard the sentence from God. Azazel was the chief of the angels who left heaven to come down and mate with women. He was 'the instigator'.
And Enoch went and said: ‘Azâzêl, thou shalt have no peace: a severe sentence has gone forth against thee to put thee in bonds: And thou shalt not have toleration nor request granted to thee, because of the unrighteousness which thou hast taught, and because of all the works of godlessness and unrighteousness and sin which thou hast shown to men.’ Then I went and spoke to them all together, and they were all afraid, and fear and trembling seized them. And they besought me to draw up a petition for them that they might find forgiveness, and to read their petition in the presence of the Lord of heaven. For from thenceforward they could not speak (with Him) nor lift up their eyes to heaven for shame of their sins for which they had been condemned. - Enoch 13
What was the result of his intercession?
And He answered and said to me, and I heard His voice: ‘Fear not, Enoch, thou righteous man and scribe of righteousness: approach hither and hear my voice. And go, say to the Watchers of heaven, who have sent thee to intercede for them: “You should intercede” for men, and not men for you: Wherefore have ye left the high, holy, and eternal heaven, and lain with women, and defiled yourselves with the daughters of men and taken to yourselves wives, and done like the children of earth, and begotten giants (as your) sons? And though ye were holy, spiritual, living the eternal life, you have defiled yourselves with the blood of women, and have begotten (children) with the blood of flesh, and, as the children of men, have lusted after flesh and blood as those also do who die and perish.

Therefore have I given them wives also that they might impregnate them, and beget children by them, that thus nothing might be wanting to them on earth. But you were formerly spiritual, living the eternal life, and immortal for all generations of the world. And therefore I have not appointed wives for you; for as for the spiritual ones of the heaven, in heaven is their dwelling. And now, the giants, who are produced from the spirits and flesh, shall be called evil spirits upon the earth, and on the earth shall be their dwelling. Evil spirits have proceeded from their bodies; because they are born from men and from the holy Watchers is their beginning and primal origin; they shall be evil spirits on earth, and evil spirits shall they be called. [As for the spirits of heaven, in heaven shall be their dwelling, but as for the spirits of the earth which were born upon the earth, on the earth shall be their dwelling.] And the spirits of the giants afflict, oppress, destroy, attack, do battle, and work destruction on the earth, and cause trouble: they take no food, but nevertheless hunger and thirst, and cause offences. And these spirits shall rise up against the children of men and against the women, because they have proceeded from them. - Enoch 15

(A complete copy of this work can be found at the Internet Archive 1912 version or at Sacred Texts,1917 version)
Those of you who quote the passage that says that these things cannot be because the Bible says that Angels are not given to marriage are correct. They are not given into marriage. These however were rebels, and this passage explains this clearly and why the Lord forbade marriage to them. If we attain the resurrection of the dead we will be like the angels and will not be given to marriage.

For in the resurrection they neither marry,
nor are given in marriage,
but are as angels in heaven.

(Mat 22:30 ASV)

So from this passage we can perhaps understand why there are demons (evil spirits) who are NOT bound up in chains as Jude describes and in fact, are not even fallen angels, but are the spiritual remains of those offspring whom the fallen ones had. This also, I believe explains why they can and want to possess humans, they once had bodies but do no longer.

I think it also explains why Christ had mercy on the host of unclean spirits who went into the heard of swine. They were born through no fault of their own and yet there is no plan of salvation for them. They know they are going into torment, but not yet.

Let us all remember one key aspect of God's character that we in this age of Grace often forget.

For he saith to Moses,
I will have mercy on whom I have mercy,
 and I will have compassion
on whom I have compassion.
So then it is not of him that willeth,
nor of him that runneth,
 but of God that hath mercy.
(Rom 9:15-16 ASV)

Enoch goes on to more completely describe what happened to the Son's of God that came down here to mate with the daughters of men. They are now in chains and bound.

Then said the Most High, the Holy and Great One spake, and sent Uriel to the son of Lamech, and said to him: ‘Go to Noah and tell him in my name “Hide thyself!” and reveal to him the end that is approaching: that the whole earth will be destroyed, and a deluge is about to come upon the whole earth, and will destroy all that is on it. And now instruct him that he may escape and his seed may be preserved for all the generations of the world.’ And again the Lord said to Raphael: ‘Bind Azâzêl hand and foot, and cast him into the darkness: and make an opening in the desert, which is in Dûdâêl, and cast him therein. And place upon him rough and jagged rocks, and cover him with darkness, and let him abide there for ever, and cover his face that he may not see light. And on the day of the great judgement he shall be cast into the fire.

And heal the earth which the angels have corrupted, and proclaim the healing of the earth, that they may heal the plague, and that all the children of men may not perish through all the secret things that the Watchers have disclosed and have taught their sons. And the whole earth has been corrupted through the works that were taught by Azâzêl: to him ascribe all sin.’ And to Gabriel said the Lord: ‘Proceed against the bastards and the reprobates, and against the children of fornication: and destroy [the children of fornication and] the children of the Watchers from amongst men [and cause them to go forth]: send them one against the other that they may destroy each other in battle... - Enoch 10

And I looked and turned to another part of the earth, and saw there a deep valley with burning fire. And they brought the kings and the mighty, and began to cast them into this deep valley. And there mine eyes saw how they made these their instruments, iron chains of immeasurable weight. And I asked the angel of peace who went with me, saying: ‘For whom are these chains being prepared?’ And he said unto me: ‘These are being prepared for the hosts of Azâzêl, so that they may take them and cast them into the abyss of complete condemnation, and they shall cover their jaws with rough stones as the Lord of Spirits commanded.  - Enoch 54

What happened back in the Days of Noah is of paramount importance to we who live in these last days. Christ made that clear for it shall be just like in the days of Noah when Christ returns. They were eating and drinking and giving in marriage... right up to the day Judgment fell. Preachers will be preaching, prophets will warn, the people will ignore and things will go on like before, but one day God says enough. Just like then, in the last days a whole host of fallen angels will be right down here on earth (see Rev 12:9ff)

Could these evil spirits (as described in Enoch) one day possess a host of genetically enhanced human bodies now being designed by men? I don't know, but I think the question needs to be asked.

God will send out his call to his people just like he did with Noah to warn us to prepare for the end of this age.

We will continue out look at Know your Enemy soon, God willing.

In closing, I ask all of you to NOT STUMBLE at this section, particularly me quoting from a book outside of the Western Cannon. I think the historical record within the book of Enoch is fairly sound, but the book itself may contain some doubtful passages and later additions that caused it to not be accepted by the Western Church as scripture. I don't accept it as such, though the Ethiopian Orthodox Church does. But I do think it contains some very important aspects to the times that were and the times that will be that we should at the very least, be familiar with and keep in the back of our minds. In fact, if you read the opening passages of the book, you will find it that it is directed at and written specifically for a remote generation that was to come.

FYI, the Ethiopian Church have a very interesting view of it. It can be found on the Wikipedia site.

The blessings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be upon all who love and serve him.

Brother Mark

29 May

Going Into Labor

Let's talk about jobs today.

Gotta Job? I mean... still gotta job? Be thankful, very very thankful. Why? Because The good news is that many people who are not working right now as a result of this pandemic will indeed return to work and begin be able to pay their bills. The bad news is that many will not. Estimates for long term unemployed are all over the place. Given that over 30 million people have filed for unemployment benefits these past couple of months, we can safely assume that there will be millions of Americans who will, within the next couple of months realize that they no longer have a job, or if they are lucky, will return to work as a part time or casual worker. Over the past several weeks, over 30 40 million Americans have filed for unemployment. That number is not a typo. In six weeks we have witnessed one of the greatest employment disasters the nation has ever witnessed. And it is not over yet, though many are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. It's still not clear if that light is the sunrise or a freight train heading right at us.

       Source: BLS

The following is from the CBO.
The Labor Market
The pandemic and associated social distancing measures have led to a collapse in consumer spending and caused many businesses to reduce or cease operations and to lay off or furlough their employees. Between the third week of March and the first week of May, more than 30 million unemployment insurance claims were filed. The unemployment rate surged from 3.5 percent in February to 14.7 percent in April. That change reflects the net effect of a decline of more than 25 million in the number of people employed and a reduction of more than 8 mil- lion in the size of the labor force.

The effects of the pandemic and economic shocks have not been uniform across industries, regions, or businesses of varying sizes. During March and April, more than 20 million nonfarm payroll jobs were lost; those losses were concentrated in industries that rely on a high degree of in-person interactions, such as leisure and hospitality, retail trade, and education and health services. The leisure and hospitality sector was hit particularly hard, losing 8 million of its 17 million jobs in March and April (see Figure 1). In addition, many local economies that rely heavily on the tourism and hospitality industries have sustained great employment losses. More broadly, the impact of the pandemic has varied greatly across regions, and some states have been hit harder than others. Across all industries and all regions, though, businesses that are small and young are expected to suffer a greater share of job losses than are larger and more mature businesses, because smaller and newer businesses are less likely to have the financial resources to withstand the shocks. - Source CBO
This gives us a snapshot of how bad things are. I should add how bad things are going to be because for those millions of Americans who are not going to go back to work, the pain has not hit yet. Sure they can't go to work, but many now are getting enhanced unemployment benefits and they got a decent stimulus check and it does not seem unlikely that they will get another within another 60 days or so, if the GOP and Democrats can get another bailout package together.

But the pain has not set in yet. No, we have not yet begun to feel it. Right now millions of Americans are depending on the governments largess to pay their bills. But that may very well change in the weeks ahead at least for some and the degree with which this happens will be dependent on policy makers.

One very popular part of the bailout was the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). It has been widely used by businesses. But Republicans are eyeing it very carefully. Then there are the enhanced unemployment benefits. They maintain that with these benefits, many people see no advantage in returning to work. Such people can remain on their respective couch's with the remote control firmly in their grasp and still collect a paycheck. They note that in some cases with these benefits, people are making more on the dole than they were working. The idea is that the longer people sit around doing nothing and getting paid for it, the longer any recovery will take. Democrats want to extend these benefits. Given the dire employment situation, their calls are not without merit. But the GOP's observations bear considerable merit as well.

The key here I think is to make decisions along these lines without too much emotion. Fiscal sense and the goal of protecting the long term health of businesses that provide jobs should be top priority, not letting our hearts bleed and with tears in our eyes and thus lead Americans, businesses and later the nation into bankruptcy on a river of tears. Care is very important, but so are economic and fiscal realities. Better to take a couple of cuts and bruises now than fall of a 1000 foot fiscal cliff later. You'll be dealing with far more than cuts and bruises.

The PPP however is probably one of the best idea's, not because I am in favor of bailouts (I am not) but because businesses, small and medium sized can't reopen. The Governors of many states have made it illegal for them to open, so this is all through no fault of their own. They need help and should get it. For now this program is directed just towards certain businesses related expenses and if done properly, is no longer a categorized as a loan, but a grant. They are looking at making some changes including consideration of allowing for the money to be used for other things and still be considered a grant. My view is that for many bushiness these loans are essential, particularly if these lockdowns continue through June. Many businesses would simply go out of business were it not for this program. But the view of many is that this is best kind of answer, get the employers what they need to keep their shops open and people working. Don't let hundreds of thousands of small and medium sized businesses go bankrupt and have to close, leaving those dreaded 'For Lease' signs on abandoned office buildings across America and even more Americans heading to the local homeless shelter.

So What's Gonna Happen?

I don't know. But do want to throw out some thoughts to you all because what's gonna happen is probably gonna do so within the next 90-120 days, barring significant continuing government help/bailouts/loans and grants.

These programs will probably keep the worst from happening, at least right away, But that does not mean that we won't see serious problems ahead. Rather than cite facts figures and links, I will just give you a 'stream of consciousness' today.

Right now people can stay in their homes because in many places evictions are no longer possible or legal. That is going to change. Real Estate owners, banks and others with political power are going to put the pressure on to get those who are not paying rent or their mortgages out so that they can get someone in who can. No, this is not going to happen overnight, but the reality is that real estate investors are in business to make money and they too have expenses, often quite significant. Granted as long as 'enhanced' unemployment benefits are in the mix, this is not going to be a major crisis as millions of Americans can take that check and pay their rent. Such bailouts are and are going to be wildly popular and remember, this is an election year. The party that proposes these hand outs, even bigger ones are going to be considered more electable that those who do not, to an economically illiterate voting population. One look at the fiscal situation in many of the nation's State capitols, local and of course Federal government shows you that people vote for the continuance of such fiscal ignorance and illiteracy. The fiscal retard is voted Treasurer and bailouts, borrowing and spending the policy. Change it and the voters will send you back to your day job.

But what will it mean when several million Americans suddenly get eviction notices? Well, it's going to happen and already is in some places. Keep in mind that under the CARES act, those properties that are mortgaged using federally backed loans have severe restrictions on foreclosure, even if it's a rental property (and the owner bought it using such a loan). If the owner of the property got his loan from a Federally backed program, he can't evict you. That is at least as I understand it. But that is set to run out here in several weeks. What then? That's the question. And it boils down to either people get back to work and make arrangements with their lender or landlord; keep getting more bailouts and hope the gravy train never ends or the third alternative.

Living On The Street

Yes, I see a homelessness crisis beginning to emerge in the nation once the bailouts and the effects thereof end. Being an election year, politicians may try their best to keep some of these programs in place at least through the election. But that is no guarantee. The effect of the loss of millions of jobs, permanently and the loss or reduction of public largess will be devastating, whenever it comes. I certainly hope I am wrong about this and this level of homelessness does not transpire. The best case will be to make sure that as many small and medium sized businesses can remain viable and can keep their employee's. That is the only real long term and viable solution whereas others seem to be pushing for longer term or a permanent government dole, perhaps hoping this will turn into some new impetus for guaranteed basic income all based on even more government indebtedness.

So I look for an increase in homelessness. This will be reflected and generated probably more by State level and perhaps local policy than Federal. How long will the state enforce lockdowns? What cumbersome, business-killing regulations will be instituted before a business can re-open? Contact tracing (giving name and address and time of visit wherever you go, adding significantly to the agenda of the surveillance state). Allowing restaurants to open and only 50% capacity? Restricting various aspects of sales? New taxes?

