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This is a book I wrote many years ago and was the genesis of this site. It is still available from my publisher Infinity Publishing.

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An Open Letter To Black Lives Matter:
How to avoid being ensnared in the ongoing Federal operation 'Ni&&er Catcher' and 'Black Snare', run out of the US intelligence community and certain sections of Law Enforcement. These operations do exist, though naturally not with those pejorative titles. They are not legal, nor are they officially recognized but key people in high positions run these operations that specifically target Black Americans and certain White Americans who seek justice, truth and use their rights to bring these things back to our once great nation. The impetus comes from the US Intelligence community - LE does the footwork. This is what they did to so many civil rights leaders back in the 60's and 70's. They have honed their skills for the technology of the 21st century.

pdfIran Nukes And Regional Staility

The Harvest

An Open Letter To Senator Mikulski And The Senate Select Committee On Intelligence

pdfPaths Of Righteousness - For His Name's Sake

pdfIn Times Like These
pdfEconomic Crisis Report: Models Of Destruction
Where is our economy heading and why can't the US and global economy find its footing nearly six years after the of economic crisis of 2008? These are some of the questions we will attempt to ask ourselves in this report. The problems in the developed world today stem from deep troubles in

pdfWill America Go To War With China?
This is a look at the possibility of this happening and some of the drivers that could tip these nations into war.  Those key drivers may not be what many analysts think.
pdfEconomic Crisis Report III: Between Two Shutdowns
Government shutdowns? Inflation? Deflation? QE? Joblessness? Obamacare?

pdf National Security: What Is America Doing In Secret?

pdf  Watson's Economic Crisis Report - II

Eyes On Russia: Watson's Economic And Political Report

pdfPolitical And Economic Review #2
This issue is mostly about American oil and leadership. It is a 30 page overview of America's oil situation.

pdfPolitical and Economic Review
The first in a new series of secular articles. One way to support this site is to get a copy of these inexpensive reports (click link aboue). Another is to hit the donate button.


Ezekiel and the Spirit of Stubbornness/The Sardis Syndrome

Christ, Family and Persecution

When The Bottom Falls Out Of Your Boat

NSA Spying:
The Future, Black Madness and the Prophetic imperative.

How God Measures Us
He does it very differently that the world does.

Trends In Africa
A quick look at some troubling trends in Africa

Brothel Politics, The Church and First Things
Recent trends in the nation, including Obamacare are indicative of something much deeper that is wrong with America

While I Was Away...
A word about my month long hiatus

Shutdown Note:
A look at how the criminally insane 'pay' their bills.

Times And Seasons (09-13)
 Faith and patriotism in the last days... and what kind of fruit is  Christ going to find on your tree?

7 Churches Of  Revelation
Light for seeing, ears for hearing. Most commentaries on these chapters miss this most important point.

The Devil, Catholics And Internet Protestants
Catholic bashing is a foundational stone of so much of todays internet Christians faith. Is this really a pastime God approves of, especially when the Catholics are doing their best to reform?

Unwise Faith
- It is most unwise to place your faith in the wrong things.
Obadiah: Divine Geopolitics
- Is the Lord concerned about geopolitics?

The Assyrian
- Damascus and the Assyrian in Bible Prophecy

End Time Personal Notes
- Just some notes to true believers as to things to watch for on a personal level and consider in these times.

 - What I See...

A quick look (15 pages) at some trends I see and don't see. Trends in the economy, trends in 'people control' and spiritual matters

 - Collision Course

Each and every passing day,

we who know Christ can see our nation is on a collision course with God. On a number of fronts the nation has just decided to set its face against the God who blessed us and move its spiritual foundations towards the spiritual foes of both God and man.

      - Prison Labor Industry

      Slave labor cleverly


 - Special Report: Watson's Economic Crisis Report 


This issue of my new series of paid reports deals with the ongoing global economic crisis. Its about 40 pages and deals with a wide range of issues that face the western world. This touches on America's decline, Obama's new Treasury pick, the ongoing debt crisis, the Fed and Treasuries debt monetization operations, currency wars, scenario's for major troubles in China, Europe's ongoing crisis and ...

 - 3 Short Commentaries


Entitled Not Afraid, Tough Decisions and Job's Sufferings. God will take care of his people. Just make sure brothers when its our time to pass over our own spiritual 'river Jordan', that we make our deaths count for something, that being Christ. If we are to die as Christians for the gospel and the word of our testimony (Rev 19:10, 12:17, 12:11), let us rejoice because we have a long and honorable heritage of those who went before us.

 -  Lamentations Are Coming 


I think we as Christians need to keep in mind and prepare our souls for what is really coming. Mr. Leal has done a good job of laying out that a time of great sorrow will sweep America.

 -  The Curse 


When a nation decides to put the stamp of approval on those things God hates, it invites a curse. And be certain of this, without some real soul searching repentance, a curse is what is going to hit us. America has enjoyed prosperity like no other nation on earth. Military power like no other nation on earth. Good will and diplomatic strength like no other nation on earth. Why? We as a nation respected ...

 -  I Have A Dream Vs. I Have A Drone 


I think it should be noted that while some people will say they find something 'highly offensive' when they do not really mean it, I want to make clear that I really do mean it, it is personally highly offensive to compare Dr. King and President Obama. If a person wants to worship Obama and idolize him, that is their business, not mine. But before anyone attempts to cast dispersions on Dr. King by ...

 -  Mali: Africa Must Take The Lead 


This crisis in Mali... first off, this is not just 'another war'. This is a very serious and potent threat to African continental security.

  Watson's Economic And Political Review (WEPR) #2 


This issue is mostly about American oil and leadership. It is a 30 page overview of America's oil situation and new claims that America will one day surpass the Saudi's in Oil production and become energy independent. The question is an extremely important one and could really alter the whole geopolitical landscape... if true. Are these claims real and credible? Are there any problems with them? This ...

 - Watson's Economic And Political Review (WEPR) #1 


This is going to be bad news for many of my readers, but a small portion of my secular writings are going to have to go pay. I have done a pretty good job with this update (if I do say so myself!) dealing with issues that I know many care about. Namely Iran and what a war or 'regime change' is likely to bring about, the EU crisis and how the ongoing economic crisis could deeply effect the US. Keep ...

 -  The Holiday Season 


Christmas has been a matter of some controversy for a number of reasons. First off, one of the few things we can be certain of about Christmas is that Christ was not born on December 25th, or anywhere near it. When was Christ Born? We do not know, though some scholars have said that it was more likely an event that occurred in the Fall, though the evidence for this is rather scant. What we do know ...

 -  There Is A Generation... 


What does it mean to live in our times, having been touched by God's spirit and understanding what God requires of us? It means that we are going to have a hard time fitting in with the current generation. This is the way it should be, since we are of a very different heritage. The scriptures talk about times like ours and what kinds of people will inhabit the earth just before Christ returns. We ...

  The Way Back 


For many of my readers, the way back to God is the road you are on. Many of you have fallen away and for whatever reason, personal tragedy, hard times or just a dissatisfaction with worldly 'satanic' living that did not make you nearly as happy as you thought it would. I find it interesting that so many people here in America have just about everything and yet are totally miserable. I am struck by ...

 - What's Expected Of Son's And Heir's 


What should we as Christians should be doing in these times? As these days grow darker and increasingly rejects Christ and genuine Christianity, we who wish to get into the kingdom must know what God wants us to do. What does God expect of us, we who are determined no matter what comes, to get into God's kingdom and avoid his holy wrath, which I bear witness, is coming to this world and will usher ...

 - In The Kingdom Of The Blind 


Today, it is extremely important that we know what is happening in our world, particularly from a prophetic standpoint. Why? The return of Christ is our blessed hope. God spoke clearly and insistently that we are to be watching and ready for our Lords return. Yet as I speak to Christians, I just don't see any level of spiritual discernment in their lives or minds Mind you there are always some exceptions ...

 - We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Broadcast To Bring You... 


But when it comes to the times and seasons and understanding them, Christians I know as well are floundering. They are often confused and unsure about what to believe. They listen to their pastors, read the news, but more and more are seriously questioning both. This is a good thing at least as a first step, but often leads to confusion, depression and can lead to apostasy. Why? Because such Christians ...

 - Culling The World's Population 


Yes, there is a plan afoot to reduce the human population. Most of the plan is hidden in plain sight.

 -  Political, Economic And Spiritual Review (Summer 2012) 


Fifty-three pages that looks at several issues facing our world today. From the economic crisis to food and eugenics to Syria as well a look at what a Mitt Romney Presidency may look like.

 -  Judge Not! 


...Lest ye be judged.

 - The Blessings Of Obedience 


Has the devil fooled you into thinking you can be saved and not obey the Lord?

  From Another World 


Christians, real ones that is, must conduct themselves as though they are from another world. A real Christian, is not of this world but of the Kingdom of God and his Christ.


-  From The North 


A prophetic look at the Arctic. The Arctic you ask? Yes the Actic and how it may relate to Babylon's fall.

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 ― Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas

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23 May

Catholic Watch: The Battle For Ireland

Spirit Daily looks at trends in Ireland and the Abortion debate there.

Gunmen Attack Church In Chechenya

It is not clear who is responsible for the death of one churchgoer and two policemen.

Christians in Nepal Suspect Hindu Extremists in Sudden Attacks on Churches

NEW DELHI (Morning Star News) – Christians in Nepal are alarmed after this month’s sudden series of arson and bomb attacks on four church buildings, and church leaders suspect authorities are lax in investigating.

(Photo: Kanchanpur Emmanuel Church building
in midwest hilly region of Nepal was
set ablaze on May 11)

At the same time, six Christians were arrested for evangelizing while suspected Hindu extremists launched attacks on three church buildings and bombed another. The attacks caused extensive property damage but no casualties.

The Hebron Church building in the eastern hilly region was set on fire on May 9, Emmanuel Church’s building in western Nepal’s Doti District was burned on May 10, and the Kanchanpur Emmanuel Church building in the midwest hilly region was set ablaze on May 11. Before midnight on May 12, the Mahima Church building in Dhangadhi, in western Nepal, was bombed. - Image and Text Courtesy Morning Star News

Army Chaplain In Hot Water Over Same Sex Marriage

This is not the same military I was in!! The story is being covered from many different political viewpoints.

Assyrian Christian Lands Forcibly Seized in Northern Iraq

Map Courtesty Wikimedia Foundation
By Zerolex (dedicated to Public Domain)

05/17/2018 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) - International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that two Kurdish Muslim brothers built an illegal home on the land of an Assyrian Christian in northern Iraq’s Brefka village. According to the Assyrian Aid Society, one of the brothers, Omar Karem, is the head of the Peshmerga Forces in the region. The land-grabbing case took place on April 20, 2018 and was reported in writing to the local authorities on May 2, 2018. There has since been no change on the ground.

The letter to the local authorities was written by a local leader and two villagers. The letter reads, “This action is a violation of the villagers’ rights and human rights. It is an infringement on our lands by these transgressors and this is disrespectful to the law. Thus, we ask you to consider our claim for the purpose of removing the excess [illegal homes] on our village lands. Also we ask for a site detection and to establish the village border and remove all the abuses.”

The illegal seizure of Christian lands in this region has been ongoing since 1991, according to the Assyrian Aid Society (AAS). They estimate that approximately 180 acres of Assyrian-Christian land has been seized by their Muslim neighbors. “Land has been taken in different places in the village, especially near the river Khabour and near the school. In 2005, Mr. Barzani sent [a delegation] to visit the village. They promised to return the land back to Assyrians in one year, but nothing has happened until this moment,” said the Assyrian Aid Society.

Instead, the following year, the Muslim tribal leaders took more land and asked for $600,000 to prevent the land grab, according to AAS. Kurdish Muslims also forcibly prevented Christians from bringing water from the Khabour river to their apple orchards. Most Christians in the village completely lost their agriculture in 2015, when unknown militants burned their farmland, depriving the community of thousands of dollars of income.

Ashur Sargon, President of Assyrian Aid Society—Iraq, said, “[This] land grab is a sample case showing how Assyrian Christians are indigenous peoples of Iraq… There [are] around 58 cases for land grabs recorded in the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG). Most of them still their owners are suffering without any real reaction or solutions from the KRG… Now it is the last chance to stop land grabbing actions for these cases.”

Claire Evans, ICC’s Regional Manager, said, “The forced seizure of Assyrian Christian lands in northern Iraq is an all too common occurrence that has been taking place for decades. They are targeted by Kurdish Muslims because they are a vulnerable minority group that owns fertile farmland. Often, the authorities are either negligent in righting this wrong or complicit in its execution. The failure of neighbors and authorities to protect the rights of minorities has broken community trust and furthered the decline of Christianity in Iraq. Unless tangible steps are taken to protect the rights of Christians, many will simply leave.”

For interviews with Claire Evans, Regional Manager, please contact Olivia Miller, Communications Coordinator: press@persecution.org

You are free to disseminate this news story. We request that you reference International Christian Concern (ICC) and include our web address, www.persecution.org. ICC is a Washington D.C.-based human rights organization that exists to help persecuted Christians worldwide. ICC provides Awareness, Advocacy, and Assistance to the worldwide persecuted Church.

21 May

How the FBI and CIA Restarted the Cold War to Protect Themselves

This story (above) is from Townhall.com. I think gets right down to what really happened and why things are so messed up with Russia. It was all part of the need for a false narrative a supporting mechanism to provide the fodder  for the craziness we are now seeing.

I do not mean to suggest that there were not some members of Trump's team who had too close of ties to Russia. But no administration could withstand the kind of scrutiny Trump has undergone, along with the atmosphere of political maliciousness undertaken by political hacks in the House, Senate and the Media.

What?... do you think Obama could have withstood this kind of scrutiny, much of it mostly political malice? With him inexplicably (and utter silence about the reasons for it) renouncing his law license and a whole host of things we never fully heard about including ties of those around him (and sources of funds) to Iran? He sure ran interference for them. I am not talking about the usual political banter on Fox and MSNBC but a special prosecutor... like what Trump is dealing with with subpoena power and the power to bring charges.

The key I think for liberals who think it's OK to go after Trump and not Obama to remember is this...

Who sits in the White House now? If this is not corrected and people are not dealt with with long prison sentences, why should Trump not do the same things... or worse in 2020 to the Democrats? Let me ask that one again.

Why not?

If these are the new rules for the game, why not create a fake dossier on Democrats, send in spies and then try and set them up with warrants based on manufactured evidence and surveillance based on perjured testimony. They could then seize the party's funds based on non-existent ties to 'terrorism' and place officials in indefinite detention for 'treason' based on the fake evidence and manufactured dossiers. That is the direction we are heading if we don't get control of these deep state criminals. Do you really want to go there? I don't want to see this nation go down that road but weather you wish to accept it or not, the Obama administration opened up Pandora's box when it used paid spies and warrants based on fake intel and fake dossiers financed by the democrats to go after a Republican Presidential candidate.

This is not a partisan slam. I have equally low regards for both parties and nothing but disdain for the political spinmeisters who lie to their adherents with lopsided narratives, blatant omissions in reporting and partisan arguments that only make sense to someone who has lost the power of higher cognitive thought. This situation is  pretty serious and our leaders need to fix this from top to bottom or who knows who these deep state people will set up, destroy or find a candidate to cover up serious crimes for and hide their ties to the nations enemies.

Don't think for one second that some of our top people in the 'deep state' have not been turned by foreign nations.

Trump needs to clean out the deep state or we will all be in deep you-know-what.

More here.

This is no little scandal and it was just this kind of political meddling that got Nixon ousted.

So throw that hyper-partisanship out the window. The issues are much deeper than desire of those on the left to just 'get Trump'.

More here.

The worst part of this is that foreign nations and long term allies have lost faith in our Global leadership. Look at how Europe has moved at breakneck speed to detach herself from America's policy on Iran. Much more is set to follow.

From someone who has watched, studied and written on geopolitics for nearly 30 years let me say this - this rift looks to be a permanent one. The world is learning to distrust America - her leaders and her motives. Fits of foolishness in the past from America were often endured by our allies as we usually came back from our fits of madness.

I don't think our allies expect us to 'come back' this time.

17 May

Ruth Part IX

 And Boaz said unto her, At mealtime come thou hither, and eat of the bread,
 and dip thy morsel in the vinegar. And she sat beside the reapers:
and he reached her parched corn, and she did eat, and was sufficed,
and left.  And when she was risen up to glean, Boaz commanded his young men,
saying, Let her glean even among the sheaves, and reproach her not:
 And let fall also some of the handfuls of purpose for her, and leave them,
that she may glean them, and rebuke her not.
(Ruth 2:14-16 [KJVA])

We left off last time when Ruth had been verbally comforted by Boaz who had discovered that Ruth was a kinswoman to him. here we see that he invites her to eat dinner with the reapers, a work class higher than the gleaners, who frankly were little more than official 'beggars'. I say this not to denigrate Ruth or Naomi's condition, only to point out where she stood in the social order. Here she was told to go and sit with the reapers and eat. Let's keep in mind that the reapers had an official connection with the Lord of the manor and may have been employed by him and their food was probably part of their recompense. Such was almost certainly not so with the gleaners, who roamed from farm to farm gathering that which the reapers left behind. This was a pretty big favor that Boaz had granted Ruth. She could eat and be satisfied.

This may not seem like much to us, but think about having to work hard in the hot sun all day long with little or nothing to eat. What her economic circumstances were could not have been good and it is not all together impossible that there was not much to eat back at home with Naomi, she may very well have come to work hungry.

Additionally Boaz, true to his promise, tells the young men to not molest or reproach her. Ruth's Moabite ancestry was probably already making the rounds in gossip circles and Boaz was not going to allow it. He knew that Ruth was trying to follow after the God of Israel and he was going to make sure that his kinsman did not make fun of her and her ancestry - she was kin to him.

Then he commands them to let her glean among the sheaves and also tells the men who harvest to let some of what they gather 'accidentally' fall to the ground so that she can pick it up. There were two specific commands and the first time they were told to 'reproach her not'. But the second time, he tells them not to rebuke her for gleaning in such a fashion. Boaz was not going to countenance this woman being made fun of. Given the customs of those times, Boaz was indeed showing considerable kindness and favor to Ruth.

So she gleaned in the field until even, and beat out that she had gleaned:
and it was about an ephah of barley.
(Ruth 2:17 [KJVA])

This passage deals with the custom of the time. Apparently it was customary to carry bundles on top of ones head and carry it home, not unlike how we see still see in some agricultural lands in Africa today. This she did not do, but threshed it first to make it lighter to carry. An Ephah was about a Bushel. This was a a good days work.

Let us note that this was menial work. We do not now exactly the economic circumstances of Ruth when she was married to Naomi's son, but they were certainly better than where she was at now. The point here is that she humbled herself and did the menial yet hard work that was set before her. Moreover she did not stop in the middle of the day because she was tired, she worked until evening. The Biblical Illustrator has this most interesting aside to the labor of Ruth in the field.
Men measure the worth of work by its conspicuousness. The real worth of work lies in meeting the necessity for its existence, and the motive which inspires it. Two lives depend upon her toil—then her work has worth; she loves the woman for whom she toils—then her work has dignity. Her love consecrates lowest means for highest ends. No results of labour are too insignificant for care. She “beat out that she had gleaned.”(S. B. Rees.) - Biblical Illustrator

As the scriptures say, 'he that will not work, let him not eat'. Ruth showed a willingness to toil for her bread and was able to eat accordingly. This is the simple morality and yes, economic reality of ours or any time. If you wish to eat and have a place to sleep you must roll up your sleeves and work!

For family men, single mom's, young people today, work is not only necessary for sustenance, it also builds character in all of us. Taking a sense of ownership in doing whatever it is we call work gives us all a sense of value.

Weather it is a loan officer who is trying to help a young couple get a loan for their first home, or a police officer who see's a young person he could arrest but would rather give him a stern warning, knowing that he does not want to put the kid on a juvenile offender list -  we can do a lot of good in the work that we do. A lawyer can help a client who may be poor, a garbage collector may see some nice furniture thrown out and knows a poor family who is looking for those bar-stools or that kitchen table, etc. Like Boaz, we can do a lot of good, if we seize the opportunity to do so.

Work is good and God will always favor those who are industrious over those who are lazy.
15 May

Michigan: Another Church Becomes a Mosque

This is part of a trend and I encourage all of you to check this piece out... there is money and power behind this.

Nepal: Catholic church interior ‘entirely destroyed’ after arson

Suicide Bombings at Three Churches in Indonesia Kill 13

05/14/2018 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) - International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on May 13, bombings at three churches in Surabaya, East Java, killed 13 and wounded more than 40 shortly before Sunday services.  

The explosions took place at Saint Mary Immaculate Catholic Church (STMB), Surabaya Pentecostal Church (GPPS), and the Diponegoro Indonesian Christian Church (GKI). According to East Java Police, the first explosion took place at STMB. The second and third explosions followed five minutes apart.

Jakarta Post noted that attempted attacks were also reported at two other churches – Saint Jacob's Church in West Surabaya and Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral. However, the bombs failed to explode.

A family of six – a father, mother, two sons, and two daughters – belonging to the Jamaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD), a group linked to the Islamic State, is behind the suicide bombings. They recently returned from war-torn Syria, where they lived in an area controlled by the Islamic State.  

National Police Chief General Tito Karnavian confirmed that the father of the family initially brought his wife and two daughters – 12-years-old and 9-years-old – to GKI before making his way to Surabaya Pentecostal Church.

The bomb blast at STMB was carried out by the two brothers – 18-years-old and 16-years-old – who carried a lap-bomb with them on their motorcycle.

The bomb attacks are the deadliest in Indonesia since the 2002 Bali bombings, which left more than 200 people dead and hundreds more injured.

Pastor Yonathan Biantoro, one of the pastors of Surabaya Pentecostal Church, told ICC, “Honestly I am really sad about this. We as members of this church really hope that we would have a peaceful environment when we are in our devotion. We want the government to protect us with our constitutional rights and we are concerned about our religious freedom. I believe there is not a religion that would allow its followers to kill each other. We will however not be intimidated by the bombing. We still love them and forgive. We hope they will not do this ever again.”  

Three of his church staff members passed away on Monday due to severe burns.

“They try to create fear in us, instead we grow, trust, and hope in Him. God is still in control, our churches united in prayers and believe God’s will will be done on earth as it is in heaven. The gate of hell and its power cannot conquer His church,” Budi Setiawan, National Superintendent of Assembly of God Indonesia, shared with ICC.

The executive director of Amnesty International Indonesia, Usman Hamid, called for the government to take swift action and to bring whoever was responsible to justice.

Gina Goh, ICC’s Regional Manager, said, “The terrorist attacks at the three churches in Indonesia are pure evil. ICC strongly condemns the reprehensible acts of violence against innocent lives. The use of minors as suicide bombers is sickening and shows the absolute disregard for humanity in radical ideology. Our hearts break for the victims, knowing the horror they have experienced at their houses of worship, and we urgently ask for your prayers for Indonesia.” 

For interviews with Gina Goh, Regional Manager, please contact Olivia Miller, Communications Coordinator: press@persecution.org
# # #
You are free to disseminate this news story. We request that you reference International Christian Concern (ICC) and include our web address, www.persecution.org. ICC is a Washington D.C.-based human rights organization that exists to help persecuted Christians worldwide. ICC provides Awareness, Advocacy, and Assistance to the worldwide persecuted Church.

Persecution Magazine May 2018

This magazine is courtesy the International Christian Concern. This month's focus is on getting the right info to policy makers in DC.

You can download the issue here.

Clashes Erupt Over Jerusalem Embassy Opening

Many Palestinians have been killed.

The Crisis Group has a paper on Israel's counter terrorism related to Jerusalem.
Tensions are also mounting in Jerusalem itself. April began with the weeklong holiday of Passover, when an unprecedented number of religious Jews – nearly 2,600, compared to 650 only four years ago – visited the city’s Holy Esplanade. The site is hallowed ground for Jews as the location of the two biblical Temples and for Muslims as the spot from which the Prophet Mohammed ascended to heaven. Palestinian and Jordanian officials condemned an Israeli court decision to allow a mock sacrificial ceremony, including the actual slaughter of a lamb, on Passover eve at Davidson Park, located immediately below the Holy Esplanade.

On 18 April, Israelis celebrated 70 years of independence; roughly a month later, on 13 May, they marked Jerusalem Day, the moment 51 years ago when the Israeli army “reunified” the city’s western and occupied eastern halves under Israeli rule. Lastly, the evening of 15 May is the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, during which tens of thousands of Palestinians will visit Jerusalem’s Old City and the al-Aqsa Mosque at the Holy Esplanade. The Jewish holiday of Shavuot, one of Judaism’s three festivals of pilgrimage to the Temple Mount, will take place on 19 and 20 May, with numerous religious Jews seeking to enter.

This concatenation of events – sacred occasions, interspersed with anniversaries of turning points in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – takes place amid growing Palestinian fears of Israeli encroachment upon the Holy Esplanade and, by extension, all of Jerusalem. - International Crisis Group

Congress Mulls Indefinite Detention For American Citizens

Right back to the past. This is sad and this Congress may do this with considerably broader powers that were given to Bush.

If this passes and it probably will, you can be sure that our leaders are planning a brand new war and one they think is going to last a very long time.

Our rights? I have to be honest with all of you, I don't think Americans deserve them, not most of them. Rights come with responsibilities and too many Americans don't seem up to those responsibilities. How can they be when so many are hooked on various drugs - legal and illegal.

Now, I don't mean that of all or perhaps not even most of my countrymen, but too many of our countrymen have ceased to respect the rights of others and only want to use the government as a tool to take away the rights of those they have been dutifully trained by the Media to see as political enemies.

Congress, with laws like this one appears to be far too willing to go along with it.. as long as the campaign donation has enough zero's on the left hand of the decimal point.

You do want to read this one.

We Are All Trespassers

John Whitehead looks at just how the government seizes the land of ordinary Americans, including whole neighborhoods.

Again, you do not want to miss this one. You can see how many at various levels of government really treats its citizens.

Disaster Looms For  North Yemen

The key port that is used to bring in aid may fall to the Saudis, who in the past were behind the policy of starving the nation out.

A Tale Of Two Interrogators: Haspel And Eichmann

Their excuses are chillingly alike. We are further down Auschwitz highway than people know or want to know.

Like many Germans in Nazi  Germany, they did not see it either until they personally were sent to the labor and death camps for the crime of not being 'Nazi' enough. Only when the camp guard beat the crap out of them for not working hard enough did it finally dawn on them just what was really going on.


Well, the President is not going to release relevant torture data on his nominee to the public. That tracks  - most Americans did not support the Bush era torture programs, particularly when they found out that many of those tortured were not guilty of anything, let alone had any links to terrorism. What we did to some of these people was not just unAmerican, it was down right treasonable and fully criminal. This goes against everything this nation has stood for for over 200 years. Now I don't think those involved should be 'taken out and shot' but I also don't think that those who engaged in in it and more importantly attempted to cover up these criminal acts with the destruction of records should not be in the CIA, let alone leading it. Nor should they have their security clearances. They did irreparable harm to the US international reputation and our National Security with their caveman antics.

She has promised not to resume the torture program, which I suppose is a plus but again we must always come down to definitions -  who defines what torture is? The CIA? If so then her promise is meaningless. But sadly, a great many Americans think torture is cool. Yes, they do. We are dealing with a society that is as sick as that as Nazi Germany. The only difference is, instead of Dacau, we have Gitmo... people incarcerated forever and are accused of crimes many never even thought about committing. Ray McGovern has a great piece here that lays out a few issues and they are important issues.

I cannot help but see this President in light of his disastrous picks to surround him... with a high rate of turnover. Many hail from the lunatic fringe of America which more and more is becoming mainstream. As America's moral center more and more hails from the dungeons of the middle ages, it is hard for me to see a good future for us as a nation. The good news is that a lot of folks on the Hill are not going for a return for the 'scream-a-lie' confessions extracted under Bush era torture programs. They don't want a return to that. But many Americans want it as long as they get to turn the screws rather than having those screws turned on them for being Black, Gay, Christians, Muslim or for no other crime that some deep state agent put them on a 'enemy combatant' list with little to no evidence to support wild accusations that landed them on a vivisection table to be examined by a CIA "confession elicitor".

It was a sad day when Trump nominated her. She may indeed be in many respects a fine intelligence officer who got caught in the poisonous political environment of the Bush years and wants to do right. So understand this is not a personal criticism of her long years of service and hard work for the country. But this is the wrong signal to send the world. Many of our allies were appalled at what we had done. Others frankly were only shocked in public while they secretly assisted these practices. Haspel to me seems to be Trump's middle finger to the world that he is going to do the exact opposite of what he knows is right... just because he can. 

Mr. President, there may be times when America may have to go it alone but defiance of our basic principles as a nation does not put America or what she stands for first, but dead last.

I know that if you choose to, Mr. President you can pick a CIA director who is tough on terror who was not so intimately involved in this dark chapter in the lamentable catalogue of human crime.

The Three  Billionaires Who Pushed Trump To Dump Iran Deal

These are key GOP donors. It's where the war party gets much of its money and why some Senators are so obsessed with bomb bomb bomb... bomb bomb Iran...

US Treasury Demand Cools As US Borrowing Requirements Rise

ZH takes a look at some of the dynamics in the Treasury Markets.

To Understand Iran, Try History, Not Hysteria

The author has done what I tried to do on a few occasions in the past here, look at how Iran  became what it is today and lay the blame where it belongs - the US and UK. Why is Iran an Islamic Republic today with visceral anti-Americanism? Two words that we are about to repeat.

Regime Change.

11 May

Ruth Part Part VIII

Then she fell on her face, and bowed herself to the ground, and said unto him,
Why have I found grace in thine eyes, that thou shouldest take knowledge of me,
seeing I am a stranger?
 (Ruth 2:10 [KJVA])

Boaz And Ruth (Rembrandt) License Public Domain
As we left off last week, Ruth had somehow found favor with the Lord of the Manor, Boaz. Here she was a foreign woman who was quite happy to be given the opportunity to glean the field with the other poor of the area. Yet somehow, she had found favor with Boaz. She was not sure why.

In the passage above we not that she followed the custom of the time of addressing those of exalted social stature and bowed herself before him. The Jewish Targum adds this to the passage.
“How, says she, have I obtained grace in thy sight, that thou shouldest acknowledge me who am a stranger and one of the daughters of Moab, of whom it is said, The unclean shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord?" She knew she as a stranger, a nobody someone that was often held in contempt by others. Why was he showing her such favor?

Here we note some qualities about her that is often missing in us, particularly we Christians in the west. That being a sense of deep humility and full knowledge of our complete unworthiness of any mercy that our Lord chooses to show us. Throughout this book we will see this theme played out as a type - an unworthy gentile gains favor with his Lord and becomes a key part of his family.
Here Ruth only begins to notice the masters grace and interest in her well being. She is deeply humbled and thankful, that is her reaction and the reaction of any true and genuine Christian who comes to Christ in spirit and in truth.

And Boaz answered and said unto her, It hath fully been shewed me,
all that thou hast done unto thy mother in law since the death of thine husband:
 and how thou hast left thy father and thy mother, and the land of thy nativity,
and art come unto a people which thou knewest not heretofore.
(Ruth 2:11 [KJVA])

Here Boaz graciously answers her question why he was so kind to her. Here she finds out that heard how she left where she was to come to Israel. Clearly the story touched him in some way as it would anyone who understands the rarity of such determined loyalty and personal constancy in any person -  of any nationality. In short he saw something very special in her.

Do you remember when our Lord was asked to heal a woman's daughter who was possessed with a devil? Our Lord at first did not answer her. His disciples then asked him the Lord to send her away. To which the Lord said.

 But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep
of the house of Israel. Then came she and worshipped him, saying,
Lord, help me. But he answered and said, It is not meet to
take the children's bread, and to cast it to dogs. And she said,
Truth, Lord: yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall
from their masters' table. Then Jesus answered and said unto her,
O woman, great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt.
And her daughter was made whole from that very hour.
(Matthew 15:24-28 [KJVA])
Do you remember the same kind of thing with the Roman Centurion, where the Lord told him that he had not seen so great a faith, not in Israel (Matt 8:5ff)?
Remember there were places that our Lord went and could not perform many miracles (Matt 13:58)? Yet this woman had her child healed. The Centurion also had his desire performed. Why? They both had something that the others did not have. Faith. Bloodlines and heredity have their place, but there is something deeper, something within our character that is far more pleasing to God. In Ruth we see it as we do in this Canaanite woman who besought our Lord for healing of her child. Each won special favor even though they did not have the proper 'genealogical' background.
The LORD recompense thy work, and a full reward be given thee
of the LORD God of Israel, under whose wings
thou art
come to trust.
(Ruth 2:12 [KJVA])

Ruth had faith. Boaz here continues his blessing on Ruth and does so in the name of the Lord. The name for the Lord used here is Jehovah Elohim. (H3068, H430) and then he uses 'Of Israel'. Clearly he wants to impress on Ruth and all who hear that he seeks his God's blessing on this woman who is not of Israel and also perhaps so that when Ruth is so blessed, she knows from whom it has come. In short, Boaz asks God to bless Ruth for the very great kindness and love she showed her mother in law.  The reward being referred to is probably found in Ruth 1:8. The last section is also quite a wonderful blessing. Here is how the Cambridge Bible comments on it.