As a new regulatory environment develops, so will businesses have to comply. What can be certain is that whatever comes, it will be more restrictive and more difficult to run a small business in this new post COVID-19 business environment. Government leaders are great ones for encumbering businesses with all manner of legal and administrative minutiae that they don't realize can wreck havoc on the little guy. But when 'King Regulator' gets on the throne, he doesn't care, he just wants more control, more hassle and more trouble for businesses, strangling them and often putting them out of business, as he sits on his throne made of forms, regulations, edicts and cumbersome legal requirements.

The King will play up to those who don't know or don't care about businesses as the King explains how these new regulations will help. What they don't say is they are really helping millions out of their homes and jobs and onto the street.... all thanks to King Regulator. So depending on how these new post pandemic regulations are put into effect, we will see how this goes. In a nearby county, my favorite chain of used bookstore is open, while it is not open in my county. But in the nearby county, you have to register at the door. It's little things like this that is going to be the kiss of death for many businesses. They won't tell you who will get this registration information. They may say it's going to the CDC, and not tell you that the military and the intelligence community and God knows who else and despite whatever they tell Congress, be assured, they will use it for much more than contact tracing.

People will find out or just be suspicious of the whole contact tracing agenda and like me, many just won't go to the local business. It's little things like that that is going to kill small businesses, not intentionally, but in reality. People don't want to be tracked, logged and traced and have some health bureaucrat show up at their door 'wanting to help' because they went over to the local barber shop last Thursday. Particularly when it is not clear what they will do with the data, don't know how long it will be kept and what they actually plan on doing with people who have come in contact with another who is infected.

They are not doing much now, but what about in 6 months? Will they keep you from working? Will they put in in some kind of forced quarantine? Today, no they are not doing that, but a year from now, who knows what government bureaucrats will do, particularly if some new new friend of King Regulator gets into the White House. Consider what was attempted recently with the proposal of putting people into detention without trial. Never underestimate the governments ability to make matters worse while selling it to the masses as a good idea.

So as businesses decline and close up, so I look for homelessness to become a problem, but it will probably be more regional in nature and then based more upon State and local policy makers and the nature of economic activity in each state/region. Farm states may do better than manufacturing ones; States that rely more on the service sector vs. those that deal more in high tech, etc. But chronic homelessness in many places may become a far greater problem than it is today.

Yet today, there are many who are living on the edge. I read this AM a story out of the Texas Tribune called "Living in hotels, students lose ground ...". If you have a moment, check it out. It also talks about how important things like School Lunches are for many kids. Many people who have fallen through the economic cracks and can't rent because they don't have great credit. What happens? They wind up living in hotels. Then there is the problem of student safety. Yes, eviction hurts a lot more than the worker, the kids are deeply effected too. Similar stories on evictions and possible future evictions can be found around the web at many Major News network local affiliate sites. I think the key to understand is this. Once legal moratoriums are up, the eviction notices will be nailed to several million front doors across America, the courts will be flooded and then the real problems begin for many.

So yes, homelessness and that precarious place in between (hotels, living with parents, relatives and sleeping on the sofa, etc).... the number of those kinds of people will grow I think very significantly over the next 12 months. I think states and localities should quietly and realistically start to make plans for just such an eventuality because prepare for it or not, it looks like it is coming. That and the almost certain rise in crime.

The other real problem is one that many are not talking about it, is the fiscal situation of State and local governments. They are getting hit hard with a reduction in sales and other business related tax revenues. The (projected) shortfalls are significant, but not quite disastrous. I will give you two examples. One is for my home state of Maryland and the other is the most populous state, California.

What will happen? Who knows. In my state the governor just vetoed a whole slew of new taxes and new spending, citing his concerns over COVID-19 as a major reason. Maryland is a very liberal state, but we have a down to earth, moderate GOP governor who I think has done a decent job of putting the brakes on some the loopier idea's coming out of the legislature.

But as revenues fall for State and local governments, so will fiscal problems come more to the forefront. They will be left basically with three choices. One is to cut spending, something that is absolutely anathema to hard line liberals. Another is to raise taxes, anathema to hard line conservatives. The final option will be to borrow more money. Getting that money may not be as easy as it sounds. Lenders are going to want to make sure they get paid. Sure, they can probably get the money by selling municipal bonds, but the risk is going to be written into the interest rate. Risk? Yes, even with state and local governments the possibility of them declaring bankruptcy is not out of the question, certainly not in a post COVID-19 environment.

Legislators who are sadly more interested in politics than basic accounting can easily drive a state into the bankruptcy courts. The scary thing is that lenders may one day start to require hard assets as collateral and thus securing their loans making sure that they are first in line during bankruptcy proceedings. Still default risk is low because the reality is that State governments have taxing authority. We will have to see if the Fed steps in and provides some kind of monetary/lending facility for State's or if the market will be able to do it. But given the political environment in the nation, I don't see much real change - when the question of cutting spending or raising taxes are at issue, borrowing more seems to be the usual solution.

This will probably be the way out for many states, but bonds are just that, a loan, they have to be paid back and that means some source of revenue. Also keep in mind that many states are already wallowing in debt.

In closing this can be a fiscal disaster for the nation. It need not be, and if aid is carefully, judiciously and evenly applied in those sectors that really need (as opposed to just wanting) it. This crisis may not be nearly as bad is it has every potential of becoming. Can leaders get real about finances and put petty political bickering aside, not just at the Federal level, but also at the state and local level? Can they learn and more importantly, apply some basic accounting and use that as a guideline for fiscal policy instead of a obsessing about getting a new transgender section in school textbooks into the classroom or some new tax-break for the 1%?

Let us all pray for our leaders at the state, local and Federal level. They are all facing some very significant issues that will deeply effect us all in the coming years.

I know many Americans just loath President Trump. I am not one of them, I never liked him much before he was President but even despite many of this 'un-Presidential' things he has done and Tweeted, and at times his demeanor, I have developed a healthy, if a bit admittedly grudging, respect for him. I left partisanship by the wayside back in my early 30's and look at Presidents by their ability to push their vision, get things done and do what they think best for the country both domestically and internationally within the confines of the office, which is not nearly as powerful as many might think. I don't think any President, Democrat or Republican could have done better in light of this crisis and the whole range of unknowns they were dealing with from the beginning. Yes, the response was slow at first, but in some ways, it worked to the country's advantage. If the US had started lockdowns in January, we would have 60 million newly unemployed right now instead of 'just' 40 million.

So whatever your leanings politically, please pray for him, Speaker Pelosi, Mr. McConnell, Mr. Schumer, your respective governors and state officials as well as and the Supreme and other important Courts whom I think may be forced to make some very important decisions in the months ahead relating to a whole range of issues dealing with the fallout from the Virus. State level Supreme Courts as well. Evictions? Vaccines? Contact Tracing? Bankruptcy reorganizations/ liquidations? Insurance Claims (Acts of God)...? These are all things that are at various levels of the legal system, are going to have to be dealt with.

This piece is just personal commentary, not financial or legal advice. Please seek professional advice for your financial, legal and investment decisions!

27 May

Know Your Enemy II

In the last section of this series we did a kind of introduction and looked at a few of the anomalies (to us) on the different kinds of spirits who rebelled against God. Now I know many of you, I am going to lose you as I do this study, but as time passes and strange and weird things begin to transpire in our world, you will remember what I have written here and things will be much clearer for you. Right now we see these things through a glass darkly.

Moreover, you will have a much better understanding of the spiritual foes many of you will have to directly and personally face as the evil one and his host are cast down upon the earth. If you are in Christ and you are here as the final 42 month system arises and is enthroned be assured, you will be facing these beings on one level or another.

Ignorance of your enemy could become a costly affair.

 But this kind doesn’t go out
 except by prayer and fasting.
   (Matthew 17:21 [WEB])

New levels, new devils. This was a saying one old woman of God used to use describing what happens to Christians when they rise in the Lord or become of great use to him. The higher up you go in the Lord and in his service, the more demonic resistance a person will face. Brothers and sisters, when you serve the Lord in spirit and in truth the devil is going to attack you, guaranteed. But there are different levels of spirits and spirits of different orders. There are the top angels with great power who rebelled (the 'Generals'), there are the mid-level fallen spirits (The Captains and Sergeants) the lower level spirits (the Private's) and then there are what I will call the 'contractors'. These are people (humans) who serve these spirits, knowing they are serving evil. For much of this series, I will express things in military terms because it, I think is the best way to describe a hostile army arrayed against us. Like military contractors, they work for a 'fee', but are not true parts of the army.

Judas' contractor fee was 30 pieces of silver.
Others fee's include political power, wealth, sex, fame etc. These things are what the host of rebels against God give in return for something. Yes, Satan even made his 'contracting' offer to our Lord.

 and he said unto him, All these things
will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down
and worship me.
(Matthew 4:9 ASV)

The devil knows how to tempt and he does have the resources to keep his part of any satanic bargain, for he is the prince of this world. But Satan himself is not going to be the key part of subject matter today.
Some of these spirits have enormous power and we cannot cast them out but with prayer and fasting. With such spiritual darkness, there has to be a struggle, a fight, a battle to free a soul or institution of such demonic influence and/or possession.

Now we have talked about the different ranks or orders within the kingdom of God. We know there are different orders of angels, There are the Cherubim (see Ezekiel Chapters 10), the Seraphim (Isaiah Chapter 6) and of course the Arch angels. I am fairly certain there are other orders as well. We have seen angels as watchmen who have no name for their order but are the spirits who go out and apparently report back what they have seen (Zechariah Chapter 6). There are all manner of living spirits and angels in heaven and the book of Revelation gives us a small glimpse of this. There are certainly other orders of such spirits but we have no real information on them.
The Rebellion

But I think we all should get a good understanding of the rebellion against God and why it is important that we understand these things.

We all know satan rebelled and did so long ago. He appears in the garden when man was first made in the form of the serpent. It seems clear that his fall was before the creation of man (for man was just created when he appears). I don't want to get too much into the creation debate because it causes many to scratch their heads, but I have long held (using scripture) that the earth was destroyed before man was made and became formless and void. It was not created that way, but became that way. This is something I covered in this piece many years ago. I am not going to re-hash the issue. But what I will say is that from my considerable studies I believe that - long ago, before mankind came onto the scene, there was a massive rebellion against God. Satan led it. This rebellion really messed up the earth. So much so that it became formless and void. We don't know what inhabited the earth back then, but we can look at things like dinosaurs and other strange creatures that are now long extinct and know that they did exist long ago. Even now, Scientists believe that some kind of cataclysm destroyed the dinosaurs in ages past.

I bring this all up so that we humans and Christians cease to think of our lives, the earth and even our existence as being the center of the universe. This was the belief of Churchmen in the middle ages. They taught that the earth was the center of the solar system and fought those who taught otherwise as being heretics. Today, I see many of the same errors, like believing that anyone who does not subscribe to a 6000 year old earth is a 'heretic'. But understanding that this rebellion against God is more ancient than the creation of mankind gives us pause to consider and be humble. We humans are just not that important except that God loves us and has mercy on us. The Bible did not teach that the sun revolved around the earth anymore than it teaches a 6000 year old earth.

We humans are a very, very new and frankly somewhat insignificant 'cosmic arrival' and the sooner we all realize that, the more we can better understand the depths of God's love and mercy towards us...

...and not take it for granted!

I say these things so that we fully understand that when dealing with these fallen angels, at least most of them, we are dealing with a very, very ancient evil. These fallen spirits have seen men come and go. They were around when David was King, Columbus sailed to America; the Ming dynasty ruled China, Henry VIII was beheading his wives and Hitler murdered the Jews. They are very, very familiar with our ways and what makes us tick. So don't for one instant think you can outsmart these spirits. We humans were made a little lower than the angels (Psa 8:5, Heb 2:7) and thus can safely assume that they are considerably more intelligent than we are.
But another class of spirits needs to be discussed here. That is evil spirits or demons. Is that not just another name for fallen angels? Well, perhaps, but from my studies and spiritual experience, I don't think so.

Now I pray God I cause no one to stumble in what follows so please get into your prayer closets before you fire off a nastygram to me. Read the passages and pray if you are confused or it assaults what you already thought about the subject.  But live a little longer, I strongly suspect that the things that will be coming upon the world will change the minds of any skeptic who really wants to understand these things and win in the spiritual battles that lie ahead.

As Jude makes clear in his book, he talks about a class of angels who left their first estate and are now in everlasting chains reserved for Judgment.

And angels that kept not their own principality,
but left their proper habitation, he hath kept
in everlasting bonds under darkness
unto the judgment of the great day.
(Jude 1:6 ASV)

This passage is important again because we see that this class of spirits are in chains. But Satan and those other spirits we saw in Revelation are still out and about roaming around. So who is this class of spirits who are in chains? There are two very strong hints. First is they kept not their first estate. Second, Jude tells us where to look and it is not where most would, but it is right there in the book.

 And to these also Enoch, the seventh from Adam,
prophesied, saying, Behold, the Lord came with ten thousands
of his holy ones, to execute judgment upon all,
and to convict all the ungodly of all their works of
ungodliness which they have ungodly wrought,
and of all the hard things which ungodly sinners
 have spoken against him.
(Jude 1:14-15 ASV)

This prophecy has Apostolic/Biblical approval. It was spoken by Enoch and quoted from by Jude and its right there in your New Testament. This is where we have to look for some of these answers.

We Will Continue this section of our study, next week.... God willing!!

21 May

Where Will You Stand?

Then he cried in mine ears with a loud voice, saying,
Cause ye them that have charge over the city to draw near,
every man with his destroying weapon in his hand.
And behold, six men came from the way of
the upper gate, which lieth toward the north,
every man with his slaughter weapon in his hand;
and one man in the midst of them clothed in linen,
 with a writer's inkhorn by his side. And they went in,
and stood beside the brazen altar. And the glory of
the God of Israel was gone up from the cherub,
whereupon it was, to the threshold of the house:
and he called to the man clothed in linen,
who had the writer's inkhorn by his side.
 And Jehovah said unto him, Go through
the midst of the city, through the midst
 of Jerusalem, and set a mark upon
the foreheads of the men that sigh
and that cry over all the abominations
that are done in the midst thereof.
(Eze 9:1-4 ASV)

Today, we are going to take a break from the news and deal with some prophetic issues. There is a lot going on these days, but we can hit some of the highlights later in the week (for insiders). I see lots of trouble ahead for the world on the economic and perhaps later on the political and social front.