Lord recompense] Cf. Rth_1:8. under whose wings … refuge] This beautiful idea is repeated in Psa_36:7; Psa_57:2; Psa_91:4; the figure is that of an eagle, Deu_32:11. May the God of Israel take care of the homeless stranger from a heathen country! The prayer was answered through the agency of him who uttered it—a fine touch, as Bertholet points out. - Cambridge Bible Commentary

Please note that somehow, though it is not recorded exactly how, Boaz realizes that Ruth is now a follower of the God of Israel, though we learned this when she was still in Moab (Ruth 1:16).
Then she said, Let me find favour in thy sight, my lord;
for that thou hast comforted me, and for that thou hast
spoken friendly unto thine handmaid, though I be not like unto
one of thine handmaidens.
(Ruth 2:13 [KJVA])

Ruth here responds to Boaz's kindness and lets him know that she was greatly comforted. Simply put, she was a stranger in a strange land, had little and had no idea how she would be received by the other gleaners, the master steward or the master of the house. For all shew knew, they could have cursed her and cast her off the land, for she was a 'hated' Moabite. Instead she finds exceptional favor with Boaz and his household. She must have been truly humbled and here she fully acknowledges that she is not like the others. Clearly she ranked herself even below that of the lowly handmaidens who worked in the field. here is how Gill puts it.
though I be not like unto one of thine handmaidens] not worthy to be one of them, or to be ranked with them, being meaner than the meanest of them, a poor widow, and a Moabitish woman; the Septuagint and Syriac versions leave out the negative particle, and read, "I shall be as one of thine handmaids" - Gill
Again, she simply did not expect nor frankly did social customs call for such kind and generous treatment.

Next week, God willing, we will look at what comes next in this most important relationship. But before we do, let me say this...

I think it important that when aliens come to our nation, we treat them right. We Christians need to remember that we are ambassadors for Christ. Christ wants to save others and we can never do that if we can only show immigrants anger, hatred and resentment.

Let us all be mindful of how we treat those who come from abroad, particularly those who have escaped war, fire, famine and disease, having lost loved ones, homes and property to come to a land of opportunity.

Who knows, one day the shoe may be on the other foot and we may one day be forced to flee this nation and live abroad. If that happened, how would you want to be treated? "Do unto others..." would be the best guide for us all in this matter.

9 May

Note: I am sorry I don't update this page as much as I should. I get so busy writing on issues for the private pages, that I often just forget about posting a few tidbits here. I have been writing quite a bit on the Iran Deal, Haspel, the Armenian Spring revolution, Oil and energy dynamics and trouble in the Treasury markets, Russia now that Putin has been re-elected and much much more. ... the world is a busy busy place and I am one very busy blogger!!

Well, I do like to post a few stories on persecution and some spiritual tidbits up for readers so today, that is what I will do.

Serving The Lord... In Good Times

Blessings to all of you here in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I am going to talk about how we can best serve God, not when the chips are down, but when they are up! When things are going our way and we are happy and content. This may seem like a bit of a moot point, but I don't see it that way at all. I see prosperity, comfort and wealth as being major problems for Christians. This is because wealth like that tends to draw us away from God. It tends to make us more concerned with our pleasures and comforts rather than with God.

Prosperity is often just as big a stumbling block as sin. But it is much more subtle and deceitful. Christ spoke of this issue in the parable of the tares and the wheat. There was a category of men who were unfruitful because of the deceitfulness of riches.

 And these are they which are sown among thorns;
such as hear the word, And the cares of this world,
and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of
other things entering in, choke the word,
and it becometh unfruitful.
(Mark 4:18-19 [KJVA])

Riches are deceitful. They grab and keep our attention, pleasure us and make us happy. They can send us on long vacations and to parties. They can send many new and interesting people into our lives who love us because we have money. Riches and the accumulation and use of it can then take our attention and love away from God. But you know what else they do? There is another aspect to the deceitfulness of riches. They can make us think that because we are rich we are specially blessed by God. They can make us look down on those who don't have wealth as somehow being out of God's favor or even accursed. When wealth becomes the measuring line as to how much we think God loves us, we have traded the Living God for the gods of mammon. The gods of gold, silver, platinum, Bitcoin and the greenback. This is the subtle deception of wealth. Mind you, there is nothing wrong at all with wealth. Wealth can indeed be a blessing from God. But often it is a blessing that the prince of this world bestows upon those who serve him best. Mafiosi, money launderers, drug dealers and pimps; crooked politicians, hit men and bank robbers - they can be very rich and all too often they justify their evil deeds pointing to the 'blessings' that their wicked acts have caused to be in their possession.

No, brothers and sisters wealth can be very deceitful. They can also blind us to the call of the Holy Spirit and the commands of God.  This is what happened in Jeremiah's time. The people were prosperous and that prosperity acted like ear plugs. They would not hear the words God was speaking to them.

I spake unto thee in thy prosperity; but thou saidst,
I will not hear. This hath been thy manner from thy youth,
that thou obeyedst not my voice. The wind shall eat up all thy pastors,
 and thy lovers shall go into captivity: surely then shalt
thou be ashamed and confounded for all thy wickedness.
(Jer 22:21-22)

Prosperity made them deaf to God. This too often is the case. When Christians come to our country from places where they suffered and are persecuted, they often fall away. Why? Often, they had no real root in them and the deceitfulness of BMW, Mercedes, a McMansion; a career as model or as an actress comes-a-calling and these things turn their ears away from hearing what God has to say. Wealth, comfort and prosperity they can be great blessings or great stumbling blocks depending on how deeply grounded our lives are in God.

You see the truth is God wants to prosper us. We all want to prosper and there is nothing wrong with that. The problem comes in how we deal with prosperity and what we do with it and with God once we have it.

So how should we live in times of prosperity? We should always remember God. We must always walk with him knowing how transitory earthly wealth is. Consider Job and how he lost is all in a very short period of time.

And in my prosperity I said, I shall never be moved.
(Psa 30:6)

This is a telling verse and here is now the Cambridge Bible puts it in its commentary.

As for me, I said in my prosperity] The word translated prosperity includes the idea of careless security, resulting from uninterrupted good fortune. Comp. Pro_1:32; and for the carnal pride that is apt to spring from prosperity, see Deu_8:10 ff; Deu_32:15; Dan_4:27 ff.

I shall never be moved] Forgetting his dependence upon God, and approaching perilously near the godless man’s self-confident boast (Psa_10:6).

This is the mindset that none of us should have. We must always remember God, and when it is hard to remember, take some time aside and make sure we remember our God and that he is the source of our blessings. If we do not, we run the risk of slowly falling away from him and letting the deceitfulness of riches get the better of us.

Joshua, when he got his charge from the Lord was told to make sure he did not forget the things God had commanded him.

This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth;
but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou
mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein:
for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous,
and then thou shalt have good success.
(Jos 1:8)

Joshua was told that the law of God should not depart out of his mouth and that he was to meditate on God's word. That is one way we can avoid the pitfalls of 'Prosperity Departure Syndrome' - always keep God in the forefront of our minds. Consider the men and women of God from the past, consider the commandments of God, consider our heritage in Christ and the things he expects of us.

But for me the best way I remember God in times of prosperity is to thank him for what he has done. I know how the devil hates that! You know,  I can remember one day talking to someone who was in the process of departing from God asking me some question about what I was doing and how 'successful' I was. I told him I was doing fine and that I thanked God every day for what I have. He said  'you need to get outta that', meaning God did not exist and it was foolish for me to trust him. I told him I was going to thank God anyway... especially if this soon to be apostate didn't like it!! I was not, am not and will never be ashamed of God and to thank him for the things he has done for me. God has been good to me and I am not afraid to tell others of God's goodness.


We need to always remind ourselves and encourage ourselves in the Lord and this is one way to keep yourself from serious error in times of prosperity.

Let us keep this firmly in mind, it was one of Christs most stern admonitions to Christians living in the last days to not let the good times cause us to err in the faith. This is what Christ said.

And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts
be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness,
and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares.
For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the
face of the whole earth. Watch ye therefore, and pray always,
that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things
that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.
(Luk 21:34-36)

We are to take heed to our own selves and not let the good times and cares of this life overwhelm us and drive us away for Christ tells is that the day of his coming will be like a snare and those who are not watching and taking heed are going to be caught unaware.

The next few years may see a lot of temporal prosperity for many of us and life will seem to go on as it always has. But mark this - this is just how Christ said his coming would be. We who know our God must always be mindful of our position in Christ. We are ambassadors and representatives for the Kingdom. Let us live like that weather we are in good times and bad.

Finally let none of us entertain the heart of a scoffer. Peter mentions this with regards to the last days as well.

Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last
 days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, And saying,
Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers
 fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the
 beginning of the creation. For this they willingly are ignorant of,
that by the word of God the heavens were of old,
and the earth standing out of the water and in the water:
Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with
 water, perished: But the heavens and the earth, which
 are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved
unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.
But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one
 day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand
years as one day. The Lord is not slack concerning his promise,
as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward,
 not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.
(2Pe 3:3-9)

This too will be a major danger for Christians that the long time-span of waiting will cause many to depart from the faith... even while much of Bible prophecy is in the news, but not contextualized for those who are diligent in their end times task.  This will be part of the snare in the last days. It is why the last exhortation that we should all do, in good times and bad, in prosperity or want is this,...


7 May

Prayer Requested For Jailed Pastor In Turkey

(MEConcern) Christians in Turkey request further prayer for Andrew Brunson following his second court hearing on 7 May.

The court listened to the testimonies of witnesses, but three of the witnesses submitted by the defense were refused permission to testify on the grounds that they were also suspects in the case. According to journalist Barbara Baker, who was present at the hearing, Andrew and the lawyer were very strong and articulate. Andrew was clearly encouraged by the presence of a number of familiar faces in the courtroom as local church leaders attended in a show of support.

Andrew commented on the claims made against him of aiding the Kurdish separatist organisation PKK saying, "My service that I have spent my life on, has now turned upside down. I was never ashamed to be a server of Jesus but these claims are shameful and disgusting."

Another person present at the hearing said that Andrew and his lawyer clearly demonstrated that the allegations are false and that Andrew's continued detention can only be political.

Sandra Jolley, vice chair of the U.S. government Commission on International Religious Freedom, who also attended the trial said,"The American public and Congress have been very patient, every day that Andrew Brunson spends here imprisoned is a day when the standing of the Turkish government diminishes in the eyes of not just the U.S. but the entire world."

On 4 May fifty Members of the European Parliament submitted a letter to President Erdogan calling for Andrew's release in accordance with European and International commitments of the Republic of Turkey in regard to freedom of religion, to the prohibition of arbitrary detention, and to the right to a fair trial. The Turkish Foreign Minister responded that the government was powerless to do anything and that it was in the hands of the judiciary.

The date of the next hearing is set for 18 July.

Turkish Christians are thankful for Andrew and his lawyer's clear defense and request prayer that:
a. the Lord will continue to strengthen Andrew, and that he and his family will know God's peace and presence
b. that it will be apparent to all that Andrew is detained unjustly
c. the Turkish court will uphold justice and reject the allegations of Andrew's involvement in outlawed terrorist or political groups and military espionage
d. President Erdogan will not abuse Andrew's rights by using him as leverage against the United States and that the United States will respond appropriately to Andrew's situation
e. Andrew will be released soon and that those responsible for his imprisonment will repent of their actions.


Middle East Concern




URL for this prayer request: http://meconcern.org/2018/05/07/turkey-second-hearing-for-andrew-brunson/

Pastor Sentenced to Four Years in Prison on Blasphemy Charge in Indonesia

05/07/2018 Washington D.C. – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on May 7, the Tangerang District Court in Indonesia sentenced Reverend Abraham Ben Moses to four years in prison and issued him a 50 million Rupiah fine (~3,500 USD) for religious defamation.

If he cannot afford to pay the fine, “it can be replaced with a one-month prison term and we also give the defendant a chance to refuse the verdict seven days from tomorrow to appeal to the High Court,” said presiding judge Muhammad Damis at the hearing.

According to Voice of the Martyrs, Reverend Abraham, 53, is a well-known former Muslim and Christian apologist in Indonesia. As part of his ministry, he is involved with online evangelism and debates with local Muslim groups.

Abraham was arrested on December 5, 2017, after a video went viral that depicted him sharing his faith with a Muslim taxi driver. In the video, he speaks with the taxi driver about converting to Christianity and the Prophet Muhammad’s flawed teachings on marriage.

Members of Indonesia’s second largest Islamic organization, Muhammadiyah, immediately lodged a complaint against him on December 8.

According to Jakarta Post, Damis said that “Abraham was convicted under Electronic and Information Transactions Law No. 11/2008 as he intentionally spread information intended to incite hatred against an individual, group and society based on religion.

Although the verdict was more lenient than the prosecutors’ demand of a five-year prison term, Abraham’s legal team plans to file for an appeal.

A Muhammadiyah official Pedri Kasman admitted that he was content about the verdict. “This decision should be appreciated and should serve as a valuable lesson for all parties,” he said.

In a message to Indonesian Christians, Abraham’s wife Sara Ibrahim asked Christians to “pray for pastor Abraham’s punishment to be lighter.”

Gina Goh, ICC’s Regional Manager, said, “The Indonesian government should revisit the country’s blasphemy law, as it is increasingly being exploited by radical Muslim groups to target individuals who they find to be offensive and theologically ‘out-of-line.’ To honor religious freedom as enshrined in Indonesia’s constitution, the government must respect all religions and stop criminalizing Christians when they are merely exercising their right to free speech.”

For interviews with Gina Goh, Regional Manager, please contact Olivia Miller, Communications Coordinator: press@persecution.org


You are free to disseminate this news story. We request that you reference International Christian Concern (ICC) and include our web address, www.persecution.org. ICC is a Washington D.C.-based human rights organization that exists to help persecuted Christians worldwide. ICC provides Awareness, Advocacy, and Assistance to the worldwide persecuted Church.

Nigeria’s Middle Belt Report: Dozens Murdered in Churches as Attacks Increase

By Nathan Johnson

 05/07/2018 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – For Christians in Nigeria’s Middle Belt region, April has been the deadliest month in 2018 thus far. Over the past month, there have been reports of more than 350 people killed in the Middle Belt due to the Fulani militant crisis. These attacks spanned eight states; however, the vast majority of the attacks took place in Benue State. Of the 27 attacks that have been reported, 20 of them took place in a state which has already outlawed open grazing in an attempt to end the violence. This shows that these attacks are not merely about farmers denying herders land. These herders were not denied land by the farmers, but by the government who told them that they must purchase land to graze on.

In a more blatant show of religious motivation, Fulani militants also carried out two attacks on churches in Benue State this past month. On April 24, Fulani militants stormed St. Ignatius Catholic Church in Mbalom. During the attack, they killed two priests and at least 17 parishioners in addition to burning down more than 50 homes. Less than a week later, Fulani militants attacked and killed seven internally displaced people who were taking refuge in a church in Mbamondo.

Below are the largest attacks that took place in April.

  1. April 14-16, 2018: Fulani militants attack several villages in Nasarawa State, killing at least 39 and destroying more than a dozen homes.
  2. April 24, 2018: Fulani militants attack St. Ignatius Catholic Church in Mbalom, killing two priests and 17 others.
  3. April 26, 2018: Fulani militants attack three villages, Tse-Umenge, Mbakpase and Tse-Ali villages, killing 39 and destroying more than 150 houses.

In spite of the tragedies, there are encouraging signs of progress. In April, President Trump hosted Nigeria’s President Buhari in Washington D.C. During an interview, President Trump said, “We’ve had serious problems with Christians who have been murdered, killed [in Nigeria]. We’re going to work on that problem and work on that problem very, very hard.” This brings hope that the international community is starting to realize the dire situation that is taking place in Nigeria. It is time for the Nigerian government to direct its full attention toward these deadly militants.

For interviews with Nathan Johnson, Regional Manager, please contact Olivia Miller, Communications Coordinator: press@persecution.org


You are free to disseminate this news story. We request that you reference International Christian Concern (ICC) and include our web address, www.persecution.org. ICC is a Washington D.C.-based human rights organization that exists to help persecuted Christians worldwide. ICC provides Awareness, Advocacy, and Assistance to the worldwide persecuted Church.