But let us get to the passage above from the book of Ezekiel.
In the previous chapter (Ezek 8) we see Ezekiel describing a powerful visitation of the Lord. He was sitting in his home with the elders of Israel about him and the hand of God fell upon him. He carried him away by his hair above the earth. The purpose was to show him something.
He went to Jerusalem and the whole purpose of this divine interruption was to show Ezekiel the sins and abominations of Israel. Now consider. He was in his house talking to the elders of Israel who came to his home. The message deeply effects them as they were the pillars of the nation. Here the abominations are noted. There were several. First was some kind of idol, an image of jealousy (8:3). We don't know exactly what this image was but some think (K&D) it may have been Baal or Asherah. The passages in Ezekiel chapter 8 show a pattern of idolatry and religious abomination taking place both inside and outside of the Temple. The Lord was most displeased at this. In fact, he was utterly furious about it. But before God acts, he will send in his prophets to warn and this was Ezekiel's job. How angry was the Lord over these things?
Then he said unto me, Hast thou seen this,
O son of man? Is it a light thing to the
house of Judah that they commit the abominations
which they commit here? for they have filled
the land with violence, and have turned again
to provoke me to anger: and, lo,
they put the branch to their nose.
Therefore will I also deal in wrath;
mine eye shall not spare,
neither will I have pity;

and though they cry
in mine ears with a loud voice,

yet will I not hear them.
(Eze 8:17-18 ASV)

This is how angry he was. He gives the reasons and the consequences in the two above passages.

So in chapter nine, we begin to see how the Lord will deal with this. This is a spiritual vision and clearly what Ezekiel is seeing what will transpire in the spiritual realm that will be translated into the natural.

The first part is God first marks those who are his and who honor and regard the Lord enough to be deeply troubled by the sins and abominations of the people, elders and priests.

Ezekiel hears a cry, a command go forth. It was to the overseers of the city. Not the temporal ones, this is clearly directed at powerful spiritual beings. The words used are (H6486, H5892). The idea here is that God has set certain angels to stand watch over the city. These are 'watchmen' or guardians of the city. Their job was to stand watch. But given two interesting indications, they may have had other jobs as well, like recording. Note that the word H6486 can also mean account, reckoning or numbers. Also note that one of these angels had some kind of writing device (inkhorn) by his side (9:2). He may have had a special task from the others as some kind of recorder. Some commentators believe he was the captain or leader of the others. The others are the ones noted by the destroying weapons they posses.


So in this passage, we see that before the Lord unleashes his judgement and fury, he moves to protect those who honor him and recoil at the wickedness of the nation. God looks out for his own and will not suffer the punishments that the ungodly have so diligently earned to fall on his people. No, he is going to mark those who serve him. It will be the same in the last days. God will seal a select group of believers from what is to come.

And I saw another angel ascend
from the sunrising,

 having the seal of the living God:
and he cried with a great voice
to the four angels to whom it was given
to hurt the earth and the sea, saying,
Hurt not the earth, neither the sea,
nor the trees, till we shall have sealed
the servants of our God on their foreheads.
And I heard the number of them that were sealed,
 a hundred and forty and four thousand,
sealed out of every tribe of the children of Israel:
(Rev 7:2-4 ASV)

A seal is a little different from a mark we saw in Ezekiel, in that it is often used by a person in high office, an ambassador or some person in a very important business or fiduciary position. So here we look to be dealing with a very special group of God's servants who will be set apart in the times of this judgement. Also see Rev 9:4ff on this. In those passages you can see just how important that seal will be in the last days.

So we see an important parallel. The Lord got tired of the idolatry and the violence and the wickedness and the evil and finally one day, he had had enough. He lays out to his prophet what he is going to do and even how he is going to do it. This appears to be the purpose of the vision.

God is not going to hear the cries of suffering his judgment is going to cause. He is going to 'plug up his ears' from hearing. Old and young, no one is going to escape God's fury and he is indeed furious. 

God is not playing games with the sins and abominations of our times either. We as Christians must remain true to God and have a healthy respect for God and his power and his love of the right and his hatred for the wrong.

When God begins to recall and and recompense our nation and world for its sins, will you be one whom he has set his mark, his seal upon and who shall receive divine protection from his fury? Or will you run into the arms of the devil and receive his mark in your right hand or forehead after you worship the beast and his image (Rev 14:9-12)? For you insiders, I think we all should know where each of us stands.
May God grant all who read this that you shall stand in the evil day and resist the beast, his system, his mark even if it costs us our lives!

And they overcame him
because of the blood of the Lamb,
and because of the word of their testimony;
 and they loved not their life even unto death.
(Rev 12:11 ASV)

In closing, this harsher side of God's character is rarely talked about in today's Christianity, but we would all be wise to go back and find out more about it and how it applies to the events of the end times!!

In Christ,

Brother Mark

19 May

Is There No God In Israel?

And he said unto him, Thus saith Jehovah,
 Forasmuch as thou hast sent messengers
to inquire of Baal-zebub, the god of Ekron,
is it because there is no God in Israel to inquire of his word?
therefore thou shalt not come down from the bed
whither thou art gone up,
but shalt surely die.
(2Ki 1:16 ASV)
In the above passage, Elijah rebukes king Ahaziah. It was a stern rebuke. You see, the king had fallen down though a lattice and as a result was laying in bed ill. So what the King did was sent messengers to Ekron (in Philistia) to inquire of the gods of the Philistines, specifically the god known as Baal-zebub. This was probably some kind of fly or insect like idol for which it was shaped after. It may bear some relation to the god myiagros. It has been referred to as the Lord of the flies. It is this god that Christ referred to in the gospels and was accused of being in league with when he cast out devils (see Mar 3:23ff). I must remark here that this is one of the most terrifying passages in the NT for it was because of this deeply offensive remark about the Lord and his work that he sternly warned the scribes that the kind of spiritual sin they had just committed was moving into the realm of the unpardonable.

It was this kings inquiry to this foreign god that made the Lord quite angry. Angry enough that the Lord directed his trusted prophet Elijah to get involved. The messengers the king sent were (by divine direction) intercepted by Elijah who asked of these messengers as in the above passage 'is there no God in Israel?....'. The Lord was most displeased with the King over his decision to place his trust in these foreign gods, which, were really nothing more than devils masquerading as gods. But being deceiving spirits, they know how to fool people into worshiping them as well as the idols they can deceive men into making.

The king was sick and wanted to be healed. But he went to the wrong source. Instead of seeking the Lord, he sought the gods of the enemies of Israel and its God.

Elijah was one prophet who was known by the king and he finally arrived at the Kings side, but only after the drama of calling down fire from heaven and consuming the soldiers who were sent to take him. Only when the Lord said it was safe, did Elijah go with the third set of men sent for him.

God protected his prophet from whatever scheme the king had in mind for him. Why? So that he could deliver his message.

Is there not a God in Israel to inquire this word? So since he had sent messengers to the gods of the Philistines, the Lord pronounced a hard word against the King. His illness was terminal and he would not leave his bed.

Israel had subdued Moab in Davidic times but as the kings of Israel were getting worse and worse, so God's protecting hand was slowly being removed. They were having problems now with Moab and we all know of the whole house of Ahab and their sins.

But here we must note that the sin of idolatry is a particularly serious crime. Rather than going to God, the king went to idols... and was punished for it. The Preachers Homelitical makes some very interesting points here noting that all idolatry is a sin to God. He will not let it 'pass'. This was one such incident where God dealt with this sin speedily. We should never forget that various forms of idolatry in the last days are one key reason so many judgements fall upon the sons of men.

And the rest of mankind,
who were not killed with these plagues,
repented not of the works of their hands,
that they should not worship demons,
and the idols of gold, and of silver, and of brass,
and of stone, and of wood; which can neither see,
nor hear, nor walk: and they repented not of their murders,
nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication,
nor of their thefts.
(Rev 9:20-21 ASV)

One of the big sins of the last days are the worship of idols. All manner of idols. An idol is anything we worship, adore, seek guidance and salvation from instead of God. It is something that we adore and or place our faith in, in the place of God.

Given this definition, idolatry is a key component of our times. I think one of the biggest idols of our times is what is often false called science. Now, I am not against legitimate science and discovery, so let it not be said I am some kind of Luddite. Anything but. Yet at the same time as I watch the reaction the world has to the coronavirus, I see mankind seeking answers from one what I see as being one of the most corrupt establishments and one with a considerable about of innocent blood on its hands. That being the so called scientific establishment. It's a trillion dollar industry in the US and arguably the largest segment of the economy. There is big money in 'pharmukia' (G5331) and in essence that is what we are dealing with. The gods of pharmukia, or medicine and sorcery. Sorcery probably being more applicable to the hallucinogenic drugs people take. Yet take note of something the scriptures say about it. It says that by pharmukia all nations are deceived (Rev 18:23). Before you put your trust in science to solve this whole crisis go and do a search on 'business with disease' you'll find something interesting.

While the world and America is now 'sick' and on lockdown what we have done is inquire of god of 'science-zebub' who history has shown often mean mankind no good. Yet foolishly, the King ran to those gods to inquire of them. I see the same things today.

From all we can determine by reading well researched documents online, is that there appears to be some pretty serious hanky-panky going on with this whole virus thing and how it was created, who and why. We don't know all the facts. But something about this stinks, and the malodorous scent is not only coming from Wuhan.

We don't have all the facts and are not likely to get them and officials who push too hard to find out may find themselves in some physical danger. My point is an important one in that those whom the US and the world is now seeking 'salvation' from with regards to this virus may have had a significant hand in creating it. They certainly stand to make a lot of money if they come up with a high priced treatment/vaccine. Also keep in mind this is an election year - and I don't think it is a total coincidence - that party, Presidential, Senate and Congressional campaigns will be looking for big money for their political war chests and guess who has that money? You guessed it - the gods of 'science-zebub' or Big Pharma who already spend copiously on the Hill and elsewhere, go to Opensecrets and see for yourself. I just cannot help but wonder if some of the men advising the President have been pushed on Trump by elements in his own party who are being told that either those folks stay and run the President's response or the campaign money dries up.

I want to make this clear as well. There have always been some dark elements in the medical establishment and any good researcher will find all manner of excellent, well researched and historically accurate information on many of these major drug companies and their pedigree.

Moreover I just don't think any cure coming out of these companies will be very effective or they could very well wind up having considerable side effects. Yes, it is much too early to tell, but the whole approval mechanisms we have in place have not always worked as well as they should for many rea$on$.

Also keep in mind that a vaccine program of global inoculations could provide certain Malthusians exactly what they have been praying to their 'science gods' for and have not necessarily been shy about telling us about either.

Salvation from such things will not come from the gods of drugs. Note the passage of scripture as to who has ultimate power over the plagues of the last days. It's God. He is looking for repentance. I don't see any out there in the US, do you?

We have seen many major tragedies in our world, the oceans are dying, just like our Bibles predicted, plagues are happening more and more and fires have been noted world wide that burns up many of the world's trees. Just remember that things do not get better, they get worse and one day all life in the sea is going to die (Rev 16:3).
Also keep in mind that some of these plagues are indeed man made (as with some in Africa). Did not our Lord pronounce a judgement o those who are destroying the earth (Rev 11:18)? The problem is the devils ministers in governments will always try and hide it or even lie about it. And yes, it certainly looks like some very evil men do spread diseases in order to sell the vaccine to governments, health organizations and others at considerable mark up. So mark what I say, there does appear to be some dark elements who pay the salaries of the 'high priests' of science whom the world has total faith in.

What if we had a 'special vaccine' that the people will ignorantly stick their arm out for that no one will tell them is genetically targeted to kill x% of a certain racial group through some degenerative disease within the next 10 years as they embark on the same plan Hitler had back in his day - removing those whom the Aryan elite do not think should be alive? It's a science known as eugenics. Has the Negro and or Jewish 'removal' genetic-viral code for a new vaccine been concocted? I don't know.

I want to say this as well. The disinformation we are hearing; the takedowns and censorship on many subjects, including vaccines. Some of this, one way or another being run out of the deep state. When you see an epidemic of censorship at certain big name sites and yes, medical censorship, be suspicious.... very, very suspicious. Some of these entities may very well be in bed with drug/vaccine makers and may hope to make a mint off the drugs that they can push onto us all at considerable markup and profit.

We must all be on the alert for as powerful forces, often malevolent move to get more and more control over us all.

Let us be wide awake, alert and never allow ourselves to expect science, politicians, civil action leaders, the courts or anyone to be our salvation. Only God can provide real salvation to us individually and to anyone who seeks it generally.

But like the sick king Ahaziah, they are seeking guidance from Baal-zebub and not the Lord of hosts. God may one day send our leaders that 'Elijah' to come and warn them of the folly of their misplaced faith and the consequences of it.

Again, I don't want to belittle real science and those who make real cures. This is not my intention at all. Rather, it is to take a closer look at who that guy is with that syringe and who is filling his pockets and how they are doing it. While you are at it, get a second, third and fourth opinion about what's really in that syringe before you inject it into all of us. Why?

Pause and consider this. This does not look like any kind of chain of trust I would put any faith in.

May all of you be blessed in Christ Jesus.


14 May

News Tidbits Today
China has raided a Church in Xiamen. The pastor was arrested. Radio Free Asia has a story on it. A cross was removed and a house Church was damaged in Jiangxi province. Again, this looks to be a Church was was actually part of China's government approved 'Three Self' system. This does appear to be the fairly new tactic, go after those whom the state once approved. Reports are that often these raids are violent and Christians are badly beaten. Why is this happening?

It's pretty simple 'Communist fundamentalism' is just like a violent intolerant religious system and seeks to destroy any other system that does not comply with its doctrines. Think of them as you would ISIS, but with a hammer and sickle or red star as a flag instead of the black one with Arabic written on it.

Remember, using a non approved VPN in China can land you in a lot of serious trouble and this is why we often don't hear about so many of the events there. The Great Firewall of China prevents much news from reaching us. You may find a piece out of the site Bitter Winter called " ‘Ensuring Stability’ by Demolishing Places of Worship ", by Deng Je of interest.

But the truth is, VPN's are still used in China by both businesses and regular people but there have been undeniable efforts to clamp down on their use by the Communist Party.

It behooves us to keep a sharp eye on events in China. From my perspective, they are building Nazi Germany 2.0 right before our eyes and many people just don't see it. Like back then, business leaders in the west often see too much money to be made in doing business with this new system to care about what is going on. Labor camps? Go and do your own search for a story called "Uyghurs for sale" out of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. In my view, Xi is modeling his country more on the tenets of Fascism than 'real' Communism. Communism means collectivization and as long as there are the kinds of private companies in China as today, the system will resemble Fascism more than Communism. These may seem like obscure semantic issues, but in such systems, semantics matter... a lot. Semantics are the basis of propaganda and in case you did not know, propaganda is a key facet of Xi's China. So while he touts Communism and Marxism, notice how his methodology is more like those employed by Himmler and Goebbels. Hitler too had is war on the Church. It was called the Kirchenkampf. Wikipedia has a good piece on it with references. Click on over and skim over it and think about what we are seeing today. 

But in essence, there really is little difference for the ordinary man between hard line Communism or hard line Fascism. Each are authoritarian, each have slaughtered millions in its name and each appears to be making a comeback.

In this new age of the 21st Century, the Church is under such attacks because powerful forces, temporal and spiritual that want to create a new system (or remake old ones) and Christianity is totally incompatible with their dark visions for the future. Xi wants to watch and control everyone in his country and later the world - look at how they are moving into Africa. Now the technology is here and soon authoritarian's won't have to worry about the human factor - things like coup attempts (like they tried to do with Hitler). One day, AI, automated policing and cyborgs will take the place of human security services. Not today, not right away, but that does appear to be the direction things are heading in these authoritarian states. Keep an eye on this going forward.

The Church? Well, you all may find a piece out of the Epoch Times called "Opinion: The Pandemic Highlights the Vatican’s Ties With the Chinese Regime" of interest. The author's name is Chen Han
Then there is Ukraine. Ukrainian authorities in the city of Kolomyya are reportedly requesting information on its Jews. This is happening in the western or US-NATO supported part of Ukraine and it is not surprising, at least not to me, given the kinds of elements the western world have been in bed with these past several years. The investigation is at least ostensibly, to look into Jewish Organized Crime Groups. In all fairness, Jewish organized crime groups are active all over the world and I suspect are still quite active in Ukraine. You can scour the web and get a general impression of the problem. A very old piece called "Organized Crime in Ukraine: Challenge and Response" out of the NCJRS may be of some help. It is unclear if this is a serious attempt at cleaning out the rackets or just an excuse for getting vital intelligence on local Jews for 'action' by right-sector (Neo-Nazi) elements later.
These are trying times for Christians. An Assyrian doctor has reportedly died as from COVID-19. He was known as the doctor to the poor. His name was Murat Dilmener. You can find a story about him here at Agenzia Fides.

The Fulani are at it again, killing and kidnapping Christians. There are many stories, almost too numerous to mention of how these radicals are killing Christians in the Sahel.

That's all for now...

Let us be watchful and in prayer.

Blessings of Jesus Christ be upon all who serve him in truth.

12 May

Stronghold Watch

Today, we are going to take a break from the news and look at some prophetic and some spiritual issues. Particularly as they relate to the enemy of all Christians - the kingdom of darkness.

Today, I see three major spiritual strongholds arising in the earth. These strongholds are primarily regional in nature. As in the book of Daniel, we saw that there were indeed powerful spiritual forces connected up with nations and regions. There was the Prince of Persia as well as Greece. There are others and we will be looking at them later, God willing. But today, lets very briefly look at a few.

Today, we see different strongholds now arising. While Persia is a very powerful one these days, Greece and its empire has faded and morphed into the political confusion that is now the EU. Yet there are others in our times that bear watching carefully.

One of the more important of these in my humble view is the rise of the Kings of the East. For lack of a better term, we will call this the Eastern Stronghold.

The Eastern Stronghold

This today, is by far one of the most important spiritual underpinnings in the devil's last days system. This system has been steadily rising out of the horrors of communism. As it began to unshackle its people and economy from the rigid non-sense of Marxist Leninism, the Chinese economy rapidly grew and caused China's rise to be one of the most important economic miracles of the 20th century. Those in the west were hoping it would continue on its course towards liberalization. That does not appear to be the case. Rather than embracing what worked and made China what she is today, it is heading backwards into the things that held her back for many years, namely hard-line communism.

Many of us thought the world had seen the last of that abominable system put in practice on a large scale with the demise of the Soviet Union and those socialist/communist nations who were connected to it. We were wrong. Communism is making, at least temporarily a major comeback in China. It never went away in North Korea, keeping that nation impoverished, repressed and little more than a 'chamber of horrors' to many who study her. But this is Communism. They promise a workers paradise and give them work camp with a bullet to the back of the skull when they can work no more.

But what is frightening about China to me is Xi and the direction he wants to take it. I see these trends as being fundamental to the rising spirit of the Eastern Stronghold

Authoritarianism. The rising desire and goal (not yet attained) of a powerful central government that controls every aspect of Chinese (and later Eastern) society. From total surveillance to modern methods of 'thought control'. The rise of China's technological capabilities makes whatever future Xi and his compatriots have for China most frightening indeed.

Godlessness. China is working hard right now to persecute, harass and otherwise marginalize its religious people. All religions are under the gun to greater or lesser degree's. This is one of the primary foundations of Communism. It has always been godless. Rather than God being the object of veneration, communism seeks to make the state that object and to greater or lesser degree's as we see in North Korea, the supreme leader.

This aspect of the system is not always told in full. But if you go back and look at how in Russia, Stalin and Lenin was so venerated we see that the cult of personality often becomes an integral part of the system. China's rise, one of a promised 'peaceful rise' is now showing itself to be something quite different. A true Dragon is rising out of the east and it is one that needs to be watched most carefully. It's godlessness and open hostility to the saints is an aspect of this that in my view could not be more relevant to our times and to Bible prophecy.

This is a system to watch particularly in light of the fact that China now more and more in Asia is driving the economic and even political agenda, by virtue of her economic weight and growing military power. Even more troubling is that many aspects of China's model of governance are things she wants to export. We see this in some of the goals of regional groupings like SCO. Here China seeks to root out what it calls the three evils, one of which is extremism. This more and more appears to be interpreted as religious belief.

In these SCO nations we are all beginning to see where this is leading, with more and more religious persecution. This is most necessary when a state wishes to replace God as being the supreme being in the minds and hearts of its increasingly trembling population. This is what I see as what is happening in the east. There is a deep, real and recognizable move towards what I will call satanic and/or blasphemous government. This is what I see. I suspect that any idea of China going back to any kind of peaceful rise to power has been forever shattered. There will be no going back. Yes, there may be some resistance and some of it may have a little success. I think China's course is set in any case.

The Sword Of Islam

The second stronghold I see rising in our world today is that of Islam. It has always been a major power in the world since the days of their prophet. Today it is no less so. In fact, Islam has moved forward not just on the battlefield but also in energy and banking. If this new leader in Saudi Arabia gets his way, it will also rise in other high technology fields as well. Islam as we have seen, has many faces to it. There is the well known divide of the religious houses (Sunni and Shi'ite) as well as those who have a more progressive view of the religion. But what more and more unites many of the kingdoms of Islam particularly in the Middle East is less and less Islam but money and energy. This is the link that I see as keeping them together, at least the Sunni houses of Islam. But today we are seeing a moderation in some places. Sudan is one place we are beginning to see some moderation and allowance of others to worship. Islam in many places is exceptionally intolerant of other religious beliefs. This is not true everywhere Islam holds sway, but it is true in many places, like Saudi Arabia and Iran. Islam's future is unclear and its future power remains in doubt as long as energy prices remain low and nations work hard to find new sources of energy. This has made life difficult for some nations (KSA)... that and economic sanctions (Iran).

Will the spirit of Commerce overtake Islam in this part of the world as the primary spiritual driver? This remains to be seen.

New Sodom

Then there is the western world. Once the beacon of freedom and even to a large degree the Gospel, it now has become the evangelists of sexual liberation and even perversion, excess of every variety, war lust, arms sales, dope and debt. The descent of the west is an issue I have long talked about here. I don't need to reiterate its decline.

But as the western world moves more and more eagerly towards the slime-pits of Gomorrah, we Christians have not been unaffected. We see a growing intolerance of our faith in mainstream society. We also see a growing moral decay. This in many ways mimics so much the decline of other empires who once became wealthy and had need of nothing. The wine cup, the illicit lover and violent entertainment became the past time of the populace on the olden days. This stronghold while very powerful is, in my estimation set to go the way other similar empires have gone. It will decay and destroy itself from within. But it may have considerable help to speed things along, when the Lord, our God so desires. New Sodom cannot survive. But before she finally dies she can do a lot of damage to its citizens and the world as a whole. The sad part is that the freedom that was once the hallmark of the west has moved much of the sense of self-restraint and personal responsibility from the population.

Behind each of these strongholds I see evils. Ancient evils, merely re-configuring themselves to fit our modern times. In Rome they had emperor worship. Today we have cult of personality. We can see many parallels with history if we take the time to look.

The key here is that powerful fallen angles have been able to observe the doings of man for several millennium. They know mankind better than we know ourselves. They have seen our behavior and know the kinds of things that have worked in the past. Today, what is most disturbing is the fact that all of this new high technology gives them considerable more power to control, manipulate and otherwise move to create the kind of system the kingdom of darkness wants to bring about.

Let's keep in mind that we are dealing with spiritual forces that are very powerful, have superhuman intelligence and have been around very much longer than mankind. This is a very, very ancient evil.

This is why I say that we are to be most mindful of the methodologies of deception, misdirection and even humor (laughing off the possibility of this level of evil). The devil works best when no one knows or can recognize he is busy. Yes, darkness is where he works best and he really hates light being shown on his doings.

Today, I wanted to touch on some of the larger and more important regional spiritual strongholds in our world today. I think these are the three more important ones. Later, God willing we will look at some of the lesser known and harder to identify strongholds in Latin America and Africa. As well as again, God willing, some non-regional strongholds and what their existence means to us and how they contribute to the continued descent of mankind and the building of the final system the devil has in store for the world.

For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood,
 but against the principalities, against the powers,
 against the world-rulers of this darkness,
against the spiritual hosts of wickedness
in the heavenly places. Wherefore take up
the whole armor of God, that ye may be able
to withstand in the evil day, and,
 having done all, to stand.
(Eph 6:12-13 ASV)

7 May

Just a very few things today
First of all let's talk about something a little practical. If you any of you have Credit Cards and use them, you need to consider something. Right now, banks appear to be restricting credit. The news right now is mostly focusing on mortgages and tightening standards. One story stated that one bank now requires a person have a 700 FICO score to qualify. HELOC's are also reportedly getting much harder, if not impossible to get. But with credit cards it is being reported a little different. Basically people are having their credit lines reduced or accounts closed. The thing about this is the Banks often don't tell their clients they have done this until the client attempts to use the card. Then it is declined. Poke around the web, you'll see this does happen and even when challenged in court, the credit card holder loses, according to online reporting. Do you have any cards you never use? Ever think about charging up a bag of groceries or a tank of gas once in a while just to keep it active? Banks are in business to make money and if they are not making money off of you, they will shift their credit availability to someone they can make money off of. The key here is this. Banks are moving into a defensive position and it's only wise considering the millions of people who have lost jobs these past several weeks and the millions who may never find decent work again. Additionally, the banks may also be privately concerned that Congress may decide to do some form of debt forgiveness, potentially leaving them in a lurch.

Banks don't want to deal with thousands of dollars in charges and a borrower who cannot meet his obligations because of long term unemployment. So this is something that perhaps you should keep an eye on. Credit cards can be great. Car going to cost about $3000 to fix and you don't have the cash? Roof blew off in the last storm and the lowest estimate to fix it is about $7500? This is where credit cards can really come in handy. So if you have a card and want to keep it, you may want to keep these things in mind.

I hate to harp on the economy and will soon get to some of the human rights, persecution issues our world faces, but right now the west faces a burgeoning crisis that could indeed turn into something pretty dreadful as a result of the reaction to this pandemic. So bear with me as I talk about it from time to time. If you don't think money is important, try living without it for a few months!

There are more and more stories coming out about the after effects of this pandemic. The NYT talks about some pretty big changes that may occur in California as they deal with their problems. Homelessness, incarceration, medical care these are all now being accentuated by the lockdowns and pandemic. Keep in mind that California has one of the highest poverty rates in the nation. Big Liberalism has not solved the problems they said they wanted to, instead many of their policies seem to have exacerbated them. Some of the newer polices that are being tossed about by State and county officials seem only designed to make things worse.

Until California and like minded states realize that government at times is the problem (though certainly not always) and allows the small and medium sized businessman to hire people without reams of regulatory red tape and a financial burden per employee that would break an elephants back, they will continue to have problems. Hand outs are not good policy for government. A hand up is. But there has to be a place, a permanent and sustainable job where those who have been left out can go to be productive. When the State makes hiring so onerous and expensive and businesses simply cannot afford to do it, they create the very homelessness they say they want to end. Helping rather than hindering small and medium sized businesses is a big step out of the state's many social and fiscal problems. I read today (NY Post) that California is going to sue Uber and Lyft for classifying drivers as contractors. Such a designation keeps them from having to pay certain regulatory (benefits) costs. I also note that Uber just laid off thousands of folks. What better way to create a new batch of homeless people? Regulate the jobs away!!

State's are going to be forced to deal with long standing problems they refused to deal with before and to me that is a good thing. But for some states and municipalities, it may very well mean bankruptcy. Left leaning bastion states like Illinois... I don't know how they are going to avoid it without a massive bailout. What would a bankruptcy look like? Ugly and a lot of people are going to get hurt. Look, check around the web for yourself on the State's financial problems. People just don't realize how irresponsible many elected representatives in many states have been. It was not convenient for voters to know and do some basic math, when other 'emotional' issues took their attention away.

As today's update is going to be short and sweet. I did want to pass on some reports that you all may find if interest. Most are from the CRS but the last two from the GAO.