3 May

Ruth Part VII

Then said Boaz unto his servant that was set over the reapers,
Whose damsel is this? And the servant that was set over
the reapers answered and said, It is the Moabitish damsel
 that came back with Naomi out of the country of Moab:
(Rth 2:5-6)

As we left off last time, Ruth was out in the fields gleaning after having received permission from her mother in law. Boaz who owned the section of the field that Ruth was gleaning from had just returned during the harvest time to his field. The passage above is the first time he laid eyes on Ruth. Boaz did not know who she was and wanted to know. It is likely that this was mostly just curiosity in that the local people who gleaned were probably for the most part known to him as they were probably members of families that lived in meager circumstances. What is notable is that Boaz takes an interest in this poor stranger.

The backdrop for this kind of life is probably relevant. The way people lived back in those days was different than now, though the customs and hierarchy continued to play out like they did in Ruth's time for many long centuries after. Even here in the US during slave times, things were not all that different from Ruth's time.

1. He had a servant that was set over the reapers, Rth 2:6. In great families it is requisite there should be one to oversee the rest of the servants, and appoint to each their portion both of work and meat. Ministers are such servants in God's house, and it is requisite that they be both wise and faithful, and show their Lord all things, as he here, Rth 2:6.

2. Yet he came himself to his reapers, to see how the work went forward, if he found any thing amiss to rectify it, and to give further orders what should be done. This was both for his own interest (he that wholly leaves his business to others will have it done by the halves; the master's eye makes a fat horse) and it was also for the encouragement of his servants, who would go on the more cheerfully in their work when their master countenanced them so far as to make them a visit. Masters that live at ease should think with tenderness of those that toil for them and bear the burden and heat of the day.

3. Kind and pious salutations were interchanged between Boaz and his reapers.
He said to them, The Lord be with you; and they replied, The Lord bless thee, Rth 2:4. Hereby they expressed,
[1.] Their mutual respect to each other; he to them as good servants, and they to him as a good master. When he came to them he did not fall a chiding them, as if he came only to find fault and exercise his authority, but he prayed for them: “The Lord be with you, prosper you, and give you health and strength, and preserve you from any disaster.” Nor did they, as soon as ever he was out of hearing, fall a cursing him, as some ill-natured servants that hate their master's eye, but they returned his courtesy: “The Lord bless thee, and make our labours serviceable to thy prosperity.” Things are likely to go on well in a house where there is such good-will as this between master and servants.
[2.] Their joint-dependence upon the divine providence. They express their  kindness to each other by praying one for another. They show not only their courtesy, but their piety, and acknowledgement that all good comes from the presence and blessing of God, which therefore we should value and desire above any thing else both for ourselves and others. - Matthew Henry

The customs of those times and the way things were done is not an unimportant aspect of this book. Some expositors have remarked that this was indeed one of the reasons for it, to hearken back to simpler more wholesome times that seemed to have been slowly escaping Israel after the advent of the disastrous reign of Saul. Here we see that Boaz had an overseer on the farm/plantation and he went to him to ask whom the damsel was, for ultimately it was his responsibility to oversee the laborers and allow those who would come to glean onto the field. But note that neither the overseer nor Boaz refused any poor person from gleaning, not even a foreign woman as Ruth was.

The Steward dutifully tells his master who the woman is and the fact that she is a foreigner. Now it is very likely that the Steward knew that she was kin to Boaz as he clearly had heard the story of Naomi's return (vs6).

And she said, I pray you, let me glean and gather after the reapers
among the sheaves: so she came, and hath continued even from
the morning until now, that she tarried a little in the house.
(Rth 2:7)

The overseer continues his explanation to Boaz as to who Ruth was and how she came to be on his field. Ruth was obviously tired because she had been working since the morning. It is not clear from the passage what time of day it was but it seems that it was probably afternoon, but she was tired and got a small rest in the house. It is not clear from this passage what this house was. Some expositors say it was just a field tent thrown up for workers in the field. The word used for house (H1004) does not appear to permit this. There has been some scholarly debate about this house as ancient versions render the passage a little different.

save that she tarried a little in the house] lit. ‘her dwelling in the house is (but) short’: not the house of Boaz, which is out of the question; possibly her own house, in which case the meaning will be ‘she has but recently come to live here.’ It is doubtful, however, whether the words can bear this sense; the text is probably corrupt. The LXX. reads ‘and she hath not rested in the field (even) a little time’; the Vulg., ‘and not even for a moment hath she returned to the house.’ Something can be said for each of these emendations, but neither is quite satisfactory. - Cambridge Bible

Then said Boaz unto Ruth, Hearest thou not, my daughter?
Go not to glean in another field, neither go from hence, but abide
here fast by my maidens: Let thine eyes be on the field that they do reap,
 and go thou after them: have I not charged the young men that they
shall not touch thee? and when thou art athirst, go unto the vessels,
and drink of that which the young men have drawn.
(Rth 2:8-9)

Boaz realized that Ruth was kin. Probably as as consequence of this, he wanted to make sure that she was taken care of and wanted to look out for her. So he asks her not to glean on anothers field but to stay on his. Moreover he wanted her to stay with the women on his farm/manor thus giving this vulnerable foreign woman a measure of protection. He gives her his permission, right from his own lips (no middle man) to go and glean in his field. Moreover, he charged the men not to pester or molest her. Because she was probably fairly young, was a foreigner and had no male relatives, she may have been seen as 'easy prey' to some of the men to treat harshly as she had no protector.

We should keep in mind that for the most part, there was no 'police force' operating in those days. If the Lord of the manor or some kin did not bring a grievance to a court, it was likely that some misdeed could go unpunished. Boaz was extending his hand of protection over Ruth. Boaz also tells her she can drink the water that the men from his estate have drawn and brought back for the workers. This may not seem like a big thing, but it may have been one of the unwritten ways the hands would 'discourage' the unwanted from returning to the field the next day. They would make sure that those on the 'approved list' got water and the rest went without. Boaz made sure she had all the things she needed to glean... without being harassed by the young men who may have been looking for some non-consensual 'afternoon fun' in a nearby hayloft. Now this seems to the at least part of the intent of Boaz's charge to the young men.

The word used in the phrase 'shall not touch thee' is this one.

A primitive root; properly to touch, that is, lay the hand upon (for any purpose; euphemistically, to lie with a woman); by implication to reach (figuratively to arrive, acquire); violently, to strike (punish, defeat, destroy, etc.): - beat, (X be able to) bring (down), cast, come (nigh), draw near (nigh), get up, happen, join, near, plague, reach (up), smite, strike, touch.
Total KJV occurrences: 150

Ruth had found favor in the eyes of Boaz. Next time, the Lord willing, we will see how she reacted to all of this.

2 May

Human Trafficking/Foreign Labor Watch

US: NY Sex Club For Sexy Millennials Only - ZH
The 700 member club has a waiting list. Only those who are young and sexy can apply.

US: Rosanna Arquette Slams March In Support of Backpage - Twitchy.com
She tells it like it is - this is about sex slavery.
UK: Boys Lured To Sex Slavery With Dreams Of Football Stardom The Times (UK)

Ending The Silence Around Multi-Billion Dollar Sex Slave Market - Time
A look at this global industry. There are two reports linked within the piece that are worth downloading.

Graphic From: Global Estimates Of Modern Slavery (UN-ILO/Walk Free)

US: Sex Trafficking - The New American Slavery - CNN
This is an interesting piece on the subject and shows how Atlanta has become a hub for one of the devils key industries.
San Diego Lawmakers Bill Targets Sex Traffickers - SD Tribune

Women Hooked On Opiod's Turn To Sex Work - NBC
This is the hardest hit state and the article tells you one of the reasons why. But this is a growing problem. As people lose work, turn to dope and are so hooked on it that they need money to keep their highs, this is going to be a major problem. People turning to 'alternative methods' of acquiring income. This talks about hooking, but what about those who turn to petty and not so petty crime?

This epidemic in some ways appears to be abating but I think it is going to remain with us for a long, long time. I also think that when a major recession comes (and come it will) the problems will multiply.

There are too many people making too much money off of this - particularly the drug companies who seem to have shown a remarkable disregard for any semblance of responsibility. They are making too much money off of this epidemic and this is, for the most part 'legal' dope dealing.

These problems often boil down to money and while I know many people don't like it when I talk about it in these terms and get upset when I don't contextualize these issues into idiotic partisan propaganda, but I am intelligent and objective enough to see this -
as long as there is a major economic incentive in place to sell and distribute these drugs and as as long as the laws only target the poor folks and not the big pharmaceutical companies, we have only begun to see this problem in America take root.
"I was sold into Sex Slavery"

Meet The Celebs Who Use Fame To Help Sex Slave Victims
Hollywood may be crawling with those who use and abuse women and may indeed be festering with to some of the lowest kinds of sex criminals, but there are also many in Hollywood who have used their fame to cast a light on this dark aspect of American culture.
Who Is Keith Raniere: Details About NVIXM

How A Chance Discovery In Philippines Led To Backpage

Chilling Texts Show How Teens Victimized by Pimps

Employers From Hell: Domestic Workers Tortured By Their 'Masters'

UAE: Migrant Workers And Unsustainable Building

Philippines And Kuwait In Major Worker Row

1 May

Iran Watch

Iran Hits Back At Netanyahu Charges - BBC

Europe Backs Iran Deal - DW
They see it as the best way to counter the Iran 'threat'.

Iran Deal: Netanyahu Press Conference and the Money Man Behind Trump And Bibi - MoA

This is an interesting take on the moves with the Iran Deal
Iran Threatens To Leave Deal, Resume Nuke Program - MEI
This all related to the 'new deal' related by Trump and Marcon
Iran’s Priorities in a Turbulent Middle East - ICG
The ICG does one of their papers on Iran.
Iranian Christian arrested 45 days ago tells family: ‘I’m in Evin Prison’ - WWM

Iran Orders ISP's To Stop Hosting Telegram - DailyMail
Its encrypted communications and self destruct feature are probably what's got them worried. It may have been a tool used by 'foreign actors' to create political protests in the past. This piece talks about some concerns they may have had.
Currency Woes Get Iran To Switch Reporting From Dollar To Euro's - Reuters
The Rial has lost a lot of value and the regime wants to reduce its dependence on the greenback.
Iran Threatens To Sink US Warships As Tensions Rise - News Week

Iran Resistance Group Claims Protests In Kurdistan
This piece is written by a resistance group in Iran know as the Council Of Resistance Of Iran
Collapse Of Iran Deal Means EU Projects To Be Put On Ice - Sputnik News
Many EU firms have deals with Iran since sanctions were lifted. What will happen? Will big EU enterprises be dictated to by Trump? The EU leaders let that happen? I don't know.
Poland's Interesting Role In Iran Deal Negotiations - Sputnik News
They assume the UNSC chair in May.
Israel Claims Iran Has 80,000 Fighters In Syria - Reuters
Iranians as well are not happy about all the foreign deployments particularly when there is real economic trouble at home. They have a lot of problems.
Mathis Warns Of Israel-Iran War In Syria - The National

Iran Hawk Pompeo Confirmed As Secretary Of State  - Reason.com

Sanctions Exceptions Sends Oil Higher

Is Iran Seeking Regional Hegemony?
This piece by the Atlantic Council deconstructs the Israeli/Bahraini narrative.
Iran Holds Energy Conference In Paris

26 Apr

Never Trumpers' Whining About Principles Was Just An Act

You know, this above linked article (at Town Hall) really encapsulates how just I feel about the Political left and their reaction to Trump. Its scathing, it's a bit humorous, but it fits. It is an excellent exercise in the just how low the political left has sunk in this nation. I am no big Trump fan, nor am I a GOPer. Never have been. But I look at the left these days and really, what I see makes my skin crawl. It really does. The complete lack of critical thinking skills coupled with brain dead narratives, foolish lawsuits and the likes, really... is it any wonder they lost in 2016?

As an intelligent Black America (not your ordinary run of the mill reflex-democrat voting Black American) I can say that people who hitch their star to that party got everything they deserve from it - cops gunning down the brothers in cold blood... and the cops getting off.. neighborhoods full of gangsters who shoot up the place, don't try and deny it  - that stuff is going on right now but like an ostrich whose brains fell out while he had is head stuck in that hole in the ground... they don't wan't to see it and have the arrogance to get mad when someone else does and has the guts to point it out publicly.  All this crap was going on with the Democrats in the White House and for a couple of years had both houses of Congress too! What did Black America do in 2016? What they always do... vote Democrat!!!

This is one reason why for the most part, I have given up on Black America as a collective entity. They are stuck in patterns of failure and are too rigid in their mentality to break free. Too cowardly to ask the simple questions that are not PC and too hostile to listen to those who care that don't parrot the DNC's talking points. I am a Black American and proud to be one, but I am ashamed at what has been happening to so many of our people and the lack of real leaders who have the guts to step up and take the flack even from other Blacks ...and there will be more than a few 'failure addicts' who will attack you - leaders who will use their power in order to help get us out of our collective funk. Guys like Malcolm X. I was never down for his talk of violence, but he got down to brass tacks about what was wrong back then and got a rash of crap from many other Black Americans, who eventually killed him. But he had guts -  he was a man, not some whimpering canine which today, makes up far too many Americans of all races these days. There is nothing I find more contemptible than a moral and social coward. It is one key trait of chronic failures. 

But every once in a while a man comes along with some guts and bucks the crowd and the patterns of failure and can speak and think for his or herself. That is rare today, particularly among American Black Men.

Look, I know many Black Americans don't like it when I talk like this. Tough. Someone has to say something and the very first step in fixing any problem is properly identifying its causes. While I have no hope Black America will gets its act together collectively, I know a lot of individuals will, once they break free from the mental, social and psychological patterns of failure that beset Black culture and people. What do I mean by patterns of failure? Look at who as the bottom of just about every statistic out there from prisoners in prison to low income households, to unemployment, to children born out of wedlock without a dad.

The political left needs to get its act together. The political right may not have the answers, but they seem to have at least a few more than those on the left. One key is this. Don't be a hypocrite.

You want your rights respected? Respect the rights of others. Alan Dershowitz, the liberal lawyer lays out just one key issue. Is anyone listening? The quote from the film A Man For All Seasons is particularly relevant.

I don't think people on the left whose minds have been so whipped up into a rage understand is that the rights you take away from anyone, particularly a President are rights they will take away from them as well. They are so blind with rage and hate at Trump they no longer see or think clearly -  it's get Trump at any cost!

The problem is that they don't fully understand what 'at any cost' really means.

I am one man who could care less what the crowd thinks of me, least of all the 'failure addicts' that make up far too wide a population sample of Black America. I want to see our communities and young people become successes, full of integrity, more self-reliant and a reflection of what I know God wants Black America to be. I also know of one way you can make sure that never happens.

Vote Democrat.

25 Apr

Ruth Part VI

And Naomi had a kinsman of her husband's, a mighty man of wealth,
of the family of Elimelech; and his name was Boaz.
(Ruth 2:1 [KJVA])

The narrative here moves from the early times of their return which was at harvest time. Here we meet Boaz for the first time and he was related to Naomi on her Husband's side. So who was he? Here Mathew Henry gives us a good little background.

He was grandson of Nahshon, who was prince of the tribe of Judah in the wilderness, and son of Salmon, probably a younger son, by Rahab, the harlot of Jericho. He carries might in his name, Boaz - in him is strength; and he was of the family of Elimelech, that family which was now reduced and brought so low. - Matthew Henry

Clearly he had some wealth for it was his field that as we will see, Ruth came to glean. However the word wealth in the above passage has a greater connotation than merely worldly goods and possessions. The word here is.


From H2342; probably a force, whether of men, means or other resources; an army, wealth, virtue, valor, strength: - able, activity, (+) army, band of men (soldiers), company, (great) forces, goods, host, might, power, riches, strength, strong, substance, train, (+) valiant (-ly), valour, virtuous (-ly), war, worthy (-ily).

Clearly wealth was meant here but perhaps in our terms the phrase 'a prominent man', may be a bit more explanatory as to what is meant. Boaz was an important person.

And Ruth the Moabitess said unto Naomi, Let me now go to the field,
and glean ears of corn after him in whose sight I shall find grace.
And she said unto her, Go, my daughter. And she went, and came,
and gleaned in the field after the reapers: and her hap was to
light on a part of the field belonging unto Boaz,
who was of the kindred of Elimelech.
(Rth 2:2-3)

The passage does not say weather or not Naomi had sought help of him as family as she and Ruth were essentially destitute widows. The passage makes no such statement or inference. In any case, Boaz would eventually show kindness to his relative in her time of need. But let us remember the traditions of those days. Gleaners were granted permission to come onto the field and remove whatever the reapers left behind. This was a privilege granted to the poor, the stranger and those without family (like Ruth). This was a custom handed down from the times of Moses.