COVID-19 Relief Assistance to Small Businesses: Issues and Policy Options


Finally... take note on the jobs front once again... its a bloodbath out there.
In closing, what the markets have been telling us since 2008 is that this is the end game for the whole American dollar based financial order. Any country that has to consistently and continually come up with new facilities, new bailouts and new programs just to keep the system from imploding without making any subsequent and effective reforms cannot survive. Hence I think a new order will one day soon arise, it will certainly be one made out of necessity rather than brotherly affinity, I think it will be utilitarian rather than utopian and be designed to save the global trading system and each nations own relative economic positions. This ultimately is what Putin and Xi have been trying to do, though with a darker and more authoritarian model of governance. I think it is what Europe will one day be forced to do as quietly as they can. Others will follow suit (ie., the Arab world)

The key here to keep in mind is that the system has changed little since 2008. It's still is systemically flawed. First and foremost with hundreds of trillions in notional derivatives out there, there is very little cash to cover calls and this is why we keep coming back to square one. People are taking risks because they know that the Fed will come in and save them when they make bad investments and can't pay their bills. My view is that so as long as the Fed keeps saving 'poor pitiful rich guy' time and again, poor pitiful rich guy will keep malinvesting his money. It's kind of like keeping your 20 year old in diapers because every time he messes himself, he knows if he cries loud enough, mommy will come a running. Mommy once again, came a running with a whole box of diapers in her hand for that squalling brat that just turned 20 years old and needs a shave.

Simply put, the worst of the economic crisis is looks to lie ahead. If you have any doubt, look at the latest unemployment numbers. They are utterly disastrous and tell you the level of economic inactivity going on in the nation. By some estimates the US unemployment rate could go over 30% in the next few weeks. No, the government will find creative ways of 'adjusting' the reality so that news organizations can cite their statistically 'perfumed' numbers. But it is not unreasonable to expect unemployment to reach and even surpass those numbers of the Great Depression. There could very well be a massive tsunami of corporate, business and personal bankruptcies in the months ahead.

So let me make this plain, the economy may not be grabbing the headlines right now, instead its the death toll from the virus, as it should be. But behind all the body bags and sick people are millions who are not working and many will not work again for much longer than they expected because the place of business they used to work at will shutter their doors as a result of this crisis.

Well that's it for now. We will continue to look at the economy and the fall out from Covid-19 as the days and weeks pass...

*** Please note - this piece is just personal commentary, NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE. Please find a licensed professional for any important financial questions you may have. ***

God bless you all in Christ!

Brother Mark

5 May

Divine Judgement

Blessings to you all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!

Well, today, let's look at an issue I think it is important. The issue of God's full judgement and fury. All of us would be wise to remember God's mercy and love for all of us and the length's he went through to save us, through the work, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. But we are all quite foolish when we forget the other side of God's reaction to sin. There is forgiveness and there is judgement. Which of these we receive from the hand of the Lord is up to us.

Come near, ye nations, to hear; and hearken,
ye peoples: let the earth hear, and the fulness thereof;
the world, and all things that come forth from it.
For Jehovah hath indignation against all the nations,
and wrath against all their host:
he hath utterly destroyed them,

 he hath delivered them to the slaughter.
Their slain also shall be cast out,
and the stench of their dead bodies
shall come up; and the mountains
shall be melted with their blood.
(Isa 34:1-3 ASV)

The prophet here issues an appeal - 'Listen, hearken. give hear to what I have to say', paraphrasing the prophet Isaiah, speaking on behalf of the God of Israel! He was a man whose words had both a tremendous promise for those who love the Lord and tremendous judgment for those who rebel against him. His book is one of the most beautifully written prophetic books, in my opinion.

The prophet here warns of what God is going to and in a prophetic sense has already done. Prophets often speak in ways that are in some instances, ambiguous chronologically. In this passage, I think the effect is to show that this is a 'done deal'. This is going to happen and that this prophecy is meant to show people what is certain to come and is consequently phrased as though it has already happened. God is going to judge the nations, all of them, the whole world. He will not repent of it. This is going to happen.

No, I do not think this coronavirus situation is anything close to what God has in mind for the world. I think what is happening now is something designed to get the world's attention - full and undivided attention. But God has what can only be called a 'knock out blow' that will translate into 'killed in the ring' kind of punch prepared for a sinful, wicked and wayward world.

And all the host of heaven shall be dissolved,
and the heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll;
and all their host shall fade away, as the leaf fadeth
 from off the vine, and as a fading leaf from the fig-tree.
 For my sword hath drunk its fill in heaven: behold,
 it shall come down upon Edom, and upon
the people of my curse, to judgment.
The sword of Jehovah is filled with blood,
it is made fat with fatness, with the blood of lambs
and goats, with the fat of the kidneys of rams;
for Jehovah hath a sacrifice in Bozrah,
and a great slaughter in the land of Edom.
(Isa 34:4-6 ASV)

Now this is serious divine judgement. God is indeed one day going to deal with all the nations, but the heavens also shall not be unaffected. Yes, even the heavens will shake and shudder under the Lord's judgement. It is not hasty or ill considered action on the part of the Most High. Moreover, there is warning before it falls. God here calls out to the nations so that they may hear what he has planned for them. This passage does mention all nations but singles out Edom in particular. One can find other judgements on Edom (Idumea) also in the book of Obadiah.

This is a no-nonsense prophecy. Note the language in verse six, that the Lord's sword is filled with blood. Prophets often use poetry and symbolism to describe what God is telling the hearers, hence the reference to animals often used in religious sacrifice. Moreover, they need to pay attention since the message will deeply effect them. The language here is that of a great sacrifice.

Christ was our sacrifice on the cross, but for unrepentant world, a world stepped in unrepentant lust, greed, violence, hate and murder their sacrifice will be their own suffering followed by their death followed by the eternal consequences of their misdeeds, sins and wickedness.

God is most angry with the nations and fully intends on venting his fury on them for their wickedness.

For many long generations God has allowed the nations to walk in their own ways and do what is right in their own eyes. Great evil is usually the result, evil carefully hidden to evils openly displayed. God see's it all. He also see's how those whom he sends to warn them are treated by those who are sent to them. In short, God has put up with looking at great evil, day in and day out, for years, decades, centuries and millennia. He has shown exceptional patience because of the love he bears mankind. But one day that patience is going to go away. It's going to end and when that happens, judgement, real harsh judgement will fall.

Yet, sometimes the message of prophets and the gospel is positively received as in the passage below in Acts, where Paul lays out how God has shown great forebearance to the world.

and saying, Sirs, why do ye these things?
We also are men of like passions with you,
and bring you good tidings,
that ye should turn from these vain things
unto a living God, who made the heaven
and the earth and the sea, and all that in them is:
who in the generations gone by suffered
all the nations to walk in their own ways.
And yet he left not himself without witness,
in that he did good and gave you from heaven rains
and fruitful seasons, filling your hearts
with food and gladness.
(Act 14:15-17 ASV)

In this city (Lystra), the message of God's word was well received by the populace. They even wanted to sacrifice to Paul and Barnabas for they thought they were gods. Paul corrects them and tells them that in the past, God allowed men to walk in their own ways and was long suffering towards the sons of men and even provided good things for the sons of men to enjoy. But now, God was and is calling all men to repentance in Christ Jesus.

But there comes a time when that patience comes to an end. When it does, judgment can be swift and very severe. When God gathers all nations unto himself to judge them, that will be such a time. They will come together against God, to fight with him.

God is going to allow deceiving spirits to be set loose to draw the kings who are in rebellion against him to a certain place.

And I saw coming out of the mouth of the dragon,
and out of the mouth of the beast,
and out of the mouth of the false prophet,
three unclean spirits,
as it were frogs:
for they are spirits of demons,

working signs; which go forth
unto the kings of the whole world,
to gather them together unto the war
of the great day of God, the Almighty.
(Behold, I come as a thief.
Blessed is he that watcheth,

and keepeth his garments,
lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.)
And they gathered them together into the place
which is called in Hebrew Har-Magedon.
(Rev 16:13-16 ASV)

God has a plan and it's going to be fulfilled. He is going to deal with the nations.

And the wild-oxen shall come down with them,
and the bullocks with the bulls:
and their land shall be drunken with blood,
and their dust made fat with fatness.
For Jehovah hath a day of vengeance,
a year of recompense for the cause of Zion.
(Isa 34:7-8 ASV)

Yes, our God is a vengeful God. All that innocent blood, all the harm men did to others and particularly his people he has not forgotten. He will NEVER forget. In this salvation thing, it's all or nothing. This vengeance here is about his people and his heritage, Zion. But it is also directed at we Christians, the Church who have been grafted into Israel and who are now part of that divine heritage (Zion). Those who attack his people and the true body of Christ (the Church), God's controversy is also with them. Those who have a controversy with his people also have a controversy with God.

Let us consider how the Church, those few who actually keep the commandments of God are treated in the very last days and how many of God's people shall be martyred by the antichrist system.

And when he opened the fifth seal,
I saw underneath the altar the souls of them
that had been slain for the word of God,
and for the testimony which they held:
and they cried with a great voice, saying,
How long, O Master, the holy and true,
dost thou not judge and avenge our blood
on them that dwell on the earth?
(Rev 6:9-10 ASV)

Brothers as our world is slowly changing and I am fairly well convinced the changes we are now seeing will begin a kind of deep transformation of our world, we need to always keep in mind God's purpose in these things. It is to save man, but also to judge those who refuse to change their ways. He will deal most severely with those who do his people wrong and persist in evil. Let this also be a warning to false ministers and false prophets and those who deliberately and consistently abuse their positions within the Church and the body of Christ. God has a recompense with him for such, see the book of Jude.

It's going to be payday on that day and everyone is going to get paid - some with salvation, others with damnation, but there is a paycheck with your name on it, ready to be delivered at the proper time.

You own life and deeds will be written in the amount section of the check that will be handed to you at the proper time.

30 Apr

Know Your Enemy - Part II

...and know your friends!!

Note: We will continue with another section of the Know Your Enemy series with a section that is more positive and uplifting. Keep in mind this was written a couple of years ago and posted for insiders, though the version that appears below has been moderately edited and redacted for the public site.

This update in the Know Your Enemy series is one that is going to be more positive and uplifting than the last ones. They dealt mostly with the the dark side of spiritual warfare. But there is a much brighter side to the aspect of Spiritual Warfare.

That the Lord has his army and his angels who are constantly busy serving God and intervening in the affairs of men. The scriptures are full of incidents of Angels dealing directly with the sons and daughters of men.

Angels are very familiar beings in the Bible. When God is getting ready to do something big, angels often appear to God's servants.

Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise:
When his mother Mary had been betrothed to Joseph,
before they came together she was found with
child of the Holy Spirit. And Joseph her husband,
being a righteous man, and not willing to make
her a public example, was minded to put her away privily.
But when he thought on these things, behold,
an angel of the Lord appeared unto him in a dream,
saying, Joseph, thou son of David,
fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife:
for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit.
And she shall bring forth a son; and thou shalt call his name JESUS;
 for it is he that shall save his people from their sins.
(Mat 1:18-21 ASV)

In this instance, the Angel appeared in a dream. God was doing something very, very big but what was happening in the natural realm did not sit right with Joseph, as he clearly was wondering who had slept with Mary, since it was not him. Here the Lord intervened using an angel in a dream. But this was not the only time Joseph and Mary had dealings with Angels. They were warned in other occasions recorded for us. In Matt 2:12-13 and in Matt 2:19 as well as in Matt 2:22 we see a similar situation. They needed guidance and the Lord provided it to them. God was indeed intent upon protecting the young couple. Why? Because he knew the devil and his agents were seeking to kill the child in the womb of Mary.

Joseph and Mary probably did not know the extent of the danger they were in and that the Roman appointed governor was seeking to kill the child. But God knew and was moving to protect them and the child. When the devil is moving, God knows. He knows how to protect his people who are serving him and are doing his will. Once we dedicate, and I do mean DEDICATE our lives to God's service, through the power and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we change spiritual sides and families. We are the property of Jesus and as such will be looked after by him. Part of such protection of us is God's use of angels. Holy, powerful and ever busy angels, who have remained loyal to the Lord.
There are many other instances in scripture where Angels intervened directly in the affairs of men. There is the incident with Hagar, who was cast out of the house by Sarai (Sarah). Hagar was dealt with harshly but the Lord saw the tears of Hagar and sent an angel to her to comfort her as well as to give her a promise (Gen 16:4ff) An angel appeared again to her (Gen 21:17). Then there was the at Sodom.  These angels appear to have had a two fold purpose. One was to investigate the sins and abominations of the city and the other was to protect Lot and his family (Gen 19:1ff). Abraham also had interaction with Angels (Gen 22:11). Time would fail me to talk of Moses (Exodus 3:2), the children of Israel's exodus (Exodus 23:20). Again, an angel appeared to the children of Israel after the death of Joshua and gave them a charge (Judges 2:1ff) at Bochim.

Gideon? He too was visited by an Angel (Judges 6:11). God was getting ready to do something important and sent his angel to prepare those whom he was going to use. God was going to use Gideon in a big way. The point here is not to recount all the places Angels appeared, only to show that when God has an important purpose to fulfill, he will often send in angels first to prepare, to protect, to guide, to encourage and to warn as the Angel did with Mary and Joseph.
The first few sections of our know your enemy series dealt with demons and the fallen host. But this one I want to be uplifting, encouraging and give you all hope and light so that you all know and fully internalize that...

The angel of Jehovah encampeth round about
them that fear him, And delivereth them.
(Psa 34:7 ASV)

How do we get this kind of divine protection? It's simple - we have to fear the Lord. What does this mean? Let's look at the Hebrew word for fear. It means to revere, to be afraid of, to dread (H3372 and H3373). We have to revere and fear him. Yes, fear can have the connotation of just that, to be frightfully scared of God's awesome might and power. Modern day preachers often don't like to talk about that aspect of our respect for God, but anyone who ignores it is behaving most foolishly. These modern pastors like to emphasize God's love for us all, which is indeed deep and real. But the whole counsel of God also requires us to have this other aspect of reverence for God. But how do we return that very great love he has shown us by offering up his son as a sacrifice for our sins? This is how.

He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them,
he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me
shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him,
and will manifest myself unto him.
(Joh 14:21 ASV)

We can show God our love and reverence for him by obeying his commandments. This is how we demonstrate that love and such demonstration is required. It is not enough to say we love or 'feel' love. No, it is something that we must do. There is action involved and in this instance, the action is obedience to Christ Jesus. Do you want this kind of divine protection? The way to do that is to obey and believe in Christ and the Father, who sent him.

Jesus answered and said unto them,
This is the work of God, that ye believe on him
whom he hath sent.
(Joh 6:29 ASV)

I write these things to you not because you don't know these things, for I know that many of you do, but rather it is to demystify them for those of you who perhaps are wondering who gets the protection of God's angels and who does not.

Well the choice really is up to sovereign God. He chooses to protect those whom he will protect and that protection may not always just entail those who serve him. It may be an institution that is important to God's purposes, or a world leader whom God is planning on using, as we saw in the book of Daniel where the Angel was sent to strengthen Darius.

But we who have chosen to serve the Lord, we have this promise from God. That if we fear him, he will send us his angel to encamp around us, to protect us.

These angels can be invaluable in times of Spiritual warfare. When, I was being hounded and harassed by the deep state, I waited a long time to really begin to engage in spiritual warfare against them. It was fully my own fault and failing. But also know this, Satan's human agents often have no clue they are doing the devils work, being totally under the control of deceiving spirits. So we should avoid, not hate these emissaries of darkness.

I was and am an independent voice, one crying in the wilderness and this was my main and primary 'sin' (in their eyes). I did not have the 'deep state' seal of approval on my right hand or forehead, like many other 'ministries' do. Because I was slow to recognize the depth and nature of the attack, it went on for a long, long time. It was only after I had a powerful dream from the Lord that I realized just how serious it all really was. Then the Lord gave me discernment, light and some specific commands, what to do and what not to do. I don't want to digress here but we must realize that God see's danger when we do not. He is far more knowing than we are. He knows all things, from beginning to end and knows the hearts of men.

So when I began to pray against the spiritual strongholds, the demonic ones who operate within our government, things began to happen. The treachery of some was exposed and I even got a chance to talk to investigators who did not know that I knew they were investigators. God gave me discernment.

God was looking out for me and this humble ministry. Why? Because this site is not my idea. It's God's. I did not want to do this, but when God gives me or you a mission and a ministry as long as we are true to him, he will be true to us. God sent me his angels and protected me from the devil's devices. May he continue to do just that with me, but also with each and everyone of you as well, who serve, honor and love the Lord Jesus Christ. God made a promise to me years ago and this was it "take care of my business, and I will take care of yours". The Lord's business here is for me to stand on the wall and watch, to not slumber as is the habit of some, to not get discouraged or downcast. But to stand and watch. It seems like an unimportant job, but I know that it is not. I am to write and watch and to be a kind of 'scribe of righteousness' for our times. Being a watchman is indeed important. Why? Let me explain.

At night I often listen to audiobooks and ones on the Civil War are of great interests to me. There is Company Aytch, Three Years in the Federal Calvary, The Memoirs Of Col. Mosby and others as well. One thing that comes up clear when reading the memoirs of those who fought was the harsh way that those who slept on night-watch were dealt with. They were often shot for sleeping on watch. In one famous incident, Lincoln pardoned one such soldier. FYI, those of you interested can find these audiobooks for free at I warn you, once you get hooked on reading these wonderful copyright-free books, you will probably get hooked! But one word of warning, some readers are better than others. Some read the works with great skill and others... well... not so much(!).

Sleeping on post is a very serious offense during war. We are in a spiritual war and I must not slumber nor sleep. However humble this site is, God wants it up here. One thing I can tell you is this. When things go haywire in the world, the economy goes awry, etc., my traffic goes up significantly. When things are slow, so is traffic. Many within God's small flock know where to come to get good solid information and perspective. Those who don't want to be swayed by lies and deceptions of our times understand that this site is to help God's people to understand these times, not play politics, race games, or play up to the falsities of modern western Christianity.

One of the tasks of these angels is to watch. In fact in many places they are called Watchers. This appears to be one of the key jobs they have to watch and gather information for the Lord and report back. We saw this in Genesis when Angels were sent to Sodom and in Zechariah, when they reported the earth was at rest. Well, one thing is they are to watch over us. To protect us.

So my question to each of you is this? What is your job? What task is it that God has called you to do? Are you faithful to it? I don't care if it is 'just' raising kids. In this day and age, raising kids is no mean task and to raise them in a Godly fashion is very difficult indeed. I will not belittle a housewife with kids and the work they have to do. It's not a job gave to me. I have never had kids and am too old to start now. So, my hats off you all of you men and women who raise children, your job is no less important than a pastor, a Missionary, a Prophet or a Bishop. The key here is to be faithful in what he gave you to do. Remember, he who is faithful in little is also faithful in much. Do you want the Angel of the Lord to encamp around your home? Here is how to do it. Fear the Lord and do as he commands. Be faithful to him in all things and God will indeed send ministering and protecting angels to you.

When the devil begins to level his guns at you, you can then call upon the name of the Lord and his angels are already there... at the ready.

One thing I do when I am under assault or feel the need to is this. I pray about my situation but I also pray that God strengthens the angels who have been sent to protect me, that he encourages them and gives them extra strength and re-reinforcements if needed. Yes, I have done this on more than one occasion. We don't know the depths of battle and warfare they have to undergo on our behalf. But based on the warning I received from the Lord, I suspect in my case the battle was not insignificant.

Are you having health issues? One rarely knows the source... a prayer may very well assist. Indeed, it may indeed be an attack by the devil against you. Finances a mess? It could be a satanic attack. Yes, he loves to attack the finances of the saints. Mine have come under attack on many occasions. Are you having trouble in your marriages? This too is a high level target on the devil's hit list.

Getting before God to give us discernment about these things is very important. Me? I tend to be a very proactive person about all major issues in my life. I don't wait around to fix things. But when I cannot get ahead of a problem, I have a tendency to worry and this often is an avenue the devil has used against me. I know my faults and thus know how he uses a personality trait against me, to be prepared for the worst. This has always been the way I have operated. I prepare for the worst, but work for and hope for the best. That way no matter what happens, I have a plan in place to deal with whatever may occur.

One thing we must be keenly aware of. Though we can certainly pray for our angelic protection, we cannot give them orders. Their orders come from heaven and the only reason we have their protection is because using a war metaphor, we have joined the Lord's army. They take their orders from the Commander in Chief (the Lord), not from a raw recruit (me and you). They are there to protect us as the Lord gives them unction.

In closing I want to make sure that no one here goes away thinking that the devils hordes are too powerful and that we should be in dread of them. We have a God who is on our side and has is own army and loyal angels to look out for us. They have a strong incentive to do us right. What is that incentive? Well, beyond just wanting to please God and obey him there is another and one we should be cognizant of.

Know ye not that we shall judge angels?
how much more, things that pertain to this life?
(1Co 6:3 ASV)

What? We shall judge the angels! Yes, we shall as well as the world at the side of Christ (1Cor 6:2). This is important... why? Well, I think (just my suspicion) this is one of God's little 'checks and balances' to make sure the Angels do their jobs and do it right. If they don't, guess who will judge their work? You guessed it. You and me!! But we need to look upon them as powerful protectors and allies in a life and death spiritual struggle. We need them, but in the long run, they need us and our good report at the end of this age.

Well, brothers I say all of this by way of encouragement. God loves us and he has provided for us in many ways, including in giving us angels who watch over us. Let us rejoice in the Lord, give thanks for what he has done for us and remember this - we receive these things from God, not because of our deserts, but because God loves us and because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross and the blood shed for the remission of our sins.

Let all God's saints say...


Brother Mark

Originally written on 16 July 2018

28 Apr


Today is just going to be a day of prayer requests. Not so much for any readers here but for key people in our world today.

I would like all of us to take some time out and pray for leaders the world over. I would like us to pray for the Leader of the UK. Boris Johnson, who is getting better after his bout with the Covid-19 which he described as 'an invisible mugger'. He needs prayer. Many people don't like him and he is on the hot seat over his response to the virus. Please pray for him in his job as well as those in his cabinet. Britain has a lot of problems right now and one of them is dealing with the after effects of Brexit. Britain and its Prime Minister could really use your prayers. I think it would be great if the UK would begin to recall its Christian roots and forsake its increasingly atheistic and even pagan leanings and remember the God who made the Brit's an empire.

I also think we should pray for Angela Merkel. She has had her hands full for many years running Germany. I have always had a kind of grudging respect for her leadership. Being from the Eastern part of Germany she understands what repression is and having been the target of the East German State police (Stasi), she knows first hand that state power can be abused and it can effect people personally. She refused to become a spy for the agency. She will be leaving office one day in the not too distant future and we should pray she does some real good her last months in office.

Let us pray for the leaders in China, not just Xi but other people in China who are chaffing at the bit at the 'hard red turn' Xi has taken the nation. Let us pray for the Christians who live there and the plight of many who are in jail for the sake of the gospel. Let us also not forget others who have been badly mistreated by the Chinese regime as Xi attempts to coerce the nation into its Maoist past. Many of you may find a piece of great interests called "Uighur's for sale" out of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI). Take some time out and for those of you who are visually inclined, just take a look at some of the charts. I think you will understand why I say this once you do. What is happening in China and to the over one billion people who live there should make any intelligent person with a conscience sit up and take notice.

We should also pray for North Korea. The rumors are flying that Kim is sick, that he is comatose and even that he is dead. The usually unalarmist 38 North takes note of the fact that Kim has not been seen in pubic for some time and also notes that a Train associated with him was seen at the leadership compound near since around the 21st of April. By itself it proves nothing, but given that there has been a kind of deafening silence on his whereabouts and health, speculation is rife. Even Sen Graham the other day, made mention of the fact that these rumors and the fact that the regime has let them run wild is cause for concern. The silence is indeed a key indicator that something big may be up. Kim may be OK, but there still may be some kind of power battle going on behind the scenes.

Also keep in mind that there is a total lack of reliable information on the scope and scale of COVID-19 cases inside the country. In short, intelligence officials probably have a decent idea of what is going on inside the Kingdom, but the Trump administrations obsession with secrecy as well as the legitimate need to protect sources and methods will prevent we 'peons' from knowing what is really going on inside the Hermit Kingdom.

I think the President should really reconsider the decisions to close down so many Open Source reporting entities. Too often the intelligence community simply does not report things to the public that often is of the utmost importance to them. COVID-19 being a perfect example. For leaders and those in public positions, they often don't have the time to get official guidance and the official story line before they make key decisions. Additionally academics, former officials and others can often weigh in on key issues and give a perspective that is often very useful or may not have been considered in official channels, either because of the lack of experience by analysts or by virtue of a deliberate bureaucratic policy in order to get an outcome that would ordinary not happen if they had provided decision makers with the full and total picture. In other words, cherry picked intelligence designed to deceive decision makers, rather than inform.

We should also pray for MbS and Saudi Arabia. They are going through a very, very tough time right now, having to borrow a lot of money to keep spending levels normalized. I note that they have had a cease fire in Yemen and reports are they plan in extending it another month. Let us pray that this continues. Yemen has been badly battered, its people hungry, many sick and dying and the country is facing several troubles of biblical proportions all at the same time - war, famine, even locusts. Let us pray that that war can come to an end. Also let us pray that somehow the Gospel can be shared with Yemeni's, many of whom must be deeply concerned for their future both individually and nationally.

Let us pray for President Putin and Russia. The Russian leader has many problems he faces; from economic problems as the price of oil drops, to demographic problems, to parliamentary problems with his change of the Russian Constitution, to other issues facing the country. Let us pray that he is given wisdom to make his county one that stands for peace, cooperation and personal and political freedom within her nation and spheres of influence.

Let us also pray for the President of Ukraine who seems to genuinely desire peace.

Let us also pray for many of the countries in Africa as they deal with major problems, not least of which is that of violent fanaticism but also rising instability inside many countries as they deal with violent militantism as well as ethnic strife, elections, systemic corruption, epidemics and other issues. From Angola to Zimbabwe, let us all pray for the leaders and people of Africa.

Let us pray for the Mexican President and people as they battle many of their own problems, not least of which are the cartels and the violence that they engender.

Let us pray for Venezuela that somehow the deep political problems and impasse can be satisfied so that some kind of normalcy can come to the country that leadership can arise that will bring this without falling down prostrate before Washington, but can do so with the rabid anti-Americanism that is deeply embedded in portions of the country. That both America and the Venezuelans can come to terms in a positive and constructive way that maintains their economic and political sovereignty, but is less hostile to America. Let us also pray that Venezuela's troubles do not spill over into a regional low-intensity conflagration.

Let us pray for the leaders here in America as well. Let's start with the Governors of all 50 states. Each should be prayed for as each has been instrumental in dealing with this crisis of COVID-19. For the most part, they have acted swiftly and with admirable restraint and I think tried their best to mitigate this crisis to the best of their ability. Let us all pray for them as they all will be facing a very ugly aftermath. One of the biggest will be seriously declining revenues into state coffers. Some states and localities will do better than others, but for many, some very, very serious fiscal challenges await them. For many they have seen a significant decline in revenues as sales taxes have dried up because many businesses have been closed. Businesses as well who pay various local and state taxes can't because well... they have been closed.

The sad part of it is many of them will not re-open. This shutdown is going to put a lot of them out of business. I read the other day where one major Credit Card company posted a notable loss. The reason cited was that people were not going out to restaurants (they are closed in my state) are not buying gas (people can't go to work) and other forms of entertainment are just no longer possible (sports, concerts). Some credit card companies are reportedly cutting people's credit lines... without notice leaving many in a bind. So don't kid yourself, the economic effects of this are going to be with us for a while. But if States can get things moving towards opening sometime in May and June, some businesses may survive and tax revenue loss may not necessarily be as catastrophic as some envision. So pray for your local leaders, your County Council, your City Council and your State leadership as well. COVID-19's effect on us all is going to be with us for quite some time and I don't think they will be particularly pleasant. But they they could be mitigated considerably the sooner things get back to some semblance of normalcy.

I think we should really pray that in times like these the Gospel message goes forth. That we spread a message of hope, faith and righteousness (and repentance from sin) in times like these; not fear, dread and loathing. The world needs a dose of hope and a turning away from dead works of pride/arrogance, violence, hate, lust, greed and the worship of gods and idols who are the creation of men's vain imaginations. We must pray that God raises up Godly men who are filled with the Holy Spirit, love, faith and peace to do his work in these rapidly changing and troublesome times. 