When thou cuttest down thine harvest in thy field, and hast forgot
a sheaf in the field, thou shalt not go again to fetch it: it shall be
for the stranger, for the fatherless, and for the widow: that the LORD
 thy God may bless thee in all the work of thine hands.
(Deu 24:19)
See also Leviticus 23:22. Gleaning remained a custom for many long years later. It was the general custom in parts of Europe for centuries. In fact, the law recognized this custom in some places back in those days. Not to go off subject, but in the UK gleaning looks like it may be making a comeback to help fight poverty and reduce food waste.

The Gleaners by, Jean-Francois Millet (Public Domain)

So Ruth was going to go and glean the fields and told Naomi as much. She was hoping to find favor in the eyes of the owner of the field. That she requested her mother in laws permission is a sign of considerable deference and respect.  She was not going to make any major moves without first consulting with her mother in law. In truth it is not clear that Ruth, a Moabites was aware of the gleaning custom in Israel.

Now lets keep something in mind, Ruth did not go out to glean while secretly looking for a rich husband, this is not the meaning of the passage. What she was seeking permission for was to follow someone else who as a reaper and follow behind them and glean. What she was doing essentially was hoping she could get permission to glean with someone else.

Here is how Adam Clarke sums it up.

After him in whose sight I shall find grace - She did not mean Boaz; but she purposed to go out where they were now reaping, and glean after any person who might permit her, or use her in a friendly manner. The words seem to intimate that, notwithstanding the law of Moses, the gleaners might be prevented by the owner of the field. - Adam Clarke

Naomi gives her her blessing. But I think what many miss in this passage is this. If these two women were compelled to go gleaning, they were in near destitute circumstances. Gleaning was one step above begging. We must also keep one thing in mind as well. Despite the fact that Naomi had fallen on very hard times, Ruth stuck with her and kept faith with her mother in law and the God she worshiped. This is a sign of a very strong faith that Ruth possessed and her faithfulness to the promise she made to her mother in law, to stay with her.

And she went, and came, and gleaned in the field after the reapers:
and her hap was to light on a part of the field belonging unto Boaz,
who was of the kindred of Elimelech. And, behold, Boaz came from
Bethlehem, and said unto the reapers, The LORD be with you.
And they answered him, The LORD bless thee.
(Rth 2:3-4)

So while she was out gleaning by chance she came upon the part that belonged to a kinsman of Naomi, Boaz. The word 'hap' in the above passage is this one.


From H7136; something met with, that is, an accident or fortune: - something befallen, befalleth, chance, event, hap (-peneth).

By chance she was in Boaz's section of the field, and his relationship to Naomi is recalled for us here as being a kindred of her deceased husband. But we know that often what happens by chance is really a 'divine appointment'. This was clearly one of them. She did not know who the field belonged to and her reason for going was merely to get some gleanings (food). How many times in our lives have such divine appointments happened? I can count more than a couple in my life. Chance meetings, chance circumstances, mistakes I thought I made that turned into a major blessing. I think any child of God can say they have had such experiences before. For Ruth, this was one of them. God orders our steps and often the smallest, seemingly most insignificant of events can lead to very significant changes in our lives. This seeming happenstance meeting was to have the greatest and most far reaching ramifications, for from this event, will come the bloodline of the Messiah.

Verse four shows us that this was a day where Boaz had come from Bethlehem, probably to take a look at the fields and the harvest as, if the gleaners were on the field, the harvest was now in or on its way to the barns. He may have come to oversee the work, see if there was anything that the harvesters needed that was lacking or fix any problems that may have arisen.

That Boaz was in the field that day is interesting and in many ways shows you how things were back in those days. The master of a field visiting it was looked upon favorably by the ancients, not just in Israel.

...a king in Homer (Iliad. 18. ver. 556, 557) is represented as among his reapers, with his sceptre in his hand, and cheerful. Pliny (Nat. Hist. l. 18. c. 6.) relates it, as a saying of the ancients, that the eye of the master is the most fruitful thing in the field; and Aristotle (De Administrat. Domestic. l. 1. c. 6) reports, that a Persian being asked what fattened a horse most, replied, the eye of the master; and an African being asked what was the best dung for land, answered, the steps of his master: - Quoted from Gill
This was a busy time, people were working probably very hard while the sun was up. But we note that this is a man and household who honored God as the greetings between the owner and the field and the reapers is to bless each other in the name of the Lord. We should also remember that this was in the time of the Judges and in those days, general apostasy had not set in. Thus the Name of the Lord seems to have been taken by most in their daily greetings.

We will continue our look at the book of Ruth next week, God willing!!

Brother Mark

22 Apr

Nazi's In Ukraine Police Streets

(Spitfire List) The Kiev city government recently signed an agreement giving C14 – the militia literally named after the white supremacist ’14 words’ slogan – the right to establish a “municipal guard” to patrol the streets there. ” . . . . But connections between law enforcement agencies and extremists give Ukraine’s Western allies ample reason for concern. C14 and Kiev’s city government recently  signed  an  agreement allowing C14 to establish a “municipal guard” to patrol the streets; three such militia-run guard forces are already registered in Kiev, and at least 21 operate in other cities. . . .”

They’re also cracking down on political activists, including LGBT and anti-war proponents.

As the article also notes, while the far-right may not be winning at the ballot box, they have powerful political protection, because of the close relationship between Interior Minister Arsen Avakov and figures like Azov leader Andriy Biletsky and Sergei Korotkykh, an Azov veteran who is now a high-ranking police official.

Avakov’s Peoples’ Party is the main partner in the parliamentary coalition led by Poroshenko’s Bloc. Should Petro Poroshenko decided to challenge Avakov and, as a result, the growing role of these neo-Nazi militias, his governing coalition might collapse. And that’s all part of why Ukraine’s neo-Nazi problem isn’t just a problem of popular support for the neo-Nazi militias.  - Dave Emory/Spitfire List

More here on C14. These Nazi's mean business and the US has been seriously backing this regime in Ukraine. They even now send them weapons!!

More here on the crazy, White Supremacist Jew killers our American tax dollars are gleefully supporting.

 “Our nation’s historical mission at this critical juncture is to lead
the global White Race in its final crusade for its survival.
A crusade against the Semite-led Untermenschen.”
- Andriy Biletsky, Commander Azov Battalion

Today we are going to deal with Ukraine and a few war related issues.

One Moscow based Journal today gives us the background on a group and person the US and those within it who have long supported and aided Nazi's would rather not have us know about. Here, Moscow does not need to embellish, prevaricate, lie or give us American-esque 'fake news'. Here they just tell us tell important truths that many in DC would rather the average American not know about and because no US source will contextualize it propery and truthfully, we have to go outside of the American 'fake news' factory to get some background.

This piece is about the Azov battalion and its leadership and where Ukraine may be heading.
The man referred to is the leader of this heavily militarized group is unashamedly racist and anti-Semitic. They hate Jews and worship the devils who ran the Third Reich as kind of demi-gods.

"...Biletsky strengthened his position as the leader of Ukraine’s Nazis and won a seat in parliament as an independent candidate from one of Kiev’s single-seat districts. In the Verkhovna Rada he is the deputy head of the Committee on National Security and Defense and is ironically a member of a group on inter-parliamentary relations with Georgia, Great Britain, Israel, the US, Poland, and Lithuania." - Oriental Review

Now I am not going to go on a rant here as many of you who are familiar with my writings understand who these people are and what they represent. They are truly evil men, every bit as bad as ISIS. The problem here is an intricate one and one I hope to lay out to you all in layman's terms.

The US was trying to give military support to these guys a couple of years ago, but could not. One Black Congressman, John Conyers who was senior on the House Judiciary Committee stopped any aid from reaching these Jew killing freaks. You can read about those efforts here. That piece was written back in 2015
. A few things have changed since then.

First, Conyers was removed from his place on the Congressional committee because of alleged sexual improprieties. Second, Donald Trump has promised to give lethal aid to Ukrainian forces.

Now, go back and read the highlighted portion in the paragraph from the Oriental review. Re-read it. The Nazi's now run Ukraine's Defense and National Security. Why is this? These Neo-Nazi groups were the only ones who were effective against the Russians. They hate Russians only a little less than they hate Jews. So groups like the Azov are of importance to the race war started by Western Elements when they overthrew the government of Ukraine a few years ago. They do the bloody work of killing Russians and spitting out hate towards Jews.

But the Azov Battalion is not some rouge group, they make up the official part of the Ukrainian Military.

The Special Operations Detachment "Azov", often known as Azov Battalion, (Ukrainian: Полк Азов) is a National Guard of Ukraine regiment. based in Mariupol in the Azov Sea coastal region. - Wikipedia
So this is an official part of their military and defense forces. Why is this important? Because any lethal weapons that goes to Ukraine will wind up either deliberately or 'accidentally' (on purpose) with groups like the Azov. Like ISIS, these warrior clans have attracted every violently inclined fruitloop on earth who shares their twisted ideology.

Related: Ukraine's Invented a 'Jewish-Ukrainian Nationalist' to Whitewash Its Nazi-era Past

Since Trump has decided to give this aid and since this whole Nazi thing has been vetted and instituted before, when Obama was President, we may be just beginning to see the real Donald Trump.

However - I want to be fair as I think it highly possible that he was maneuvered into this support by John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Each has been to Ukraine to give pep speeches and support to the Nazi linked Government and fighters. What? You didn't hear about it? Well they have done so and if you scour the web, you will find the stories but powerful 'deep state' censors on the web have done what they could to bury those stories.

My guess is that in order to get his tax bill passed both of these Senators decided to withhold support for it until Trump gave such support to the Nazi Regime. The arms announcement was made on the 20th of December within hours of the Tax Bill passing the Senate by a margin of one vote. McCain initially was opposed to it. When Ukraine got arms, he supported it. You do the math. Also keep in mind that Conyers whom I mentioned earlier who opposed Nazi aid and got a bill passed that stopped such financial aid to these Nazi's, suddenly was removed just a few weeks before from his place in the Judiciary Committee. No impediment now to the 'Holocaust Redux' policy. The Nazi's are now free to kill as they would put it, 'all the niggers and Jews' they want to, with American blessing which in reality may turn out to be a divine and eternal curse.

Well this is the way horse trading is done in Congress. When you see two seemingly unrelated things like this happen during a contentious bill, it means that horse trading is going on and you and I are not to know who is selling out for what.

All this means is that in 2018 even more violence and bloodshed will transpire in a divided Ukraine that was one nation before the US overthrew the democratically elected government with one of the most deliberately undisguised coups in US 'regime change' history... and that is a very long list. Why was it undisguised? Because it was a deliberate provocation to Moscow. The Nazi's didn't just hate Jews - they hated Russians as well and went to war with them.

Prognosis: The Blood will flow in Ukraine and nothing will ultimately be changed politically save a few thousand less Ukrainian mouths to feed after they are buried.

Man of you wonder why I speak out about such things and wonder why I just don't stick to the Bible. I will tell you. Those Nazi's were no friend of Christians. The Nazi's fought Christians nearly as hard as they fought Jews in Nazi Germany. I write this so that you know the spirit behind this and the people in power here who are pushing and supporting such policies. The Nuremberg Tribunal has a the legal case they made against the Nazi's here from way back then. The persecution came in stages.

Fourth (February 1937 to 1939)

  • More open conflict based on "Nazism itself and its anti-Christian worldviews". Regime increases imprisonment of resistant clergy.
  • March 1937: Pope Pius XI issues Mit brennender Sorge encyclical, denouncing aspects of Nazi ideology, protesting regime's violations of Concordat and treatment of Catholics, and abuse of human rights.[36]
  • Regime responds with intensification of Church Struggle.[22] Trumped up "immorality trials" against clergy and anti-Church propaganda campaign.[22] Christmas 1937 address, Pope tells cardinals "rarely has there been a persecution so grave"[37]
  • 1 July 1937, Confessing Church banned. Martin Niemöller arrested.[38] Theological universities closed, pastors and theologians arrested.[39]

Fifth stage (1939 to 1945)

  • More clergy were imprisoned - Clergy Barracks established at Dachau.
  • July–August 1941 - Cardinal von Galen's sermons denounce lawlessness of Gestapo, confiscations of church properties, and Nazi euthanasia. Govt takes program underground.[40]
  • Clergy were drafted into the military
  • Church publications were censored or banned
  • Services and functions restricted or banned
  • 22 March 1942, the German Catholic Bishops issued a pastoral letter on "The Struggle against Christianity and the Church":[41]
  • Inspired by Cardinal von Galen, the White Rose group becomes active in 1942; group members are arrested by the Gestapo and executed in 1943.[42]
  • Nazi assault on churches and "Christian conscience" motivates many of the July Plot participants in failed 1944 coup against Hitler.[43] Leading clerical resistors Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Alfred Delp are implicated. Both executed in 1945. - Wikipedia

This Nazi spirit comes right out of the pit of hell but will use fake Christians and fake pastors to further its ends.

I tell you this - I want to see a normalization of relation between the US and Russia - peace, or at least moving in that direction and you are not going to get anything with Nazi's but hate and war.

I don't want US tax dollars being given secretly to Nazi's. I don't want octogenarian Senators with diagnosed brain diseases running our foreign policy with such wicked and bizarre policies. I am not down on his illness (that would be cruel and unchristian), only that he is still making key decisions in DC.

What I don't want to do is paint the Russians as totally innocent victims nor put a stamp of approval on all Russia has done since that coup. But when you continually provoke someone to act badly, sooner or later they will. So if the things are a mess in Ukraine, it is because that is exactly what the US wanted - so they have a narrative to create the Russophobia we now see. Why? Europe's dependence on Russian Energy.  They wanted to drive a wedge between Russia and her key customer with a along running 'hate' campaign so that Europe would look elsewhere for a supplier. Is it working?
No. If you get past the fake news and get down to the dollars and cents - it all becomes less of a muddle.

It's time for a serious change in direction in both our polices and the names of our policy makers, who have made a bloody mess of the world from Libya to Syria to Yemen to Iraq to Ukraine and beyond with their shortsighted and violent policies.

We as a nation can do better, but to do better we need new faces and new people making policy in DC.

Another Reason I saw these things? Hardly anyone else is, most particularly Corporate 501(c)3 White Evangelicals. Is Nazism all right with them? Many German evangelicals cooperated with Hitler and Nazi-ism. Many others just shut their eyes and ears while their friends, family and neighbors were hauled off to concentration camps. I will never be such a coward as that.

Well, now you know what I think of most of American so called evangelical Christians. It is a political movement, not one moved by the Holy Ghost and the courage and conviction of faith in the Jewish carpenter who was the Messiah and Son of God, Jesus Christ. Rather they are moved by the money and power of the prince of this world and have the effrontery to call it 'Christianity'. This do-nothing, touchy-feely Christianity doesn't save souls. It may elect a Donald Trump, but it does not save souls.

Well, Mark this -  too many American Christians are going to sit silent and mimic that same cowardly behavior today because they don't want to appear unpatriotic or anti-Trump or rock their social networks. I will speak out  - Let the cowardly dogs whimper, whine and piddle in the corner when someone cuts them a mean look while they wait for their master to throw them a bone. I NEVER WILL. I am not going to sit silent while this wicked Nazi beast rises again.

Lest we forget, Nazi-ism systematically exterminated millions upon millions of people it did not consider to be racially fit for their Aryan world.

Someone has to say something before the Nazi seeds planted in Ukraine spread elsewhere.

More here.

What concerns me more is this however; that supposed Christians reportedly have considerable access to the President and this White House. What kind of advice are they giving him? I don't know but I think false prophets are part of Trumps problem. What do I see? Well you will all have to forgive me, I am a Black man and at times see things through the lens of a Black man, though I work hard to keep a strong objectivity in what I see and write about. But right now this is what I see... all White... all the time.

Black folks, Latino's and anyone not White.... they need not apply.

The so called Religious Right? They often seem are more akin to the Pharisee's of Christ's time to me. The Pharisee's of those days were loved by the State and were an abomination unto God. They were rich and frowned down on anyone that was not like them. Scour the net and take a look at the mansions and massive Estate's these TV pastors have and their access to the halls of power. It is shocking.

American Christianity... much of it I am sorry is as phony as a three dollar bill. They have the image of being holy, but are not. But we have seen such men before. It is nothing new, just a variation on a theme that is older than the crucifixion.  False prophets lying to leaders. Let us remember that it was the religious establishment who used legal fraud to set up the Lord to have him murdered.

Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!
for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed
appear beautiful outward, but are within full of
dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness.
Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men,
but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity.
(Mat 23:27-28)

False prophets can often speak 'truths' to get us to trust them. It is only so they can betray is later with much greater effect.