Finally pray for bloggers, pastors, alternative video-casters and others who are doing battle in a different kind of battlefield, the digital one. A 'warzone' that did not exist just a couple of decades ago. Be assured, it is a kind of war zone out here with takedowns, censorship, demonetizing, de-listings and other tactics used to silence voices that speak truth to power.

May God richly bless you all as you pray.

God really does desire to hear the prayers of his people.

 The sacrifice of the wicked
is an abomination to Jehovah;

But the prayer of the upright
is his delight.

 (Proverbs 15:8 ASV)

In Christ,

Brother Mark

23 Apr


Well the Covid-19 stories continue. It's hard to ignore them. Thank you to the reader who sent me the link on Vaccines, RFK and Gates. We may do a longer post on that subject in the not too distant future. But not today. Today, we are going to talk about the virus, but how it is effecting those of meager means and almost no political power, that being migrant workers.
There are not many stories about them here in the US, but the global lockdown is having an enormous effect on migrant workers in other parts of the world. In countries like India, migrant workers are a very important part of India's economy. How big is this workforce? According to some estimates (International Labor Organization), the 'informal sector' accounts for about 80% of India's workforce in non-agriculture. So this is not a little problem for countries like India. When the lockdown occurred, many were stranded with no jobs no place to sleep, little or no food and state borders closed, transit disrupted or shut down, migrant workers were suddenly hit with a shock after Modi locked down India. 

They left major cities after the lockdown because there was no work and the cost of living in many of these places was high. So there was a mass movement of people in India, walking to wherever it is they wanted to go. Hundreds of thousands of them. Many make up the lowest rung of India's Hindu caste system.

Here is something that is rather remarkable and I think very prophetic. There is deep concern right now that these poor and marginalized people. One concern is that when the government hands out food aid, many will not be able to get it because of Aadhaar. What is that you might ask? It's India's bio-metric system of identification. It's something I have talked about before and a considerable amount of information can be found about it on it on the Web. The issue is that those who don't have the card and don't extend their finger into the reader, may not be able to get food or aid. This is the concern that some Human Rights organizations are talking about now. How did the Bible put it?, 'no man may buy or sell save that he have the mark.' More and more it looks like those days are fast approaching and we may talk a bit about that when we get to the health responses being made throughout the world. But in India, the anger among some migrants is real, there are reports of violent riots some setting cars on fire.

... But India is hardly the only place having trouble.
Let's go over Singapore. There, migrants are on lockdown and this lockdown means cramped often unclean living conditions - a breeding ground for just this kind of pandemic. Social distancing is often not possible under such conditions. Singapore, if you did not know is an exceptionally 'orderly' country. Many view it as a kind of 'soft' police state. They were praised for their early response but now they have this problem. All of these migrants in lockdown in their closed space living quarters. According to some reports, migrant workers have seen a rise in Covid-19 infections recently.

Even in Canada there is serious concern about the rules for such workers. Many of them are migrant farmers and some of these workers come from Mexico. Are they being tested anywhere along the line? That appears to be the question people are asking. The question is an important one because quarantine will happen either in a Federal facility or on the farm where they work, according to news reports. Is there social distancing going on on these farms? Perhaps, but in most cases, probably not. Many of the same problems are being talked about in Australia as well.

In Thailand the border with Laos has reportedly been closed. So now these workers are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Their visa's will soon expire, they can't leave the country and if they stay in the country without a valid one, they could be liable for a fine, one that compounds daily. One of Thailand's resort Islands has now turned into a kind of 'Coronavirus Hotel'.

Asia is one place to watch how this virus evolves. Many of its cities are densely populated and some fear that these workers could become vectors for infection.

Yes, these lockdowns are having disproportionate effect on the poor.

Well, I will save my ruminations on how long this will last and why I think so later. What I will do is talk about the past.

Many years ago, I watched the excellent TV series called A History of Britain. It came in many parts but was really quite fascinating. Now I lived in the UK for a couple of years and got to see a great many of their Historic landmarks, etc, so I found the series particularly fascinating.

Well, in that series they talked about the economic effect of the Black Death on Britain and how it managed to make a very significant impact if not just about re-write the whole economic order of the realm. The long and short of it was that the Plague had killed so many laborers and skilled workmen, that everything shifted. Prices in particular. If there were much fewer laborers and the Landed class needed to have his fields harvested, the laborers now had the upper hand. They could demand more money for their skilled work... and they often got it. Land values depreciated and this put the aristocracy in a bind. The common man was starting to know his power. One of the bigger mistakes made according to some historians was to try and 'legislate' things back to where they were before the Plague. This could be seen in the Statue of Laborers in the year 1351, under Edward III. Those of you who are history buffs (like me!) may find this book of great interest on those times, "The enforcement of the statutes of labourers during the first decade after black death, 1349-1359" has a digital copy available.

But these laws were very unpopular and went against the new economic realities of the times. They could no more legislate against these new realities away than they could legislate that the dead be resurrected. The result? About 30 years later came the Great Peasants revolt of Wat Tyler and the wage scale and economic 'backwards thinking' of those days that was a key (though not the only) contributing factor to that rebellion. The US governments FTC has a paper that you all may find of some interest called the 'English Economy Following the Black Death' by Judith R. Gelman.

We cannot underestimate the effect that plague had on the Europe. It killed probably 40% of the population, though some estimates are higher.
Now academics these days are trying to figure out just how much an effect it really did have on the continent. Opinions differ. Some think they were long lasting, others do not. But most agree the short term effects were real and significant. The poor fared better (there were fewer of them) and the rich/elite fared worse, they had to pay much more for the things they wanted done than they previously paid for, which often was in before the plague prices just the local 'chump change'. More power was shifting to the lower classes by reason of uncontrollable economic forces.
Is anything like this possible in the times of Covid-19? Hardly. The overall effect on populations is very small compared to the death rates in those days and is likely to remain so. Rather, I see the negative and long term economic effects of this being driven not by purely economic forces but by ill considered and 'knee-jerk' social and economic policies that are now being implemented world wide.

Granted times are very different from the 14th century. Mainly because of the nature of travel and global migratory patterns. Travel is much more prevalent and there are enormously more people alive today than there were back then so measures must be taken. So these self-same factors and results are not likely to repeat themselves to any noticeable degree. Still, the way governments have acted in light of this pandemic is likely to in many ways to cause many significant problems; perhaps even greater problems on the economic front than existed back then. Yes, governments will attempt to legislate, tax and incentivize things back to normalcy, but that is not likely to be incredibly effective, particularly if these lock-downs continue past year end, and that is not out of the question.

Again, it will be the 'nobles' (of our times) who are likely to be most effected. Those with money, those who loaned money to those who have industrial capacity that sits idle for months. I read this morning where Auto Parts makers are warning that if their plants remain idle into May, it may be end of some of them. This is going to be the case in many sectors of the Global Supply chain.

We are already starting to see minor shifts in habits that will likely be with us for a while. Amazon is making a mint off of this, they plan on hiring tens of thousands of new people because demand for their services has soared. This is good news for those 17 million Americans who have lost their jobs since this crisis began. But when major suppliers, industries and companies who have been deeply effected by this crisis go into receivership, what happens to all of that capacity? The effects of this are likely to be devastating on many levels if this lasts much longer.

So brace yourselves, the global pandemic of 'Pinkslip-19' is far, far from over. The worst is almost certainly yet to come. I suspect that if things stay locked down into the fall or if there is a short respite a surge in cases followed by new lockdowns, this will be one of those major transformative economic events rivaling that of the Great depression. I hope I am wrong, but I don't see any economic saviors out there who can carry the economy into 2021 without serious and just about permanent economic damage.

I think our elite will work pretty hard to make sure that more power does not devolve to ordinary people as they fight to keep control of a system they are afraid of losing control of....

21 Apr

Covid-19 Thoughts...

I have put together bits and pieces of a few posts over the past couple of weeks that I think many of you will find of interest. Mind the tenses some of this was written a couple of weeks ago.

What is to be said about the COVID virus and our times?

That is an easy question and a hard one. Prophetically this I think is a major turning point for the world. When we read in the scriptures of pestilences in relation to the last days, we can honestly say we are seeing them now, with both this virus and the plagues of locusts now effecting much of the world today. Do your own search on this, you can't miss the stories.

But I think this is just the beginning of sorrows.

Much more will transpire in our world and I am worried that many believers are just not spiritually, emotionally and psychologically equipped to deal with the kinds of things coming to our world. I think most of you here (insiders to this site) will do fine, you are older, wiser and more in tune with what is happening in the world today. Additionally, you all know the Lord. You are for the most part, like an old, strong oak tree, your roots are deep into the Lord and have seen many a storm pass by, unlike many of the new saplings that will die when the first winter frost comes on.

You are all greatly beloved of God and as such, know the times. So, this is one reason why I have not 'shouted' about this thing going on that has the world's full attention. One thing my God has told me clearly is to let this play out. I am not to stress out or stress others out over it. God is in this thing and has let it happen for his own purposes.

I just get the impression we must all let this play out. Our prayers... we can't pray away much of what is coming, only that God will guide and protect us individually from it when it does.

There is a lot of panic and fear out there, many are spreading it. From the vaccine pushers to the conspiracy sites, everyone has their agenda and everyone is pushing it now. The control freaks are trying to get more control and the fear freaks are trying to scare you into something. We would be wise to listen to them, but not pay them too much attention. The rich men who run many of these massive firms see a way into more government contracts, and I am not just talking about vaccines. It looks to me like the tech mafia as well is moving in.

Many see some big dark conspiracy behind all of this. I don't see that as being the cause of this pandemic. I see a lot of human error in the spread/release of this disease and a lot of decisions made by leaders that many of them had little choice in making that are likely to make many of our lives miserable on many levels for years and years to come.
But if there is any conspiracy out there it is that powerful forces want to use this virus and the current panic for their own purposes, mostly for people control. For these interests, keeping the world shut down longer to impose more rigorous control methods is in their interest. Some are talking about biometrics, others about mass surveillance others want us all to carry 'papers'. I cannot help but get very concerned as I know my history of the Nazi's and how such 'papers' can be and almost certainly will be abused. The key is that those elements who want more control over our lives and the world's populations are wide awake and working overtime in order to get that control.
The Church

Let's talk for just a moment about the Church and the virus. There have been several pastors who have defied local ordinances and laws and held Church services this Easter. One in Mississippi got the Liberty First institute to come in and help. This was not as 'open defiance' as some may think. The pastor held a drive in service. Similar things happened in other states as well, as pastors decided to hold services in spite of lockdown laws. The National Review has a story outlining some of the events that occurred over the weekend. But the courts so far have not been sympathetic to local officials who do this. In California one person remarked that it was OK to go to a local pot shop and get a joint, but not OK to go to Church. In fact some churches sued the governor over this in Federal Court. The Washington Examiner has a story on this. 

Then there is the pastor who died from the pandemic in Virginia. His name was Gerald O. Glen. This was a Black pastor and this virus is really hitting the Black community pretty hard. The Crystal Cathedral's former pastor Lawrence Wilkes has reportedly died from the virus. Several other pastors around the nation have also succumbed to the disease.

In times of plague and pestilence we should really be mindful of God and what we do. God can and will protect us, but we must be obedient to God and also to use some basic common sense. God can do a lot for us, but we must do our part as well. One thing we can do is to observe these basic, common sense social distancing measures and for the time being, just stay home - chill out, kick back and remain quietly indoors. If you go stir crazy, get out, go for a long walk with your pooch, get in the car and just drive (if state or local laws don't prevent you from doing these things).

Get before God about attending Church services. I really would. Better to be safe than sorry. Keep in mind it's pretty hard to praise God when your lungs are filled with fluid because you have pneumonia or you are on a ventilator. So please everyone, use your heads.

COVID-19 Tidbits

Japan's cases have reported passed 10,000 cases over the weekend. The Japanese appear to be particularly vulnerable to this. If you remember linked to a chart that showed ACE2 expression from the 1000 Genomes project (this was done for insiders long ago). That chart put the Japanese at the very top of the ACE2 expression which is largely believed to be a genetic trait that makes susceptibility to the virus more acute. I would post the chart here, but I am not sure of the copyright and it is getting very much harder to find. But you may find this study of interest and it is Creative Commons licensed. You can find it here. It has a map and some interesting info in it.

I think we should keep a couple of things in mind when dealing with Japan and their government. They have shown in the past to be far less than honest about national disasters. How many of you remember all the propaganda we heard about Fukushima? In times of great tragedy their government has a tendency to be far less than honest. So, like China, I will not readily believe their numbers. Go and do your own research on Japanese Fukushima propaganda... you'll see what I mean, if you have forgotten the myriad of stories I posted here on it way back then.

But on ACE2 - the 'powers that be' have done a very good job of pulling that chart down all over the web. So do check out that link above download it before they take that one down as well or hide it in search engines so that it cannot be found. If you want to know why this is hitting some communities harder than others, that chart and paper is the kind of background you need that probably explains why better than any other explanation we are hearing. (Note: I have talked about this quite a bit for insiders and did not want to get in the way of government policy that I suspect was designed to protect these vulnerable communities from freaks, racists and nutjobs who would target them. - But the information is pretty much out now.).

The Japanese are however having a problem as hospitals are becoming overwhelmed and there are fears the health care system will collapse. Keep your eyes on the rates of infection and death in Asia. Indonesia has confirmed more deaths as well and is becoming a key epicenter of the disease. Keep in mind that many cities in Asia are densely populated and sanitation is not always first rate.

How does this thing work in the body? An interesting piece called "How Does the Coronavirus kill..." from Science Mag I think may help many of us understand it. In it they talk about ACE2. This virus, according to that author, is like nothing we have ever seen before. I think also of note is that anecdotal evidence is showing that this thing stays with some people for a very long time and sometimes keeps coming back. Even with younger people. ZH has a piece on this called "Young COVID-Positive Redditors Describe Agony..." you may find of interest.

This thing is going to be with us a long time. So let none of us be in denial. This pandemic is real but I do want to stress that people die of the flu and pneumonia every year in the hundreds of thousands globally. The difference here is in the severity of the symptoms and the level of contagiousness. The good news is that the real mortality rate appears to be according to many reports, pretty low. I also want to point out that it is not clear to me if medical officials are counting regular flu and pneumonia deaths as Covid-19 deaths.