And the LORD said unto him, Wherewith?
And he said, I will go forth, and I will be a lying spirit
 in the mouth of all his prophets. And he said, Thou shalt persuade him,
 and prevail also: go forth, and do so. Now therefore, behold,
 the LORD hath put a lying spirit in the mouth of all these thy prophets,
 and the LORD hath spoken evil concerning thee.
(1Ki 22:22-23)

Now Brothers, I am NOT saying God has spoken evil regarding the President. What I am saying is that I don't think it likely that these men who are 'Court Prophets' to the President have their anointing from God. I hope I am wrong about them, but let me be clear. This whole administration is snow blind. If it isn't White, they are not seeing it and it certainly is not coming anywhere near the seat of power... except a token here or there to deflect open charges of racism.

No, if this administration wants to do right it needs to stop playing politics with God and do those things God demands. One is to speak the truth always and if your job as President does not let you, then you should keep silent.

We as a nation, if we continue to let those who walk with the devil run our nation will have hell to pay for it.

Rather, let our nation...

Seek peace, real peace with all men and nations.

Use our military for defense, not offense,

Deal with our own internal issues, like that lack of real justice for the poor and those of color.

Let us get our own economic house in order. A debt ridden nation is nothing more than a slave-nation with a different name (Prov 22:7). You can talk freedom all day long, but no one is free who is trillions in debt.

Clean out the corruption in our DOD, CIA, DOJ, FBI and a host of other agencies who for too long have run games, crimes, rackets and other malicious activities against the people of the nation, using their privileged access and power.
Heal the divisions in the nation so that we can all have some measure of respect for one another and not let politics, race and other issues relating to 'identity politics' as well as false political narratives and petty hatreds divide this nation and we wind up with more State level succession movements within our nation or worse yet, another civil war.

Get men and women who love God close to you, Mr. President. Not religious fraudsters but men and women who know and walk with God and shun the limelight and all that filthy lucre that goes with the religion business.

Teach our children the truths of God, rather than the doctrines of Sodom.

I will continue to pray for the President because this I know about that job. We have no idea the kinds of pressures he is under. Most of the real activity in the White House - the assassination attempts, potent political and other threats, the Blackmail, beatings, missing persons, secret indictments, bodies floating up in the Potomac... they often don't get reported or contextualized for us. So go easy on the criticism of Trump and do this instead....

...Pray for him and those around him.

17 Apr

The World As We Know It...

... will change and change drastically over the next few years. I pray God all here takes heed and does not let themselves fall into complacency as the changes that are just over the Horizon stare us all in the face. These changes will cause many Christians to question their faith and prophecy. The problem here is that most people who will be deceived really did not BELIEVE the prophecies of the Bible and of Christ and of the Holy prophets and Apostles. This is why they are going to be deceived.

If you really believe that things are going to be like in the Days of Noah, why do most people not take some time out and find out what was going on back then? God has preserved many works for us that describe the goings on in those days. I have read those works. Did you know that the world's oldest contiguous Church has books that describe those days included in their Cannon. That is right. The Ethiopian Church has some books in their bible that were seriously considered for Scripture in our Bible, but were not included in the Western Cannon. Let me make this clear to all of you. Just because it was not included in the Western/Roman Cannon does not mean it is totally worthless spiritually or historically. It may not be considered infallible word of God, but it does not mean they are of no value. Think of the book of Maccabees. That is a very important part of Jewish history, though not included in our cannon. No, it may not be considered infallible. But does that make it worthless and not worthy of a good read? Of course not. These books can give us a good sketch of events that happened long ago and that some powerful people would love to hide from us.


I believe in the infallibility of the Bible and that the western Bible is our measuring line to line up sound doctrine. It is the spiritual baseline. Why am I talking about this now?

I think it it of supreme importance in these times for those of us who know our God to prepare ourselves. Prepare ourselves for what shall soon come upon the earth. If you are not prepared spiritually, mentally and emotionally, what will come to pass will shake your faith to the core. I am not talking about Aliens today. No, I am talking about a technology that is already here
, already being used and is not being talked about on the 'deep state' controlled news sites that permeate our Cable news sites and newspapers. They are not talking much about this, and they have probably been ordered not to talk about this.

First let me thank the reader who passed this very interesting link on to me. I highly encourage you all to watch this video to the end.

And do watch the whole thing, it is only 13 minutes long. Mind you, I don't believe in all that is in this man says towards the end. But know this. These Genetic/experiments have been going on a long time and what they are allowed to show us is hardly all of the capabilities they have achieved. Moreover, China has long moved ahead in this field as they are unconcerned with the ethical and moral considerations. Here in the US there are at least some consideration of those issues. I can remember a long conversation I had with one of these people who worked in this field when I was washing my car one day. It was a fascinating conversation as he talked about some of the key problems (technically) they were facing.

Well know this all of you - our world is going to change and change significantly. The power elite have a plan and they are being guided by spirits who are opposed to God (ie, satanic influenced). The mystery of iniquity is far along, but you have to get away from the MSM and Cable to find out what is going on. The key for us all to understand is this - When Christ warned us of the days of Noah, he meant EXACTLY what he said. The priests and pastors of our time (some of whom are undercover intelligence assets) have not spent much time talking about what went on back then and why it is important. If they had, the coming deception would not have the power it will have over many. How did Christ put it... these deceptions?

For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall
shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible,
they shall deceive the very elect. Behold, I have told you before.
(Mat 24:24-25)

I am not going to spend a lot of time talking about those days of Noah today, other than to exhort you to do some reading on your own, pray before and after you read and consider what you are reading more as a kind of forbidden (by powerful elitists and Churchmen) history rather that infallible scripture.

Is The Book Of Enoch Scripture?
(An interesting view: Read with discernment and care!)

Before any of you things I am way off the deep end - consider that the world's OLDEST Christian denomination (the Ethiopian Church) Cannon includes this book. So while we may not accept it as scripture, it does not make it useless.

My prayer for all of you is this that God builds a hedge of protection for all those who love and honor Christ and that the plots, plans and conspiracies of Satan, his fallen angels and his host of other spirits as well as their human interlocutors are foiled and come to naught against his people.

These plans I assure you include killing every single trace of Christianity and the small flock of God on earth. We know this from our Bibles. Moreover we know it from the things in the stories of persecution we read all around the world.

Do you love Jesus Christ and obey his commandments?

If your answer is yes then be assured - you and I are marked for death.

The Race To Militarize Space Is No Joke

Spacecraft? We already have them. Space Stations? Old news. The question is how many manned Spacecraft or perhaps militarized manned spacecraft do we have now in orbit? We don't know. If we have any, and I am fairly certain we do, that information is probably classified. What is going on in Space is not being reported to us non-enhanced humans who will probably be one day 'terminated' when the time is viewed right by the elite.

Marines Experiment With New Technology Concepts for the Urban Battlefield

"Brewster envisions a “protected bubble” that would shield the Marines and platoon corpsmen from those potential threats, with “our own drones in front of them” offering additional protection and defense. A combination of manned and unmanned aircraft, operated by the higher Marine air-ground task force command, he said, would provide the company with the added protection of a “Guardian Angels” capability and more persistent UAS coverage.
And with the expected crowded urban skies, he noted, Marines will need systems to help sort friend from foe in the air, along with counter-UAS technology with directional jamming capabilities. “Trying to figure out that part is what we’re experimenting” during U5G, he added." - USNI.org (photo credit USMC)

So I beg all of you here, particularly you older folks who are kind of set in your ways -  Open up your eyes and your mind a bit, get a somewhat wider scope on what our Lord warned us of or you may be in serious trouble when things really begin to happen down here. You will be utterly perplexed and confused. How did our Lord put the reaction of some in the last days?

And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon,
 and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations,
with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men's hearts
failing them for fear, and for looking after those things
 which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven
shall be shaken.

(Luk 21:25-26)

Things will be happening that will scare people literally to death. It's going to give them a heart attack. The powers of the heavens will be shaken. The word for heavens is this one.

Thayer Definition:
1) the vaulted expanse of the sky with all things visible in it
1a) the universe, the world
1b) the aerial heavens or sky, the region where the clouds and the tempests gather, and where thunder and lightning are produced
1c) the sidereal or starry heavens
2) the region above the sidereal heavens, the seat of order of things eternal and consummately perfect where God dwells and other heavenly beings
Part of Speech: noun masculine
A Related Word by Thayer’s/Strong’s Number: perhaps from the same as G3735 (through the idea of elevation); the sky
Citing in TDNT: 5:497, 736
The word for powers is this one

Thayer Definition:
1) strength power, ability
1a) inherent power, power residing in a thing by virtue of its nature, or which a person or thing exerts and puts forth
1b) power for performing miracles
1c) moral power and excellence of soul
1d) the power and influence which belong to riches and wealth
1e) power and resources arising from numbers
1f) power consisting in or resting upon armies, forces, hosts
Part of Speech: noun feminine
A Related Word by Thayer’s/Strong’s Number: from G1410
Citing in TDNT: 2:284, 186

There is going to be a great shaking and one of the things the devil will try and do to his uttermost, is to shake is your faith. He is going to use modern magic (technology) to bring it about and it will shake the faith of millions, particularly when the false Priests, Pope's Pastors and Evangelists of various deep state and elite organizations around the world begin to subtly shift the emphasis to a post-Christ Christianity.

New Cloned humans, AI tech, cyborgs, genetically enhanced humans and other things that have not revealed to us will surely come to pass and we who are alive to day will probably see things things come to pass. This is when powerful men will preach that Christian ethics and Biblical Christianity is a threat to the new order and yes, a new order is coming, it is described in your Bibles. It will last 42 months (Rev Chapter 13). New Times and a radically reorganized earth is coming. Did similar things happen before? When? How can we know? A serious Bible student and child of God will take Christ at his word and do his best to find out just what is meant by 'Days of Noah'.

The Mark of the Beast? Yes, it is coming and who knows what kind of tech they will put in it. Could they put some kind of DNA altering tech in it that delivers messages you? Perhaps bypassing the ethical centers of your brain? Look, I don't know. But given the leaps and bounds in technology I see happening, it is hardly a major stretch to see such a thing as a real technological possibility.

Always keep this in mind as well. John and the other prophets had to use terminology from their times to describe the things that would be happening in ours and this factor often causes a lot of confusion in people.

Get ready brothers and sisters. Get ready we must face many a storm here on earth before we meet our Lord and are redeemed. Additionally, the devil will be working overtime to target the most important thing that each of us possesses.

And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake:
but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.
(Mat 10:22)

Our Faith in Christ.

Facebook, Cambridge Analytica

The above link is from Wired.com. Well, this is part of the story that has not been talked about much on the web with regards to the Facebook leak. That being the fact that Cambridge Analytica (CA) executives were filmed talking about ways to extort money from politicians, entrap them and spread propaganda. This is the firm that we are told used data in a way that violates Facebooks terms. Here is some background and know this, Trump may have done this in 2016, but Obama was there first. It looks like someone may have used the data to conduct sting operations on people! Well, I know from personal experience that this can be done. They did it to me. They created a false trail of evidence in order to start an investigation and they tried to set me up in a very vile and wicked set up.

Britain's Channel 4 News caught executives at Cambridge Analytica appear to say they could extort politicians, send women to entrap them, and help proliferate propaganda to help their clients. The sting operation was conducted as part of an ongoing investigation - Wired
This is why I cannot stress enough to all of you who are reading this. Don't trust your data with people you don't know and who have consistently shown a reckless disregard for how it is used. Did you know that there are firms to take all that data and sell it to foreign nations that have a long history of persecuting Christians? These companies are big and yes, they do exist. They can track how fast one of their propaganda stories spread across the net, who is posting video's about a certain royal family and then send in their local cops to arrest them. They can do a lot of things and most folks have no clue who is getting their data. These companies absolutely REFUSE to tell us who exactly they sell it to. Here are just a few of the firms who do this. So stop kidding yourself those of you who use Facebook, particularly if you are in a job that is of interest to foreign nations, intelligence agencies or unscrupulous competitors. They can (and do) find out where you live and can set YOU up, mess with you and if they have friends in our corrupt justice and intelligence system, they can get them to help out.

The Problem is Facebook Not Cambridge Analytica

Let me put it to you another way. Most people are dumb, they don't think before they act. They watch what everyone else is doing and base their actions on that. To survive in the coming world (and it will in many ways be a matter of survival) you must not adopt your actions to the masses. You must learn to think first, act later and adopt the axiom that "if everyone else is doing it, I probably shouldn't".

Is everyone charging up their credit cards to the moon? I probably shouldn't. Is everyone putting all manner of personal data on their Facebook page? I probably shouldn't. Is everyone else sleeping around on their spouses? I probably shouldn't. Don't be a crowd follower, the crowd are like cattle and like cattle, they are only driven to place where their butchered carcasses can make someone money. How come this happens? Cattle are not very bright. Neither are a lot of people. 

Keep this in mind as well. There is no "right to be forgotten" here in the US. Europe has come a long way along those lines but these data rapists (that is what I call social media sites), they have a lot of Power on capitol hill and no such law will ever hit the books in the US. So once it goes into cyberspace, you cannot call it back.

I cannot stress this enough so I will repeat myself. Be as stingy as possible with your data, get a VPN, don't let your ISP snoop on your surfing habits. That data will probably only eventually be sold off to a potential employer, once they get to Congress to relax what few protections are now in place. One day, reading Alex Jones site may make you unemployable. One day, watching too many YouTube video's from a certain political or religious perspective could get you fired. As I like to say and I know some of you hate this saying but I will repeat it here nevertheless, I would not give these data merchants so much as the steam off of my dung, let alone any personal information.

Saudi Arabia Uses GOP 'Big Data' Firms

Gulf States Surveil and Imprison Social Media Activists

UAE Uses American Intel Officials To Build Spy Empire

You can do what you want, but one day if you are not careful, you will bitterly regret being so careless with your personal information.

FYI - I do not have nor have I ever had a Facebook account. I have shunned Social Media for many of the reasons we only now are hearing about. Many of these things I have known for over a decade but could not say much but did the best I could to warn a deaf, dumb and blind Christian Church.

It's pretty hard to communicate with someone so handicapped.

16 Apr

Ruth Part V

As we left off last time, Ruth had steadfastly refused to leave Naomi's side and had made up her mind to go with her back to Bethlehem. After their discussion, Naomi finally gave up trying to convince her. While the passage does not say so, Naomi probably let her daughter in law know what the troubles that lay ahead if she, a Moabites came to live in Israel. Again, the passage does not say so, but it would seem very possible that this subject did come up. "My people don't take kindly to foreigners, they tend to distrust them. You will be relegated to second class status and men will probably shun you and if they don't their families will when the subject of marriage comes up. Better you stay in Moab", such a conversation would have gone. Ruth was having none of it. She was packed, ready to go and nothing would dissuade her from going with Naomi.

So they two went until they came to Beth-lehem. And it came to pass,
when they were come to Beth-lehem, that all the city was moved about them,
and they said, Is this Naomi?
(Ruth 1:19)

The passage makes no comment about any troubles the two women may or may not have had on their journey, only remarking that they did arrive and when they did Naomi was recognized, even after all those years.

Her return caused no little stir among her kinsfolk and countrymen. The grammar in the passage implies that it was mostly the women who were exited. Here is how K&D puts the passage.

When they arrived, the whole town was in commotion on their account (תּהם, imperf. Niph. of הוּם, as in 1Sa 4:5; 1Ki 1:45). They said, "Is this Naomi?" The subject to תּאמרנה is the inhabitants of the town, but chiefly the female portion of the inhabitants, who were the most excited at Naomi's return. This is the simplest way of explaining the use of the feminine in the verbs תּאמרנה and תּקראנה K & D Commentary
The word used for 'moved about them' is the following Hebrew word.

A primitive root (compare H2000); to make an uproar, or agitate greatly: - destroy, move, make a noise, put, ring again.
Total KJV occurrences: 6

So there was considerable commotion at her return at it was the whole town. Commentators point out that her return without her husband and sons may have been a key part of the uproar. Here is how the Cambridge Bible puts it.

all the city was moved] was in a stir; so 1Sa_4:5, 1Ki_1:45 (‘rang again’). Beth-lehem was a small place; Naomi’s return without her husband and sons could not escape notice; it aroused keen excitement, especially among the women—a graphic touch, true to life. - Cambridge Bible
 And she said unto them, Call me not Naomi, call me Mara:
for the Almighty hath dealt very bitterly with me.  I went out full,
and the LORD hath brought me home again empty:
why then call ye me Naomi, seeing the LORD hath testified against me,
and the Almighty hath afflicted me?
(Ruth 1:20-21)
These passages answer the unwritten question. What happened to your family? Why are you alone? Naomi then changes her name (symbolically) to one more fitting her sorrowful situation. She calls herself Mara. Naomi means Pleasant, whereas Mara means 'bitter' (H4755). Naomi is describing her new name because of the calamities that have befallen her. She says that the Lord had dealt bitterly with her. She also says that she left her homeland full and returned empty. Clearly she was referring to the fact that she had a husband and family as being full because we know from earlier passages that they left their homeland because of a famine.