There are a lot of stories about those in denial about COVID-19 and the whole 'Covidiot' narrative that appears to be being pushed by certain interests from the Medical establishment. The idea is that those who want to reopen the economy are now being lambasted as Covidiots and naturally the stories are duly printed by many newspapers around the nation, particularly left wing papers who then cite that they are all 'Trump supporters' as though the accusers have access to the party affiliation and/or voting records of people who they see and whose name they don't even know. Just keep this in mind - 'rent-a-mobs' funded by the left can also wear MAGA caps - if it suits their purpose in creating or sustaining a political narrative.

As usual people want to politicize this and the left I think is far worse than the right so far. Much worse.

But let me leave you with this thought to those people who wish to pray in the Temple of the Holy Vaccine and pay their tithes and offerings to the Priests of the Medical Insurance companies' collection plate and who want the gods of the temple to come and save us all from our Covid-19. You all need to keep at least one factor clearly in mind about reopening the economy.

In South Africa, they have seen food riots. Right in the city of Johannesburg riots broke out because of food shortages. Cape Town as well has seen problems. There is worry about food riots all over Africa and even in Italy, there is concern. What cannot be denied is that global supply chains and yes food chains have been severely disrupted as result of all of this. It's not going to get better but rather worse the longer these lockdowns continue. The US has enough food to feed its population, but disruptions could transpire due to many of the factors we have seen, outbreaks in food processing plants being one. Another is that critical supplies needed to make things like fertilizer could become scarce. There are many smaller pieces of the whole food chain that could break down making serious problems, perhaps not now, but months from now. It could be simple things like major machinery breaking down at or after its normal or predetermined life-cycle and the inability to get replacement parts for it.

In India, the problems are real for farmers. Either they feed their crops to the animals on the farms or they let it spoil or rot in the fields. This effects India's exports to many countries have seen a significant drop as noted in the import totals from India. So next time you hear the word 'covidiot' bantered about by the Medical Priesthood and their agents in the press, consider that food shortages also cause many problems, like social unrest, violence and of course one key medical condition that no one seems to want to contemplate on a wide scale in the US. It is known as malnutrition.

Another aspect of this simply cannot be ignored so I will talk about it for just a moment. That is the fact that there are interests both here in the US and abroad who would like nothing better than to shut down and permanently cripple the US economy. We have people in elected office right now in the US who consistently call for socialism and lambaste the incredibly successful US economic model (albeit with many deep and systemic problems). The geopolitical foes of the US would want to push and push hard to keep the whole US economy locked down and shut down for as long as it takes to ensure the maximum damage has been inflicted. This is something we need to watch for. I want to make this plain as well. There are many foreign 'agents' inside our nation. Their presence ranges from places in Academia, State, Local and Federal Government, Media and elsewhere. Always keep in mind the kinds of people and the level they were at who were receiving foreign money, often illegally. There are numerous scandals on this we have seen over the years.

But this kind of influence goes right into the very heart of the US security apparatus and this is why we have to keep our eyes open for some of the characters we see up in Washington and what they are pushing for and try to find out why. Chinese espionage, particularly on the US has been incredibly successful... for them.

So as this pandemic continues on and there are more calls to keep everything closed ask yourself if those who are calling for it realize the damage it will do? Or do they care? Or is damage exactly what they desire so that they can bring in what they want when the country is severely weakened and civil unrest becomes uncontrollable.

In closing, let me say this. I see the hand of God in this. Yes, I think the devil was behind the creation of this frankenvirus. Yes, this clearly to me looks like a disease created in a test tube and may have been released prematurely before it could reach maximum lethality or as a result of a genuine accident or in the course of some shenanigans related to bio-espionage. Everyone is blaming China right now as the epicenter/creator/releaser. This is entirely possible, but I am not 100% convinced of this. The key is that now, the whole world is effected, regardless of who the initial creator or target of it was. 

I know many of you get a little upset with me because I speak along the lines of getting the economy back. Well, while the Lord has not fully revealed his mind to me, I can say that he made it plain to me around last Thanksgiving that this was going to be a key year for the economy and not for the better. In truth, healing the country and its economy without any real signs of genuine repentance is probably something that God is not the least bit interested in. He may be chastising the nation and the world enough to get our attention. If we don't repent, it is very possible worse may follow. Could you imagine a major natural disaster in a city where there is a major problem with this disease or worse a new one that hits us all at the same time this one is raging? When Babylon falls, I note that the word plagues (plural) is used (Rev 18:4; 18:8).

So the nation needs to change its ways. God can and will listen and heal, if we hear him and repent (change our ways). Have we seen any of that? No, I see new gods being erected in the nation, built and sustained by the Medical Priesthood and certain elements in government and elsewhere who are foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog in their lust for more political and economic power over the nation, its money and its people. It appears that these interests see a way to bring in their long sought after surveillance and people control methods using this pandemic as an excuse.

In other news...

Neiman Marcus may be about to file for bankruptcy according to news reports.

24 Hour Fitness is reportedly considering a bankruptcy filing.

JCPenny is another company that people are watching for a filing.

Lord and Taylor is also reportedly considering a Bankruptcy filing.

US movie theaters are wondering about how they will reopen... or if. On that note, I read today (from the Hollywood reporter) that in some places in the world, Drive-In Theaters are booming and even sold out. Why? Social distancing regulations. People just want to get out of the house for a bit and this is one way to do it and keep social distancing at the same time. Will drive-ins make a comeback? Who knows?

Hn Leong Trading out of Singapore has filed for Bankruptcy, according to news reports. A scandal may be attached to it, according to news reports.

I wish I could provide something 'deeper' for each of you, spiritually speaking in these times, but right now, the word seems to be watch and wait. He has not given me any special instructions save those he gave me late last year and those were personal - those I have obeyed. Nor has he told me to say anything to you here that is special on the site.

Fret not thyself. God knows sees and understands all.

Let the voice of faith rather than fear guide you in these times.

Be ready for significant long lasting changes because for many of us, they may be just around the corner.

Surely the Lord Jehovah will do nothing,
except he reveal his secret
unto his servants the prophets.
(Amos 3:7 [engASV1901eb])

I make NO CLAIMS to being a prophet, but I will say that for many, many long years (two decades) this site has had an enormous amount of material warning this nation about its ways, about the real state of the economy and the plans certain people and groups have for the nation and the world. For two decades I have warned as a dutiful watchman.

But when the Lord reveals a secret and says be silent about it, ie., this word is for you alone, I must obey that word as well. So, yes, I knew something very big was coming and it's effects would deeply effect the economy. I did not know it was going to be a pandemic that was going to set it off.  Strangely I almost asked the Lord about what would cause it, but did not, Frankly I was just a little afraid of the answer. So this aspect of it was not revealed to me. I have learned by over six decades on this earth and many years with top clearances inside the US intelligence community that there are some things I just would rather not know.

So get ready brothers if this nation does not repent of its thefts, murders, fornication, homosexuality, witchcraft, hate, frauds, drug abuse, violence, I just don't see things getting much better for us. I may be wrong, I speak here not as any kind of prophet. Only someone who knows his God and listens carefully to him and does what he is commanded. 

As the saying goes, 'it's come to Jesus time' for the nation but instead the nation is looking for salvation in vaccines, bailouts and political leaders who sometimes, just don't have the nations best interest at heart.

The markets are going crazy and if you doubt me, take a look at the activity of late in the Oil markets. What is happening is no 'blip' on the radar and needs to be taken seriously as a warning sign of danger ahead.

I hope this little update is of help to all of you and that you get something out of it. I will continue to update insiders daily on events in the world and what they mean to the small flock who love the Lord and demonstrate it by doing the things he commands.

Blessings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be upon on those who obey him in these trouble times.

Brother Mark

16 Apr

Know Your Enemy

I have always felt that one of the most lacking things in modern Christian teachings and theology is an understanding of our enemy. That being Satan and the host of Fallen Angels, demons and other spiritual entities that rebelled against God.

One thing I can say positive about the Catholic Church is that they understand the need for this and have exorcists to deal with real cases of demonic possession. But what are demons? Are they the same as fallen angels? Why is that some fallen angels were consigned to chains and others spiritual rebels were allowed to remain outside of those chains and even reside for a time in heaven?

I do not know the answer to all of these questions. But I have long studied these issues with considerable depth and have engaged in more than one very deep battle against these forces in my own life. So I know the devil is real and so are those who help him. I also know that God has given us some but not a great deal of information on the fallen angels and what they can do and what they cannot do. He has also given us great authority and power in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

I bring this up because over the next few months, I will be looking at some of these issues as they effect us today. My own personal deep suspicion is that satan is making his final preparations for his final ejection from Heaven. This is because he knows the Bible better than most of us, he knows what is going to happen to him and that he is going to be cast down here and will not have much time (see Rev 9:10ff).

I suspect that one of the reasons (the deeper spiritual reasons) why we are seeing such a move into AI, genetically enhanced humans and cybernetic humans is because some of these fallen spirits will want bodies to posses. I suspect that our leaders will be wittingly and unwittingly creating those bodies and this is why we need to keep our eyes on the issue of how science is creating a new race of 'supermen'. This is indeed what they appear to be doing, though they will never admit such thing. Supermen is by the way, what Hitler was indeed trying to create with his Aryan breeding program (Lebensborn). Now the technology to do this is here, right down to the DNA level.

Always keep this in mind because it is essential. Technological breakthroughs like this are usually carefully concealed from us and what they often tell us today, is what they have been doing for years and did not reveal to us.

I want to go over something now that I talked about before a couple of years ago that we need to keep in mind going forward. It is important.

  And they arrived at the country of the Gerasenes,
which is over against Galilee. 
And when he was come forth upon the land,
there met him a certain man out of the city,
who had demons; and for a long time
he had worn no clothes, and abode not in any house,
but in the tombs. And when he saw Jesus,
he cried out, and fell down before him,
and with a loud voice said, What have I to do with thee,
 Jesus, thou Son of the Most High God?
I beseech thee, torment me not. 
For he was commanding the unclean spirit
to come out from the man. For oftentimes
it had seized him: and he was kept under guard,
and bound with chains and fetters;
and breaking the bands asunder,
he was driven of the demon into the deserts. 
And Jesus asked him, What is thy name?
 And he said, Legion; for many demons
were entered into him. And they entreated
him that he would not command them to depart into the abyss.  Now there was there a herd of many swine
feeding on the mountain: and they
entreated him that he would give them
leave to enter into them. And he gave them leave. 
And the demons came out from the man,
and entered into the swine: and the herd
rushed down the steep into the lake, and were drowned. 
And when they that fed them saw what
had come to pass, they fled, and told it in the city
and in the country. And they went
out to see what had come to pass;
and they came to Jesus, and found the man,
 from whom the demons were gone out,
sitting, clothed and in his right mind,
at the feet of Jesus: and they were afraid. 
And they that saw it told them how
he that was possessed with demons
was made whole.
(Luke 8:26-36 - ASV)

Note some things in this narrative because it is important. There was more than one devil in one person. There were thousands who possessed him. Second, that when Jesus cast them out, they went into the pigs. This shows us that these demons are able to jump species. It is not just men they can possess but also animals.

Also note that these demons knew who Jesus was and they were frightened that he was going to send them to their place of eventual torment
('before the time' Matt. 8:29). Christ has mercy on them.

This to me is a bit shocking or used to be. Why this is so, is not clear, but it may have to do with the class of evil spirit that they belong to. We will get into that later in the series.

Now this is where I may lose a few of you here, but I beg you to bear with me and pay close attention - I am not unstudied in these matters. I am not claiming this to be 100% accurate but it goes by what I have learned and studied and on some levels even experienced in my years of walking with Jesus and I have been in some pretty tough spiritual battles in my past. Now let us look at a few things.

Let's start off with Jude, one of my favorite NT books, it's very direct brevity and no nonsense style is what I like about it.

 Jude, a servant of Jesus Christ, and brother of James,
to them that are called, beloved in God the Father,
and kept for Jesus Christ: Mercy unto you and peace
and love be multiplied. Beloved, while I was giving
all diligence to write unto you of our
common salvation, I was constrained to
write unto you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered unto the saints. 
For there are certain men crept in privily,
even they who were of old written of beforehand unto this condemnation, ungodly men, turning
the grace of our God into lasciviousness,
and denying our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.   
Now I desire to put you in remembrance,
though ye know all things once for all, that the Lord,
having saved a people out of the land of Egypt,
afterward destroyed them that believed not. 
And angels that kept not their own principality,
but left their proper habitation,
he hath kept in everlasting bonds
under darkness unto the judgment of the great day. 
Even as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities about them,
having in like manner with these given themselves over to fornication and gone after strange flesh,
are set forth as an example,
suffering the punishment of eternal fire.
(Jude 1:1-7 - ASV)

Jude is reminding them of something, something they already knew and seem to have forgotten. That being that like those Israelite's who fled Egypt, God destroyed those who refused to believe God and obey his words. As we all know, they did not get into the promised land. Then he goes on to talk about another class of spirits who once were God's and fell out of favor, that is the subject we are talking about now - angels who kept not their first estate. However note something here, for it is important. These spirits are not roaming around tombs and wildernesses like those spirits we saw in Luke. No, these are in everlasting chains reserved until the day of Judgment. So here we see at least two classes of fallen spirits. But clearly there is another class as we saw in revelation chapter 12. The devil is cast out of heaven and drags a third of the heavenly host with him. They were in heaven and are not in chains and are later cast down to earth before the final beast system arrives on earth and only after the war in heaven. When that happens he only has a short time (Rev 12:12)

So now we appear to have three classes. The devils who can possess men who are among us and have been for a long time, the fallen angels who are in chains and these other spirits who are later cast out of heaven. So who are they? What is going on?

Well, over the next several weeks we are going to be intermittently looking at this issue because the kinds of spiritual warfare we may be called upon to engage in will require us to have a better understanding of these things that most Christians these days have.

These things are strong meat. This is not going to be the spiritual 'Baby Food' that we get at most Christian churches and we are going to have to dig and dig to get some answers.

As I do this series, I covet your prayers. I often come under heavy demonic attack when I have to deal with this subject or study it or when I have to put on my prayer warrior helmet and start praying against demonic strongholds.  So I particularly covet your prayers at this time. I do need them.

So stay tuned... intermittently we will be talking about these things so that we know who are enemy is and know how to do battle against the fallen host of spirits who turned on God and rebelled against the Most High.

Blessings to all of you in Christ Jesus!!

Brother Mark



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