Naomi is referring to the family tragedies that had befallen her as being the 'empty' she is describing. Naomi does not in this passage mention any specific sin that caused these tragedies, only that the Lord 'testified against me' and afflicted her with the loss of husband and children. Clearly, Naomi was ashamed of her condition and the townspeople clearly took notice of her condition

So Naomi returned, and Ruth the Moabitess, her daughter in law, with her,
which returned out of the country of Moab: and they came to Bethlehem
in the beginning of barley harvest.
(Rth 1:22)

This chapter closes with this little appendix that describes the end of Naomi's travels.The interesting thing in this last verse is that they returned during the beginning of he Barley harvest. This was in the spring and took place around the time of Passover. As we will see this fact will play a role within the narrative to come.

Here is how John Gill sums this up.

and they came to Bethlehem in the beginning of barley harvest] which began on the second day of the feast of unleavened bread, on the "sixteenth" of Nisan, which answers to our March, and part of April, when they offered the sheaf of the firstfruits to the Lord, and then, and not till then, might they begin their harvest; see Gill on Lev_23:10; see Gill on Lev_23:14, hence the Targum here is,"they came to Bethlehem at the beginning of the day of the passover, and on that day the children of Israel began to reap the wave sheaf, which was of barley.''So the Egyptians and Phoenicians, near neighbors of the Jews, went about cutting down their barley as soon as the cuckoo was heard, which was the same time of the year; hence the comedian (Aristophanes) calls that bird the king of Egypt and Phoenicia. This circumstance is observed for the sake of the following account in the next chapter.

13 Apr

So Is The Syria Op a 'Go'?

While the usual gaggle of warmongers, think tanks and Senators are egging the President on to go into Syria and go to war, the President now seems a little less inclined to do so.

For those of you interested here is a map of latest incidents in Syria.

Well, The President may be talking to some sane people for a change - those who can see past the pride, arrogance and violence that have led America into a place where her global place in the world is seriously threatened. He is now back-stepping from his original tweets that he would strike Syria.

USS Harry S. Truman
Source: Wikipedia

The strike group, including aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75), Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 1, USS Normandy (CG 60), several destroyers of Destroyer Squadron (DESRON) 28 and German frigate FGS Hessen (F 221), is scheduled to conduct operations in the U.S. Navy's 5th and 6th Fleet areas of responsibility.
The deployment is part of an ongoing rotation of U.S. forces supporting maritime security operations in international waters around the globe. Additionally, HSTCSG units will work alongside allied and partner maritime forces, focusing on theater security cooperation efforts, which help to further regional stability.
- US Navy

It is not clear what is going to happen, but as the piece notes, the key Aircraft carrier (USS Truman) that was ordered to the region is not set to arrive for some time. It is not clear that this movement is nothing more than a normal rotation of ships.  Is the President having a change in heart? Perhaps.He has been able to cobble together a coalition (if media reports are to be believed, and often, they simply can't be) with some nations for a strike. But Germany, the European powerhouse has said it will not take part in military operations, according to DW and other news organizations. In a carefully worded message they have declined military support, but did say that a message needs to be sent on Chemical weapons, without actually saying they were used.

What is going on? A few days ago, we saw many deployments of ships and equipment and a strike seemed certain. Even civilian air flights were being diverted in case of conflict. There were reports that the US had deployed submarine hunters to the region. Subs would be a potent threat to US military ships in the region. What all the deployments looked like and we must be clear - looked like was a full scale build up for a major strike. Russia is preparing her Air Defense Systems. So is Assad, but his AD systems are probably no match for America's high tech weapons.

So what happened? Did Trump blink? I have no idea. But I will leave you with these thoughts. First off Trump has to think about elections. The Syrian Chemical Narrative may play well to get us into a war, but as time passes people will probably realize we have been lied into another major war and almost certainly, a long term quagmire and disaster. Trump railed against that kind of policy in the past and knowing his support among conservatives and libertarians is essential for the future, such a war based on flimsy or phony evidence will cost him support... support he needs badly. A war like what is being proposed would not sit well at all. Well, the real good news is that General Mathis has come forward and made it clear why they are waiting. They are looking for evidence. This would not be the first time we have seen this kind of thing, we saw it before. And I have to tell you so far, I have not even seen any real evidence there was even a chemical attack, let alone who to blame for it. What does this tell me?

It tells me that the President smells a rat in this whole chain of events and he is not going to be manipulated into a foolish strike that could very well quickly escalate and cost the lives of American servicemen. I could be wrong, but that is my read. He wants some proof he can take to the country, not hysteria that leads to a war that could very easily escalate.

Image Source: Wikipedia (Public Domain)
But there are other aspects to this as well that need to be considered. First is that China will mark a full scale assault on Syria as a delineation of a 'new Global order' that says - if you want a country, just go in and take it. In short, we would have no moral high ground if China decided to go in and 'take' Taiwan. The Chinese even now are conducting drills and live fire exercises in the Taiwan Straits. They are miffed over US plans to Help Taiwan to build submarines. More here. And in case you are in doubt that these exercises in those waters is not a coincidence, you may want to click on over here and see for your self.

Let me make this clear, Russia and China are going to give support to one another. If the US attacks Syria, China may very well stir up a hornets nest in the China Sea. Russia may decide to make only a perfunctory military defense in Syria and decide to go full tilt into Ukraine, if the new rules are 'go in a take what you want' or make up a fantasy narrative as a pretext for war. "They're roasting Russian babies over fire pits and feeding the remains to their dogs in Ukraine, we have to invade!!!" No evidence needed, just make up a story and invade.

I have checked a lot of sites, they are not wild about this war - only the major MSM Intelligence and DOD run and connected sites are pushing for it. Here a piece that outlines some of the rationale that those who seek an attack. You can read other sites as well particularly from the hawk right militarists and neocons. They don't understand why Trump just doesn't go in and blow 'em all away.

The ISW is a key proponent of going in (ISW which is associated with the AEI). What they propose is exactly the same kind of thing we have failed at before many times, regime change. They state they want a 'viable and legitimate government' in Syria, forgetting that Assad has been elected and re-elected even during the war! There is no problem of real legitimacy here, just that he is not an American puppet regime and is too close to Russia and Iran. So what we have here in reality is another variation on a theme. It is the law of the jungle now in Geopolitics.

Regime Change? Take look at what is happening in Libya. Here is the UK's Parliamentary Commission Report on it.

International law, which respects the sovereignty of nations has been tossed aside in our mad hunt for power in Syria. Is it any wonder that China has set aside International law in her hunt for the China Sea and the Islands she is militarizing? Monkey see, monkey do and America has behaved like the world's worst gorilla. We have gone in and bombed sovereign nations, invaded them on the flimsiest of pretexts, created violent coup's and assassinations, set up military bases on their territory without the governments permission and just decided that swinging from Arab nation to Arab nation (Libya, Egypt, Syria etc,) like some crazy ape in the jungle is the way to get things done. It is the Gorilla-fication of our Foreign policy and it is not going to win us anything but a place in a cage at the local zoo.

You see, America used to stand for a system of international law that sincerely frowned on what we are now doing and I think what is missed by our leaders is that this is one reason why other nations are working to get from under our global leadership. Our bad behavior, which was meant to preserve that US dominated system is in realty hastening its end.

We as a nation can do better, but we need leaders who can think outside of the realm of the Jungle and join those of us who walk upright and think before we act and try our best to act wisely.

Brothers I see powerful forces who I think are trying to draw us into what could very well be a trap. I see other nations with an agenda who have a lot of power within our government - (Administration, House & Senate) who have their own reasons for pushing a war to remove Assad. Reasons I have talked about at length. They (with a lot of of help) provide the provocations in the hopes that we will act foolishly and hastily. So far we have not taken the bait. But that does not mean they will not try and try again. Someone wants us to go in full tilt to Syria. Just like we did in Iraq... an Iraq that more and more has been lost after we 'won' the war. Lost to Iran. All that money and  blood in order to benefit Iran. That is the sum total of our 'Gorilla' foreign policy.

I have heard it said that the first step of avoiding a trap is knowing of its existence. Every few months we get the same old narrative, that the Syrians are using poison gas and we must invade. Over and over again we get wild accusations carried far and wide in the media to create hysteria and when the time comes for proof, there is silence or careful deflections.

The reality is that we have seen this story before and the failures. It would be folly to think a new attack has a reasonable chance of doing anything but giving the Military a chance to test out their new weapons. Only this time, The Russians may indeed shoot back. When was the last time we have fought a military with 5th generation fighters and super high tech AD systems?

This piece from the admittedly pro-Russian Strategic Culture site gives us a really good look some of the real risks such an operation will entail over the medium term.
I exhort you all to pray for the President, General Mathis, Mr. Bolton and others who will make decisions and advise the President. I think there are those who already have (I know one reader here has!) and those prayers may indeed be yielding some fruit. Please continue and all of you please, pray for President Trump, VP Pense the Cabinet and the leaders of BOTH parties on Capitol hill.

I ask all of you to think hard about what a war with Russia could mean. Those Russians I can tell you can fight and their weapons are top notch. They may not have the level of power projection we have, but they have powerful friends who can make life hell for us here in the States. I mean specifically, China. War. What will it mean? I mean to YOU, personally. Let me leave you with this thought.

(White House) PRINCIPLES FOR REFORMING THE MILITARY SELECTIVE SERVICE PROCESS Sections 551–557 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 established the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service. Section 555(c) requires the President to provide the Commission and the Congress with principles to guide the Commission’s review and recommendations.

Our Nation requires a strong military for our security and for the defense of American values and our interests abroad. While we have successfully transitioned from a conscripted to an All Volunteer Force comprised of Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard personnel, and backed up by a program of selective service to meet emergency manpower requirements, sustaining this force requires prudent management.

The Nation must be ever mindful of the unpredictable global security environment that requires an effective and efficient means to provide manpower to the national security community, including military and non-military support in a national emergency. Historically, the Nation has maintained Selective Service registration to provide a hedge against the catastrophe not yet anticipated. Registration is a means to sustain preparedness, while also reminding youth that public service is a valued part of United States citizen- ship.

In conducting the Commission’s review and in developing recommendations, the Commission should ensure close examination of all areas outlined in section 551(b) to include the need for a military Selective Service process; the means by which to foster a greater attitude, ethos, and propensity for military services among United States youth; the feasibility and advisability of modifying the Selective Service process to leverage individuals with critical skills for which the Nation has a need without regard to age or sex; and the feasibility and advisability of tying the Selective Service process to eligibility or entitlement for certain Federal benefits. The Commission’s recommendations and analysis for sustaining and/or modernizing the Selective Service process should be based upon the principles outlined in sections 555(c)(2).

The Commission’s recommendations should also be guided by the following principles established by the President:

1. The Nation must prepare to mitigate an unpredictable global security and national emergency environment and to provide man- power by which the agencies responsible for military, national, or public service requirements can identify, recruit, and employ individuals from the entire population with skills necessary to augment existing manpower within those agencies.... Continues here.

The above referenced document (NDAA) can be found here, search for page 174 to find relevant portions on Selective Service.

Happy is the man who can pull his head away from Facebook, TV and porn and find out what is REALLY going on.

P.S. - Forgive the tone of this post, but the thought of all the people who will eventually die as a result of a serious escalation in Syria and perhaps elsewhere saddens and sickens me. It really does especially when all indications are so far is that that it is all based on very flimsy evidence, if not an outright lie.

I wish I had some deep spiritual post or words on this but frankly, I don't. All I can say is that we all need to pray for the President because an escalation could get very ugly...

...and the President knows it.

But what he will do is anyone's guess.

What will a wider war cost?

U.S. Budget Gap Hits $600 Billion in First Half of Fiscal Year (Bloomberg)

U.S. runs budget deficit of $209 billion in March, Treasury says (MarketWatch)

Is this where he plans on taking America?

I hope not.

Blessings to all of you who love our Lord, Jesus Christ.

11 Apr

Ruth Part IV

And Ruth said, Intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee:
 for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge:
thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God:
Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried: the LORD do so to me,
and more also, if ought but death part thee and me. When she saw that
she was stedfastly minded to go with her, then she left speaking unto her.

(Rth 1:16-18)

As we left off last time, Ruth and her two daughters-in-law were getting ready to part, probably forever as Naomi was preparing to make her way back to Judah. One of them was going to go back to her people of Moab (Oprah) but the other, Ruth, as we read in the above passage, was steadfast in her determination to go to Judah with Naomi. There was obviously the deepest regard for Naomi and her ways that both women held for her, but with Ruth it was clearly deeper. Ruth deeply honored her mother-in-law and was determined to stay with her, come what may. Here is how Adam Clarke sums up what I think is one of the most beautiful and wonderful passages in scripture.
And Ruth said - A more perfect surrender was never made of friendly feelings to a friend: I will not leave thee - I will follow thee: I will lodge where thou lodgest - take the same fare with which thou meetest; thy people shall be my people - I most cheerfully abandon my own country, and determine to end my days in thine. I will also henceforth have no god but thy God, and be joined with thee in worship, as I am in affection and consanguinity. I will cleave unto thee even unto death; die where thou diest; and be buried, if possible, in the same grave. This was a most extraordinary attachment, and evidently without any secular motive.
This powerful attachment was in reality one of both love and honor for Naomi, but also one of faith. She obviously saw something very different in her mother-in-law than what she was used to in other Moabite women. I say this attachment was particularly powerful because she had to know of the dangers that awaited her, a childless widow of Moabite persuasion going into Judah. The journey as well would not be easy, not for two unattached women traveling alone. Yet and still despite all of this she was willing to go wherever Naomi went. This in many ways is a quite prophetic passage of scripture it shows a person who was willing to give up all to follow after a person of  God to a place she could not be sure of... demonstrated something important - faith. Not the sit around and wait for a miracle belief, but a get moving, roll up your sleeves kind of faith.

This was the kind of faith Abraham had when he pulled up stakes from Ur and went to a land that was only described as a place the Lord would show him. This was faith. I would also add that this idea of following someone like this so unconditionally is so thoroughly is reminiscent of the way the 144,000 follow after Christ.

And they sung as it were a new song before the throne,
and before the four beasts, and the elders: and no man could learn
that song but the hundred and forty and four thousand,
which were redeemed from the earth. These are they which
were not defiled with women; for they are virgins.
These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth.
These were redeemed from among men, being the
firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb. And in their mouth
was found no guile: for they are without fault before the throne of God.
(Rev 14:3-5)

These special men who are the first fruits of God follow the Christ wherever he goes. Just like Ruth did with Naomi. When we are born into the kingdom and place Christ as our Lord - Lord by the way, not being some meaningless title - we in essence do the same. We agree to be commanded by him and go wherever he sends us, even if we don't really want to do it. I never wanted to come back to America from Germany and were it not for the command of my God to return, I would never have come back here - no joke. But when I rededicated by life back to the Lord I knew it was a major test to see if I would obey him and do the things that he commanded or go after my own ways and in essence rebel. I was faithful to God and did as I was commanded. I could easily have remained where I was. But I knew what God wanted me to do. God was testing my faithfulness and my obedience. He will do the same with all of his true children one way or another as time passes. When I decided to return to Christ, I made up my mind that wherever he sent me, I would go and whatever he wanted me to do, that would I do. NO MATTER WHAT.

Faith is not mere belief, it key characteristic is concrete action based on that belief.

The kind of steadfast faithfulness we see in Ruth is exceptionally rare. Husbands and wives rarely have this kind of dedication to one another in our divorce ridden, selfish and throw-away society. Too many will continue to love you only if they.... [name your 'love' conditionality here]. There was no such conditionality with Ruth and there should be none with us and our Lord. He may very well require our lives of us one day and warned us all before hand to count the cost.

But this passage to me only goes to show that like the wise man said, there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.

A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly:
and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.
(Pro 18:24)

Blessed is the man who finds such a friend. Doubly blessed is a person who can find a mate who has the dedication and faith of a Ruth to brave all hardship in order to remain faithful to his or her mate. Have you found such a mate or friend or fellow traveler in Christ? You may count yourself doubly blessed.

The last part of the passage says that she was steadfastly minded to go with her. The word for steadfastly minded is a very interesting one as it demonstrates a little more than just determination. Here is the Strong's word.

A primitive root; to be alert, physically (on foot) or mentally (in courage): - confirm, be courageous (of good courage, stedfastly minded, strong, stronger), establish, fortify, harden, increase, prevail, strengthen (self), make strong (obstinate, speed).
Total KJV occurrences: 41

This is the same word that the Lord used with Joshua when it told him to be strong and of good courage (Josh 1:6,9,18). Ruth was going to be strong and courageous and deal with the travails and troubles that would come as they came, with faith.

One thing my mother always passed on to me was this - God always honors faith. Real faith. Put your trust in the almighty. Trust God always and fully in obedience and faith and he will never fail or forsake you.  I will quote here from the Biblical illustrator.

Decision a safeguard
If a man is seen to be decided in his stand for Christ, antagonists will give over assailing him. There is nothing in the use of which men are more discriminating than entreaty, argument, or influence. So long as the object of their solicitude is wavering, they will bring all their batteries to bear upon him, for there is still the hope that he will yield. But when he comes openly and determinedly out for Christ, they will waste no more ammunition on him. They leave him thenceforth alone, and attack some one else. Thus decision, while it may require an effort to make it, is, after it is made, a safeguard against assault, So long as a vessel has no flag at her mast-head, the sea-robber may think it safe to attack her; but let her hoist the flag of this nation, and that will make the assailant pause. In like manner, the hoisting over us of the banner of the Cross, being a symbol of decision, is also an assurance of protection. (W.M. Taylor, D. D.) - Biblical Illustrator

We will continue this work in Ruth next week, God willing as we see how things go when she returns to Judah.

9 Apr

Jeremiah, Judah and the Sin of Pride

 Thus saith the LORD unto me, Go and get thee a linen girdle,
and put it upon thy loins, and put it not in water.  So I got a girdle according
 to the word of the LORD, and put it on my loins.  And the word of the
 LORD came unto me the second time, saying,  Take the girdle
that thou hast got, which is upon thy loins, and arise, go to Euphrates,
and hide it there in a hole of the rock.  So I went, and hid it by Euphrates,
as the LORD commanded me.  And it came to pass after many days,
that the LORD said unto me, Arise, go to Euphrates, and take the girdle f
rom thence, which I commanded thee to hide there. 
Then I went to Euphrates, and digged, and took the girdle from the place where
I had hid it: and, behold, the girdle was marred, it was profitable for nothing. 
Then the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, 

(Jeremiah 13:1-7 [KJVA])
One thing I can testify is this - God hates pride. He does not like people to get haughty, proud or arrogant. He loves humility. Do you want to please the Lord? Take one of the most important steps, be humble.

This prophecy was given to Jeremiah before the exile. He is told to go and buy a girdle. This is not the kind of girdle that we have today. No, this is some kind of belt (Strongs H232).

Jeremiah is told first to put it on and to not put it in water. It is noteworthy that this is the kind of girdle that the Priests were to wear.

The prophet is to buy and put on a linen girdle. פּשׁתּים, linen, was the material of the priests' raiment, Eze 44:17., which in Exo 28:40; Exo 39:27. is called שׁשׁ, white byssus, or בּד, linen. The priest's girdle was not, however, white, but woven parti-coloured, after the four colours of the curtains of the sanctuary, Exo 28:40; Exo 39:29. Wool (צמר) is in Eze 44:18 expressly excluded, because it causes the body to sweat. The linen girdle points, therefore, to the priestly character of Israel, called to be a holy people, a kingdom of priests (Exo 19:6) - K&D
So the prophet was to wear the belt and then take it to the river Euphrates and there put it under a rock. After accomplishing the command of the Lord, Jeremiah is then told to go back and get the belt. But this time the belt is filthy and useless.

Thus saith the LORD,
After this manner will I mar the pride of Judah, and the great pride of Jerusalem.
 This evil people, which refuse to hear my words, which walk in the imagination
 of their heart, and walk after other gods, to serve them, and to worship them,
shall even be as this girdle, which is good for nothing.
(Jeremiah 13:8-10 [KJVA])
While commentators argue about the meaning of this prophecy I think it is crystal clear and staring us in verse eight. God was not happy with the pride of Jerusalem as well as their rebellion and the two often go hand in hand. What does God call this wicked people who were engaged in all these things? It is right there in the passage - they were 'good for nothings', As the girdle was worthless, so are the people. They once had value and use to the Lord, but now who would want to touch such a thing, let alone wear it.

Brothers, let us never forget that Israel was a foreshadow of the Church, the holy priesthood of God. While today, this parable could be used for many, it was in the time of Jeremiah, meant specifically for God's people. But it could also apply to a nation, a corporation, a Church, a person, a President or Prime Minister that was once of use to God, but is no more. Pride is the filth that soiled Israel. It is the filth that can soil our garments as well.

You know I think of all those once godly, Christian colleges along our East Coast that used to really honor God. No more. They are now little more than a soiled girdle. Many denominations are very much the same. They used to honor God and now perform abominable ceremonies under their roofs - a soiled girdle. Some pastors used to be spot on but got side tracked in their greed for riches. lust for sex or fame. They too became a soiled girdle - good for nothings.

I will not post all of the rest of this prophecy but I do want to hit a couple of more verses to show you all something important.

Hear ye, and give ear; be not proud: for the LORD hath spoken. 
Give glory to the LORD your God, before he cause darkness,
 and before your feet stumble upon the dark mountains, and,
while ye look for light, he turn it into the shadow of death,
and make it gross darkness.  But if ye will not hear it,
 my soul shall weep in secret places for your pride;
and mine eye shall weep sore, and run down with tears,
because the LORD'S flock is carried away captive. 
Say unto the king and to the queen, Humble yourselves,
 sit down: for your principalities shall come down, even
the crown of your glory.  The cities of the south shall be shut up,
 and none shall open them: Judah shall be carried away captive all of it,
 it shall be wholly carried away captive.
(Jeremiah 13:15-19 [KJVA])

Here the prophet gives his exhortation, which are almost never heeded. He tells them to listen and to not be proud. Then he threatens them. Yes, these days people don't like threats. They get offended. "Are you threatening me"? Well, as a matter of fact, God is doing just that. Keep messing up... and see what happens!! He lays it all out for them. He threatens them with darkness, the shadow of death and gross darkness.

Then what does the prophet say? He makes it plain that God does not want to do this. When all these things happen, God is going to weep. Having to do this to people, particularly his people really hurts the Lord. But he must play not just loving father, but also fierce Judge to those who do evil. God is holy and righteous and cannot be a respecter of persons. The soul that does evil and refuses to repent of it, he must face an angry God. This is what all of those 'good for nothings' must face.

God threatens them and gives them warnings. He tells them what he is going to do if they don't turn.

But the root of their problems here is pride. Pride is the problem of America. It is the problem in China. It is the problem in Israel. It is the Problem in many Protestant denominations and it is the problem in many  Churches who look down on a black face or poor man who may turn up on Sundays. It is the problem with the High Catholic Clergy, who did not want to help the poor when this new Pope opened up the doors to the less fortunate. You want to anger the Lord? Let me tell you how to do it. Be proud, haughty and arrogant. Always put yourself as being more important than the next man. Always toot your own horn and tell others how much better you are than everyone else. Be pushy about it and if you have to, get violent - make them acknowledge your 'greatness'. Like those old gangster films when the mob boss would have someone beat up just because they did not show the proper respect to him. This is a sure way to win the anger of the Lord. Pride eventually makes people unreasonable and later violent. Take a look at what has happened to America.

So brothers, lets take a lesson from the book of Jeremiah and what the prophet's message was to Jerusalem. It was to put the pride away, be humble and stop sinning.
5 Apr

Opiod Makers Paid Millions To Groups Promoting Their Painkillers

The above link is from the Center for Public Integrity and it is largely based on a Senate (minority) report on the issue. It is worth the read

Between January 2012 and March 2017, the five opioid manufacturers featured in this report contributed nearly $9 million to leading patient advocacy organizations and professional societies operating in the opioids policy area. For some groups, contributions from these manufacturers—alone—constituted significant portions of their total annual contributions and grants. In addition, the five manufacturers specifically at issue in this report also made substantial payments to individual group executives, staff members, board members, and advisory board members. Physicians affiliated with these groups accepted more than $1.6 million in payments from the five manufacturers between 2013 and the present. These same individuals received payments totaling over $10 million from all opioid manufacturers during this time period. - House Homeland Security and Government Affiars Committee (Ranking Member) - Chart and Text

4 Apr

Cloudflare's New DNS Service

It promises speed, security and privacy.

Perfect? No, but but it does indeed look enticing.

More here.

Concerned about Facebook and privacy? Well, your DNS requests can reveal a lot about you. With the demise of Net Neutrality your DNS requests can now be sold by your ISP - without your permission.

This service looks like it could mitigate that problem.

After Afrin: No Safe Haven

"For weeks, more than 100,000 civilians from the Syrian-Kurdish enclave of Afrin have found what shelter they can, making 12 formerly abandoned villages home." - IRIN
Another one of those stories that while it is good to read, the pictures say much, much more.

Murder In Mali

Reuters reports on the grave of six who had been in military custody.

Record-breaking donation from Saudi Arabia, UAE sets stage for Yemen aid event

A big check was written but why? What do these rich Arab nations want?

The suspicion is warranted seeing how these are the nations who are reducing this poor nation to  rubble.

Algeria: Christian released after serving prison sentence

(MEConcern) Algerian Christians invite us to rejoice with them in the release from prison of Slimane Bouhafs, a Christian arrested and imprisoned in 2016. He was released on 1 April having served his sentence.

Slimane, aged 51, is from the Kabylie area and chose to convert to Christianity in 1997. He was arrested on 31 July 2016 for publishing material on Facebook which was deemed by the authorities to be insulting to Islam. On 7 August 2016 he was given the maximum sentence for blasphemy of five years’ imprisonment and a fine of approximately $850. In an appeal verdict delivered on 6 September 2016 the prison sentence was reduced to three years and the fine was dropped. On 4 July 2017 a partial presidential pardon led to a further reduction of his prison sentence by 16 months.

The presidential pardon followed an appeal by his lawyers in October 2016 due to Slimane’s critical health needs. He had been serving his prison sentence in Constantine prison, in an area of Eastern Algeria known for its conservative Islamic values, when he was violently attacked by fellow inmates after defending his Christian beliefs following an incendiary sermon delivered by an Imam which had incited hatred towards Christians. Following this attack, and also because of deteriorating health, his family requested a transferred to a prison in his home area. The application was initially turned down but he was subsequently moved to two different prisons.

Algeria’s Constitution established Islam as the State religion, and the Penal Code criminalises blasphemy (insulting the Prophet Muhammad or any messenger from God, or denigrating any of the teachings or precepts of Islam). These and other laws hinders the freedom of Christians to practice their faith and to share religious views with others. In recent months greater enforcement of these laws has resulted in a wave church closures and the arrest and harassment of other Christians.

Prayer Points

Algerian Christians ask us to pray:

  1. thanking the Lord for Slimane’s release and for protecting, sustaining and encouraging him during his time in prison
  2. that Slimane will know the Lord’s healing, restoration and ongoing wisdom as he adapts back to regular routines
  3. for other Christians who have recently been charged or convicted under similar laws which hinder freedom of religion
  4. that the Algerian authorities will end the systematic campaign against Christians
  5. that the regulations governing non-Muslim worship and blasphemy will be amended so that Christians will be able to worship freely
  6. that those responsible for arrests and closure orders will know the conviction of the Holy Spirit and the forgiveness and new life offered by Jesus.

Nigeria’s Middle Belt Report: Fulani Militants Again Outpace Boko Haram as Biggest Threat in March 2018

04/04/2018 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) - The uptrend in attacks in the Middle Belt by Fulani militants continued in March, with the heaviest attacks taking place in Plateau and Taraba states. Throughout this past month, there were 27 attacks by Fulani, only six of which involved any fighting from those who were attacked. These 27 attacks led to the deaths of 225 Christians, the destruction of tens of thousands of dollars in property, and thousands of families displaced from their homes. During this same period, Boko Haram killed 37 people, many including military personnel with whom they were engaged in combat. These statistics show that not only is the Fulani crisis a bigger issue at the moment, but also that in more than 75% of cases, the Fulani attacked unarmed and defenseless civilians.

Plateau State suffered the greatest losses during this period with 107 Christians losing their lives. Despite this, there have been no major attempts by the Nigerian government to hold the Fulani accountable or disarm them. Both of these steps must happen if this violence is to be stopped. 

Listed below are the biggest attacks that took place in March.
1.  March 5, 2018: At least 24 were killed in a Fulani attack on the Idoma village of Omusu in Okpokpwu LGA.

2.  March 12, 2018: Fulani militants attacked the Dundu area of Kwal in the evening. Twenty-five were reportedly killed.

3.  March 14, 2018: Fulani militants attacked several villages in Dekina and Omala LGAs. Thirty-two were initially reported dead, with the number later raised to around 50. Hundreds were displaced following the violence.
This serious situation requires a serious response. Thus far in 2018, Fulani militants have killed more people than Boko Haram and affected a much larger area. Despite this, the federal government in Nigeria has paid little attention and allowed these militants to get away with mass murder. Even in areas where they have provided small amounts of security personnel, it has proven to be completely ineffective. We continue to call on the Nigerian government to reclaim the land that has been stolen by Fulani militants, rebuild the communities that have been destroyed, and protect Nigerian citizens from future attack.

For interviews with Nathan Johnson, Regional Manager, please contact Olivia Miller, Communications Coordinator: press@persecution.org
3 Apr

Ruth Part III

And they said unto her, Surely we will return with thee
 unto thy people.
(Rth 1:10)

We left off last time when the women had said their farewells to Naomi who was about to make her way back to Judah after years of self imposed exile in Moab. After all the tears, the two daughters in law are determined to follow Naomi back to Israel. Naomi's behavior and character clearly had won these two women over. Rather than stay in their native land, they wanted to take their chances with what lied ahead for them in the company of Naomi. Her behavior had obviously commended it to these women and had thus generated a positive opinion of Israel. So much so they were willing to leave their native land and follow this childless widow who was a foreign woman back to her homeland.

And Naomi said, Turn again, my daughters: why will ye go with me?
are there yet any more sons in my womb, that they may be your husbands?
Turn again, my daughters, go your way; for I am too old to have an husband.
If I should say, I have hope, if I should have an husband also to night,
 and should also bear sons; Would ye tarry for them till they were grown?
would ye stay for them from having husbands? nay, my daughters;
 for it grieveth me much for your sakes that the hand
of the LORD is gone out against me.
(Rth 1:11-13)

Here Naomi gently upbraids them for wanting to follow her. She gently mocks their desire to follow her, letting them know that she has no more sons for them to marry and even if she did, they would be too old for them if they waited for them to grow up. Naomi's dark humor shows through letting them know that even if she were to marry tonight they would still be too old for them even as she is too old at that time to marry.

Her sarcasm demonstrates a depth of sorrow she must have felt for the series of tragedies that had befallen her. She was upset that the Lord's hand had laid so heavy upon her and her unhappiness had effected her daughter in laws. What is interesting here is that the focus of her sorrow appears to be as much about them as her own tragedy. What Naomi is doing here is laying out the case why her daughters should not do as they propose, that being to follow her. She shows how following her was a 'dead end' road for them as far as their marriage prospects are concerned. What is not mentioned here is that if they went to Israel, many men would not marry them because of the fact that they were Moabites. She probably knew this but this was not part of her 'case' against them coming with her.

And they lifted up their voice, and wept again:
and Orpah kissed her mother in law; but Ruth clave unto her.
And she said, Behold, thy sister in law is gone back unto her people,
and unto her gods: return thou after thy sister in law.
(Rth 1:14-15)

The women continued to weep (women tend to do that alot!)  and cried aloud over the situation. Well, women are more inclined to show their emotions. For them it is no shame and as some studies on the Human Brain have shown their emotions are more 'hard wired' into their brain than with men. Such weeping in times of sorrow is hardly unusual, in those times or in ours.

But this time, Oprah took Naomi's advice and went back to her people and the scripture is careful to note, their gods as well. But Ruth remained with Naomi. Even after she was entreated a second time to to return to her people, Ruth remained. Now the expression here returned unto her gods may nor may not have the negative connotation the passage makes. Here is what the Cambridge Bible says about it.

The ancient belief here receives its simplest expression: each land and people had its own Deity inseparably connected with it; outside lay the territory of another god. The Israelites, at any rate the popular religion in Israel, did not deny the divinity of the gods of the neighbouring lands, though for themselves Jehovah was the only God; cf. Jdg_11:24, 1Sa_26:19. So when Orpah goes back to Moab she goes back to her native god; similarly, when Ruth determines to make her home in Judah, she declares her intention of adopting the religion of her new country, Rth_1:16. See Rth_1:8 n. - Cambridge Study Bible
That Oprah went back to her people and gods is not such a remarkable thing. What is remarkable is that Ruth, as we shall see, had determined to remain with her mother in law go to Judah and by extension follow after the Lord.

The following passages is one of the most beautiful passages in the Old Testament as far as I am concerned and next week, we will spend some time on why I think it so precious.

The Lord willing, we will continue our exposition of Ruth next week.


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